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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Candida albicans: entries and gene names
Name:        calbican.txt
Release:     2018_02 of 28-Feb-2018


This documents lists all the Candida albicans SC5314 entries present in this
release of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

More information on Candida albicans, its genome, biology and genetics, is
available from the following WWW page:

CGD      :
ICE      :

For each entry we provide the following information:

1) Gene designations

   In this field, we provide  the "primary" gene name (the first one used in
   the GN line of the relevant Swiss-Prot entry) as well as all the known

2) Swiss-Prot primary accession number

3) Swiss-Prot entry name

4) Size 

   The length of the sequence (number of amino acids) listed in the table
   is that of the probable gene product before any post-translational
   processing (removal of initiator methionine, signal sequence, etc.).

5) 3D-structure flag

   If the 3D-structure of a Candida albicans protein has been solved, the flag "(3)" is
   present in the table.

______________________________________________________________________ __________ ___________ _____ ___
                                                                       Swiss-Prot             Size  3D
Gene designations                                                      AC         Entry
______________________________________________________________________ __________ ___________ _____ ___
AAH1; CAALFM_C206970WA; CaO19.2251; CaO19.9791                         Q59ZB1     ADE_CANAL     356  
ABD1; CCM1; CAALFM_C307710WA; CaO19.14008; CaO19.6716                  Q5ADX5     MCES_CANAL    474  
ACE2; CAALFM_CR07440WA; CaO19.13543; CaO19.6124                        Q59RR0     ACE2_CANAL    783  
ACH1; CAALFM_C502000CA; CaO19.10681; CaO19.3171                        P83773     ACH1_CANAL    524  
ACO1; CAALFM_CR08210CA; CaO19.13742; CaO19.6385                        P82611     ACON_CANAL    777  
ACS2; CAALFM_C104290CA; CaO19.1064; CaO19.8666                         Q8NJN3     ACS2_CANAL    671  
ADA2; CAALFM_C110860CA; CaO19.2331; CaO19.9867                         Q59WH0     ADA2_CANAL    445  
ADE12; CAALFM_C109640WA; CaO19.12290; CaO19.4827                       P0CH96     PURA_CANAL    428  
ADE2; CAALFM_C304520CA; CaO19.13327; CaO19.5906                        Q92210     PUR6_CANAL    568  
ADF1; AAF1; CAALFM_C306470WA; CaO19.7436                               P46589     ADF1_CANAL    612  
ADH2; CAALFM_C108330CA; Ca41C10.04; CaO19.12579; CaO19.5113            O94038     ADH2_CANAL    348  
ADI1; CAALFM_C111100WA; CaO19.2306; CaO19.9842                         Q59WJ5     MTND_CANAL    178  
ADK1; ADK11; ADK12; CAALFM_C601910WA; CaO19.10894; CaO19.3391          Q5A4Q1     KAD2_CANAL    249  
ADR1; CAALFM_C402500CA; CaO19.10266; CaO19.2752                        Q5AF56     ADR1_CANAL   1418  
AFT2; CAALFM_C207170CA; CaO19.2272; CaO19.9812                         Q59Z29     AFT2_CANAL    798  
AHR1; ZCF37; CAALFM_C306000WA; CaO19.7381                              Q5A4F3     AHR1_CANAL    624  
AIM11; CAALFM_C300840CA; CaO19.6156                                    Q59LP6     AIM11_CANAL   165  
AIM21; CAALFM_C110090CA; CaO19.12342; CaO19.4878                       Q5AP87     AIM21_CANAL   848  
AIM23; CAALFM_C305440CA; CaO19.6982                                    Q59YU1     AIM23_CANAL   429  
AIM24; CAALFM_C301170WA; CaO19.10664; CaO19.3154                       Q59L25     AIM24_CANAL   484  
AIM36; FMP39; CAALFM_C202280WA; CaO19.1546; CaO19.9120                 Q5ALN1     AIM36_CANAL   292  
AIM9; FMP29; CAALFM_C101250WA; CaO19.10822; CaO19.3312                 Q5A922     AIM9_CANAL    624  
AKR1; CAALFM_C113220CA; CaO19.12414; CaO19.4950                        Q5AL27     AKR1_CANAL    813  
ALA1; SYA1; CAALFM_C603720WA; CaO19.13169; CaO19.5746                  Q5A8K2     SYA_CANAL     969  
ALB1; CAALFM_C700160CA; CaJ7.0023; CaO19.7107                          Q5AFG1     ALB1_CANAL    153  
ALG11; CAALFM_C602270CA; CaO19.10972; CaO19.3468                       Q59S72     ALG11_CANAL   609  
ALG13; CAALFM_C100810WA; CaO19.13446; CaO19.6025                       Q5ABE5     ALG13_CANAL   293  
ALG14; CAALFM_C210790CA; CaO19.12823; CaO19.5363                       Q5A5N6     ALG14_CANAL   219  
ALG1; CAALFM_C406000WA; CaO19.11888; CaO19.4410                        Q59Q79     ALG1_CANAL    456  
ALG2; CAALFM_C604030WA; CaO19.1221; CaO19.8808                         Q59LF2     ALG2_CANAL    443  
ALG8; CAALFM_C301880WA; CaO19.1659; CaO19.9228                         Q5AJD2     ALG8_CANAL    587  
ALO1; ALO; CAALFM_CR09790WA; CaO19.7551                                O93852     ALO_CANAL     557  
ALS1; CAALFM_C603700WA; CaO19.13163; CaO19.5741                        Q5A8T4     ALS1_CANAL   1260  
ALS2; CAALFM_C604380WA; CaO19.1097; CaO19.8699                         P0CU38     ALS2_CANAL   2530  
ALS3; ALS10; ALS8; CAALFM_CR07070CA; CaO19.1816; CaO19.2355; CaO19.9379; CaO19.9891 Q59L12     ALS3_CANAL   1155 (3)
ALS4; ALS12; CAALFM_C604130CA; orf19.4555; orf19.4556                  A0A1D8PQB9 ALS4_CANAL   2100  
ALS5; ALA1; ALS99; CAALFM_C603690WA; CaO19.13158; CaO19.5736           Q5A8T7     ALS5_CANAL   1347  
ALS6; ALS97; CAALFM_C306190CA; CaO19.7414                              Q5A2Z7     ALS6_CANAL   1366  
ALS7; ALS94; ALS95; ALS96; ALS98; CAALFM_C306320WA; CaO19.7400         Q5A312     ALS7_CANAL   1568  
ALS9; ALS11; CAALFM_C603710WA; orf19.13164; orf19.5742                 A0A1D8PQ86 ALS9_CANAL   1890 (3)
AMN1; CAALFM_C201950CA; CaO19.1507; CaO19.9083                         Q5ALR8     AMN1_CANAL    657  
ANB1; TIF51; CAALFM_C601610WA; CaO19.10930; CaO19.3426                 O94083     IF5A_CANAL    158  
APE2; CAALFM_C104400CA; CaO19.12664; CaO19.5197                        Q59KZ1     APE2_CANAL    924  
APG7; ATG7; CAALFM_CR06730WA; CaO19.707; CaO19.8326                    Q59PZ3     ATG7_CANAL    639  
APS3; CAALFM_C108480CA; CaO19.393; CaO19.8023                          Q59QC5     APS3_CANAL    175  
APT1; CAALFM_C201430WA; CaO19.1448; CaO19.9023                         Q5ALX8     APT_CANAL     188  
ARF1; CAALFM_CR08700CA; CaO19.13805; CaO19.6447                        P22274     ARF_CANAL     179  
ARG2; CAALFM_C105020CA; CaO19.56; CaO19.7717                           Q59MB6     NAGS_CANAL    580  
ARO1; CAALFM_C400890WA; CaO19.12175; CaO19.4704                        Q5AME2     ARO1_CANAL   1551  
ARO4; CAALFM_C105110CA; CaO19.11542; CaO19.4060                        P79023     AROG_CANAL    370  
ARP4; CAALFM_C603350CA; CaO19.13069; CaO19.5623                        Q5AC48     ARP4_CANAL    468  
ARP6; CAALFM_C110330CA; CaO19.12369; CaO19.4904                        Q5AP59     ARP6_CANAL    446  
ARV1; CAALFM_C304710WA; CaO19.13352; CaO19.5931                        Q5ANH2     ARV1_CANAL    296  
ARX1; CAALFM_C103230CA; CaO19.10533; CaO19.3015                        Q5AI37     ARX1_CANAL    564  
ASA1; CAALFM_C603110CA; CaO19.13041; CaO19.5596                        Q5ABV4     ASA1_CANAL    377  
ASC1; CAALFM_C701250WA; CaJ7.0140; CaO19.6906                          P83774     GBLP_CANAL    317  
ASF1; CAALFM_CR07860CA; CaO19.11200; CaO19.3715                        Q59MV1     ASF1_CANAL    247  
ASG1; CAALFM_CR02560CA; CaO19.166; CaO19.7800                          Q59LV8     ASG1_CANAL    990  
ASH1; CAALFM_C210660WA; CaO19.12803; CaO19.5343                        Q5A5Q6     ASH1_CANAL    449  
ATC1; ATH1; CAALFM_C106940CA; CaO19.13595; CaO19.6214                  Q5AAU5     ATC1_CANAL   1078  
ATG10; CAALFM_C302930WA; CaO19.286; CaO19.7918                         Q5AEI2     ATG10_CANAL   177  
ATG11; CAALFM_C401790WA; CaO19.12084; CaO19.4614                       Q5AMN3     ATG11_CANAL  1165  
ATG12; CAALFM_C113950CA; CaO19.12500; CaO19.5033                       Q5AKU4     ATG12_CANAL   164  
ATG13; APG13; CAALFM_CR02910WA; CaO19.10367; CaO19.2848                Q5A1Z5     ATG13_CANAL   761  
ATG15; CAALFM_C601740CA; Ca20C1.17; CaO19.10915; CaO19.3412            Q5A4N0     ATG15_CANAL   597  
ATG17; CAALFM_C102910CA; Ca49C10.13; CaO19.10499; CaO19.2982           Q5AI71     ATG17_CANAL   476  
ATG18; CAALFM_C100430WA; CaO19.13485; CaO19.6064                       Q5ABA6     ATG18_CANAL   558  
ATG1; CAALFM_C404450CA; CaO19.11322; CaO19.3841                        Q5A649     ATG1_CANAL    834  
ATG20; CAALFM_C403810WA; CaO19.1297; CaO19.8877                        Q59TN9     ATG20_CANAL   731  
ATG21; CAALFM_C103330CA; CaO19.10548; CaO19.3030                       Q5AI22     ATG21_CANAL   529  
ATG22; CAALFM_CR04610CA; CaO19.552; CaO19.8187                         Q5A6K2     ATG22_CANAL   500  
ATG26; UGT51; UGT51C; UGT51C1; CAALFM_CR02160WA; CaO19.10147; CaO19.2616 Q5A950     ATG26_CANAL  1512  
ATG27; CAALFM_C210470CA; CaO19.12782; CaO19.5322                       Q5A5S7     ATG27_CANAL   252  
ATG3; CAALFM_C100860WA; CaO19.13441; CaO19.6020                        Q5ABQ7     ATG3_CANAL    333  
ATG4; CAALFM_CR03220CA; CaO19.2401; CaO19.9938                         Q59UG3     ATG4_CANAL    446  
ATG5; CAALFM_C102200CA; CaO19.11161; CaO19.3677                        Q59VY1     ATG5_CANAL    278  
ATG8; CAALFM_C105700WA; CaO19.10016.1; CaO19.2480.1                    P0C075     ATG8_CANAL    135  
ATG9; CAALFM_C305040CA; CaO19.13395; CaO19.5974                        Q5ANC9     ATG9_CANAL    952  
ATM1; CAALFM_C604210CA; CaO19.1077; CaO19.8678                         Q59R09     ATM1_CANAL    750  
ATP23; CAALFM_C206950CA; CaO19.2249; CaO19.9789                        Q59Z51     ATP23_CANAL   238  
ATP25; CAALFM_CR03350CA; CaO19.2387; CaO19.9923                        Q59UH7     ATP25_CANAL   580  
ATP6; CM_00160C; CaalfMp06                                             Q9B8D4     ATP6_CANAL    246  
ATP8; CM_00170C; CaalfMp07                                             Q9B8D3     ATP8_CANAL     48  
ATP9; CM_00140C; CaalfMp05                                             Q9B8D5     ATP9_CANAL     76  
AUR1; CAALFM_C501240WA; CaO19.1945; CaO19.9500                         O13332     AUR1_CANAL    471  
BBP; MSL5; CAALFM_C303300CA; CaO19.329; CaO19.7961                     Q5AED9     BBP_CANAL     455  
BCP1; CAALFM_C112760WA; CaO19.13702; CaO19.6346                        Q59PE7     BCP1_CANAL    321  
BCR1; USV1; CAALFM_CR06440CA; CaO19.723; CaO19.8342                    Q59U10     BCR1_CANAL    740  
BCY1; PKAR; CAALFM_C201110CA; CaO19.9565                               Q9HEW1     KAPR_CANAL    459  
BDF1; CAALFM_C500200CA; CaO19.8593; CaO19.978                          Q5A4W8     BDF1_CANAL    732 (3)
BFR2; CAALFM_CR10470CA; CaO19.7624                                     Q5ACL9     BFR2_CANAL    512  
BGL2; BGL21; CAALFM_C402250CA; CaO19.12034; CaO19.4565                 Q5AMT2     BGL2_CANAL    308  
BIG1; CAALFM_C110830WA; CaO19.2334; CaO19.9870                         Q59WG7     BIG1_CANAL    322  
BLP1; CAALFM_C112850WA; CaO19.4914.1; orf19.4914.1                     P0CT51     BLP1_CANAL     77  
BMH1; BMH; CAALFM_C103220CA; CaO19.10532; CaO19.3014                   O42766     1433_CANAL    264  
BMT1; IFQ2; WRY4; CAALFM_C307180CA; CaO19.14074; CaO19.6782            Q5ADQ9     BMT1_CANAL    684  
BMT3; WRY9; CAALFM_CR00740CA; CaO19.10792; CaO19.3282                  Q5A846     BMT3_CANAL    549  
BMT4; WRY1; CAALFM_C603250WA; CaO19.13055; CaO19.5612                  Q5ABT8     BMT4_CANAL    781  
BMT5; IFQ4; WRY6; CAALFM_C201560WA; CaO19.1464; CaO19.9039             Q5ALW2     BMT5_CANAL    612  
BMT6; WRY2; CAALFM_C603160CA; CaO19.13045; CaO19.5602                  Q5ABU8     BMT6_CANAL    646  
BMT7; WRY8; CAALFM_C303450CA; CaO19.342; CaO19.7975                    Q5AEC6     BMT7_CANAL    651  
BMT8; WRY3; CAALFM_C203600WA; CaO19.8479; CaO19.860                    Q5AHD6     BMT8_CANAL    694  
BMT9; WRY5; CAALFM_C401170CA; CaO19.12143; CaO19.4673                  Q5AMH3     BMT9_CANAL    782  
BNA1; CAALFM_CR05440WA; CaO19.3515                                     Q59K86     3HAO_CANAL    171  
BNA4; CAALFM_C300260CA; CaO19.12898; CaO19.5443                        Q5A7M3     KMO_CANAL     456  
BNA5; CAALFM_C108490WA; CaO19.394; CaO19.8024                          Q59QC4     KYNU_CANAL    461  
BNA7; CAALFM_C114270WA; CaO19.7237                                     Q59ZV4     KFA_CANAL     267  
BNI1; CAALFM_C112960CA; CaO19.12393; CaO19.4927                        Q5AL52     BNI1_CANAL   1732  
BNR1; BNI1; CAALFM_CR00070WA; CaO19.7537                               Q5AAF4     BNR1_CANAL   1485  
BRE1; CAALFM_C500210CA; CaO19.8591; CaO19.976                          Q5A4X0     BRE1_CANAL    681  
BRG1; GAT2; CAALFM_C105140WA; CaO19.11538; CaO19.4056                  Q59LY1     BRG1_CANAL    422  
BRO1; CAALFM_C301750CA; CaO19.1670; CaO19.9239                         Q5AJC1     BRO1_CANAL    945  
BST1; CAALFM_C104190CA; CaO19.1053; CaO19.8655                         Q59VP0     BST1_CANAL    390  
BTN1; CAALFM_C105120WA; CaO19.11541; CaO19.4059                        Q59LX9     BTN1_CANAL    426  
BUD2; CAALFM_C500490CA; CaO19.8555; CaO19.940                          Q5A506     BUD2_CANAL   1237  
BUD32; CAALFM_C502440CA; CaO19.11727; CaO19.4252                       Q5AGC7     BUD32_CANAL   296  
BUD4; INT1; CAALFM_C502470WA; CaO19.11733; CaO19.4257                  P53705     BUD4_CANAL   1709  
CAF17; CAALFM_C303190CA; CaO19.318; CaO19.7950                         Q5AEF0     CAF17_CANAL   469  
CAF20; CAALFM_C109350WA; CaO19.4796                                    Q5AQ12     CAF20_CANAL   176  
CAN1; CAALFM_C600960WA                                                 A0A1D8PPI5 CAN1_CANAL    571  
CAN2; CAALFM_C601060CA                                                 Q59WU0     CAN2_CANAL    568  
CAN3; CAALFM_C600830CA                                                 A0A1D8PPG4 CAN3_CANAL    566  
CAP01; CAALFM_CR01180WA; CaO19.10745; CaO19.3235                       Q5A893     CAPZA_CANAL   280  
CAP1; CAALFM_C302220WA; CaO19.1623; CaO19.9191                         Q5AJU7     AP1_CANAL     499  
CAS5; CAALFM_C401190WA; CaO19.12140; CaO19.4670                        Q5AMH6     CAS5_CANAL    821  
CAT1; CTA1; CAALFM_C106810WA; CaO19.13609; CaO19.6229                  O13289     CATA_CANAL    485  
CBF1; CAALFM_C406580WA; CaO19.10394; CaO19.2876                        Q5A1E3     CBF1_CANAL    251  
CBF5; CAALFM_C110620WA; CaO19.1833; CaO19.9391                         O43101     CBF5_CANAL    479  
CBK1; CAALFM_C110380CA; CaO19.12375; CaO19.4909                        Q5AP53     CBK1_CANAL    732  
CBP1; CAALFM_CR09270CA; CaO19.7323                                     P31225     CBP1_CANAL    489  
CBP4; CAALFM_C108470WA; CaO19.392; CaO19.8022                          Q59QC6     CBP4_CANAL    144  
CBR1; CAALFM_C405450CA; CaO19.1801; CaO19.9367                         Q59P03     NCB5R_CANAL   294  
CCM1; CAALFM_C603440WA; CaO19.13127; CaO19.5704                        Q5A8W9     CCM1_CANAL    768  
CCN1; CLN1; CAALFM_C501680CA; CaO19.10719; CaO19.3207                  Q59YH3     CG11_CANAL    693  
CCP1; CAALFM_C302480CA; CaO19.238; CaO19.7868                          Q5AEN1     CCPR_CANAL    366  
CCP2; CAALFM_C500810CA; CaO19.584; CaO19.8216                          Q59X94     CCPR2_CANAL   291  
CCR4; CAALFM_C108220WA; Ca41C10.13c; CaO19.12567; CaO19.5101           Q5A761     CCR4_CANAL    787  
CDC10; CAALFM_CR04570CA; CaO19.548; CaO19.8183                         P39827     CDC10_CANAL   357  
CDC11; CAALFM_C500070WA; CaO19.5691                                    G1UB61     CDC11_CANAL   402  
CDC123; CAALFM_C402770CA; CaO19.10236; CaO19.2721                      Q5AFX2     CD123_CANAL   345  
CDC14; CAALFM_C600670WA; CaO19.11669; CaO19.4192                       Q59NH8     CDC14_CANAL   542  
CDC19; PYK1; CAALFM_C205460WA; CaO19.11059; CaO19.3575                 P46614     KPYK_CANAL    504  
CDC25; CSC25; CAALFM_C303890WA; CaO19.14188; CaO19.6926                P43069     CDC25_CANAL  1333  
CDC28; CDK1; CAALFM_CR06050WA; CaO19.11337; CaO19.3856                 P43063     CDK1_CANAL    317  
CDC37; CAALFM_C602610CA; CaO19.5531                                    Q8X1E6     CDC37_CANAL   508  
CDC42; CAALFM_C108450CA; CaO19.390; CaO19.8020                         P0CY33     CDC42_CANAL   191  
CDC68; SPT16; CAALFM_C406500WA; CaO19.10402; CaO19.2884                Q5A1D5     SPT16_CANAL  1060  
CDG1; CAALFM_CR09180WA; CaO19.7314                                     Q5A3Z5     CDO_CANAL     265  
CDR1; CAALFM_C305220WA; CaO19.13421; CaO19.6000                        Q5ANA3     CDR1_CANAL   1501  
CDR2; CAALFM_C304890WA; CaO19.13379; CaO19.5958                        P78595     CDR2_CANAL   1499  
CEF1; CAALFM_C109370WA; CaO19.12262; CaO19.4799                        Q5APG6     CEF1_CANAL    610  
CEF3; TEF3; CAALFM_C501580CA; CaO19.11629; CaO19.4152                  P25997     EF3_CANAL    1050  
CEK1; ERK1; CAALFM_C406480CA; CaO19.10404; CaO19.2886                  Q5A1D3     ERK1_CANAL    421  
CET1; CAALFM_CR02090CA; CaO19.10140; CaO19.2609                        O93803     CET1_CANAL    520  
CFD1; CAALFM_C209670CA; CaO19.1387; CaO19.8965                         Q59YD9     CFD1_CANAL    294  
CFL1; FRE1; CAALFM_C405770CA; CaO19.1263; CaO19.8848                   Q5A446     FRE1_CANAL    760  
CFT1; CAALFM_C402430WA; CaO19.10274; CaO19.10275; CaO19.10276; CaO19.2760 Q5AFT3     CFT1_CANAL   1420  
CGI121; CAALFM_C500620WA; CaO19.8542; CaO19.927                        Q5A519     CG121_CANAL   203  
CGR1; CAALFM_C111000CA; CaO19.2314; CaO19.9850                         Q59WI7     CGR1_CANAL    135  
CGR1; CAALFM_C402760CA; CaO19.10237; CaO19.2722                        P56553     CGR1P_CANAL   340  
CHK1; CAALFM_C203320WA; CaO19.8515; CaO19.896                          Q5AHA0     CHK1_CANAL   2471  
CHL1; CAALFM_C201240CA; CaO19.2000; CaO19.9551                         Q5AD67     CHL1_CANAL    842  
CHO2; CAALFM_CR02540WA; CaO19.169; CaO19.7802                          Q59LV5     CHO2_CANAL    888  
CHR1; ROK1; CAALFM_C112600CA; CaO19.11240; CaO19.3756                  Q9Y7C4     ROK1_CANAL    578  
CHS5; CAALFM_C204140WA; CaO19.807; CaO19.8426                          O74161     CHS5_CANAL    562  
CHS7; CAALFM_C106010WA; CaO19.2444; CaO19.9980                         Q5AA40     CHS7_CANAL    310  
CHT1; CAALFM_CR00180CA; CaO19.7517                                     Q5AAH2     CHI1_CANAL    462  
CHT2; CAALFM_C504130CA; CaO19.11376; CaO19.3895                        P40953     CHI2_CANAL    583  
CHT3; CAALFM_CR10110WA; CaO19.7586                                     P40954     CHI3_CANAL    567  
CHT4; CAALFM_C202010CA; CaO19.1515; CaO19.9090                         Q5AM60     CHI4_CANAL    388  
CHZ1; CAALFM_CR07230WA; CaO19.13566; CaO19.6147                        Q59RN6     CHZ1_CANAL    167  
CIA1; CAALFM_C502730CA; CaO19.11769; CaO19.4293                        Q5AG86     CIAO1_CANAL   383  
CLA4; CAALFM_C110210CA; CaO19.12355; CaO19.4890                        Q5APR8     CLA4_CANAL    976  
CLB2; CYB1; CAALFM_C201410CA; CaO19.1446; CaO19.9021                   Q5ALY0     CG21_CANAL    492  
CLB4; CYB2; CAALFM_C703940CA; CaO19.7186                               Q5A0A9     CG24_CANAL    486  
CLF1; CAALFM_C303330CA; CaO19.332; CaO19.7964                          Q5AED6     CLF1_CANAL    701  
CLN3; CLN2; CAALFM_C501100CA; CaO19.1960; CaO19.9515                   Q5A1N6     CG13_CANAL    465  
CLP1; CAALFM_C303840CA; CaO19.14193; CaO19.6931                        Q59ST8     CLP1_CANAL    489  
CLU1; TIF31; CAALFM_C104970WA; CaO19.51; CaO19.7712                    Q59MA9     CLU_CANAL    1363  
COB; CYTB; CM_00330W; CaalfMp11                                        P0C8L0     CYB_CANAL     387  
COG6; CAALFM_C205850CA; CaO19.12676; CaO19.5209                        Q59MF9     COG6_CANAL    771  
COQ4; CAALFM_C103160CA; CaO19.10526; CaO19.3008                        Q5AI44     COQ4_CANAL    323  
COS111; CAALFM_C110140CA; CaO19.12346; CaO19.4883                      Q5APS5     CS111_CANAL   743  
COX16; CAALFM_CR10760CA; CaO19.7665                                    Q5ACH7     COX16_CANAL   128  
COX19; CAALFM_C113410WA; CaO19.12432; CaO19.4967                       Q5AL10     COX19_CANAL   132  
COX1; CM_00210W; CaalfMp08                                             P0C8K9     COX1_CANAL    531  
COX23; CAALFM_CR01100CA; CaO19.10754; CaO19.3244                       Q5A884     COX23_CANAL   139  
COX2; CM_00030W; CaalfMp01                                             Q9B8D8     COX2_CANAL    262  
COX3A; CM_00070C; CaalfMp04                                            Q9B1P9     COX3_CANAL    269  
COX3B; CM_00520W; CaalfMp15                                            Q9B1P9     COX3_CANAL    269  
CPA1; CAALFM_C401550CA; CaO19.12100; CaO19.4630                        Q5AML6     CARA_CANAL    430  
CPD1; CAALFM_CR06690CA; CaO19.703; CaO19.8322                          Q59PZ7     CPD1_CANAL    246  
CPH1; ACPR; CAALFM_C107370CA; CaO19.11912; CaO19.4433                  P43079     CPH1_CANAL    656  
CPH2; CAALFM_C600280WA; CaO19.1187; CaO19.8778                         Q59RL7     CPH2_CANAL    853  
CPP1; CAALFM_C110000CA; CaO19.12330; CaO19.4866                        Q5APU2     CPP1_CANAL    597  
CPR6; CAALFM_CR10670WA; CaO19.7654                                     Q5ACI8     PPID_CANAL    369  
CRH11; CRH1; CAALFM_C402900CA; CaO19.10221; CaO19.2706                 Q5AFA2     CRH11_CANAL   453  
CRH12; CRH1; CRH2; CAALFM_C504800WA; CaO19.11448; CaO19.3966           Q5AK54     CRH12_CANAL   504  
CRK1; BUR1; CAALFM_C204930CA; CaO19.11006; CaO19.3523/3524             Q9Y7W4     BUR1_CANAL    745  
CRZ1; CAALFM_C305780CA; CaO19.7359                                     Q5A4H5     CRZ1_CANAL    731  
CRZ2; CAALFM_CR07060CA; CaO19.2356; CaO19.9892                         Q59SN6     CRZ2_CANAL    517  
CSA1; WAP1; CAALFM_C700090CA; CaO19.7114                               G1UB63     CSA1_CANAL   1018  
CSA2; CRW1; CAALFM_C406920CA; CaO19.10629; CaO19.3117                  Q5A0X8     CSA2_CANAL    147 (3)
CSE4; CAALFM_C300860WA; CaO19.6163                                     Q59LN9     CENPA_CANAL   211  
CSM3; CAALFM_C206130WA; CaO19.11586; CaO19.4105                        Q59X26     CSM3_CANAL    316  
CST20; HST20; STE20; CAALFM_C502340CA; CaO19.11717; CaO19.4242         P0CY24     STE20_CANAL  1228  
CTA8; HSF1; CAALFM_C109170WA; CaO19.12238; CaO19.4775                  Q5AQ33     HSF_CANAL     760  
CTR1; CAALFM_C600790CA; CaO19.11130; CaO19.3646                        Q59NP1     CTR1_CANAL    251  
CTR86; CAALFM_C502280CA; CaO19.11709; CaO19.4234                       Q5AGE5     CTR86_CANAL   463  
CUE1; CAALFM_C503570WA; CaO19.6668                                     Q59NY7     CUE1_CANAL    189  
CWC15; CAALFM_C112630CA; CaO19.13717; CaO19.6360                       Q59PD3     CWC15_CANAL   224  
CWC21; CAALFM_C110080WA; CaO19.12339; CaO19.4875                       Q5AP89     CWC21_CANAL   162  
CWC22; CAALFM_C210100WA; CaO19.1771; CaO19.9340                        Q59XY0     CWC22_CANAL   648  
CWC24; CAALFM_C200280CA; CaO19.2105; CaO19.9653                        Q5ACW2     CWC24_CANAL   216  
CWC25; CAALFM_C504080CA; CaO19.1281; CaO19.8868                        Q59LQ5     CWC25_CANAL   221  
CWC26; CAALFM_C113380WA; CaO19.12429; CaO19.4964                       Q5AL13     CWC26_CANAL   281  
CWC2; CAALFM_C111280WA; CaO19.674; CaO19.8291                          Q59W50     CWC2_CANAL    363  
CYC1; CAALFM_C210110WA; CaO19.1770; CaO19.9339                         P53698     CYC_CANAL     110  
CYM1; CAALFM_C306230WA; CaO19.7410                                     Q5A301     CYM1_CANAL   1034  
CYP1; CAALFM_C702380CA; CaJ7.0279; CaO19.13826; CaO19.6472             P22011     PPIA_CANAL    162  
CZF1; ZNF1; CAALFM_C406820CA; CaO19.10639; CaO19.3127                  Q5A0W9     CZF1_CANAL    385  
DAD2; CAALFM_C205210WA; CaO19.3551                                     Q59ZG8     DAD2_CANAL    125  
DAD3; CAALFM_CR06160CA; CaO19.11352; CaO19.3871                        Q59VC6     DAD3_CANAL    138  
DAM1; CAALFM_C109730WA; CaO19.12300; CaO19.4837                        Q5APC8     DAM1_CANAL    277  
DBF2; CAALFM_C206670CA; CaO19.1223; CaO19.8809                         Q59KM8     DBF2_CANAL    710  
DBP10; CAALFM_C305160CA; CaO19.13412; CaO19.5991                       Q5ANB2     DBP10_CANAL   908  
DBP2; CAALFM_CR02530WA; CaO19.171; CaO19.7804                          Q59LU0     DBP2_CANAL    562  
DBP3; CAALFM_C110030WA; CaO19.12334; CaO19.4870                        Q5APT8     DBP3_CANAL    564  
DBP4; HCA4; CAALFM_C402830CA; CaO19.10227; CaO19.2712                  Q5AF95     DBP4_CANAL    765  
DBP5; CAALFM_C301860CA; CaO19.1661; CaO19.9230                         Q5AJD0     DBP5_CANAL    540  
DBP6; CAALFM_CR07750CA; CaO19.11188; CaO19.3704                        Q59MW2     DBP6_CANAL    606  
DBP7; CAALFM_C701200CA; CaJ7.0136; CaO19.6902                          Q59S50     DBP7_CANAL    727  
DBP8; CAALFM_CR05630WA; CaO19.13973; CaO19.6652                        Q59PR3     DBP8_CANAL    440  
DBP9; CAALFM_C601890CA; Ca20C1.02; CaO19.10896; CaO19.3393             Q5A4P9     DBP9_CANAL    574  
DCN1; CAALFM_C306800CA; CaO19.14114; CaO19.6822                        Q5ADL9     DCN1_CANAL    296  
DCW1; PGA51; CAALFM_C201360CA; CaO19.1989; CaO19.9540                  Q5AD78     DCW1_CANAL    452  
DDR48; DDR99; CAALFM_C209220WA; CaO19.11563; CaO19.4082                Q59X49     DDR48_CANAL   212  
DED1; CAALFM_C306100CA; CaO19.7392                                     Q5A4E2     DED1_CANAL    672  
DEF1; EDT1; EED1; CAALFM_CR09880WA; CaO19.7561                         G1UB67     EED1_CANAL    887  
DEF1; CAALFM_C401720CA; CaO19.12092; CaO19.4622                        Q5AMM4     DEF1_CANAL    738  
DEM1; EXO5; CAALFM_CR03490WA; CaO19.11870; CaO19.4392                  Q59ZZ6     EXO5_CANAL    628  
DES1; CAALFM_C505480WA; CaO19.11530; CaO19.4048                        Q5AJX2     DEGS_CANAL    370  
DFG5; CAALFM_C200520WA; CaO19.2075; CaO19.9622                         Q5ACZ2     DFG5_CANAL    451  
DFI1; CAALFM_C700360WA; CaO19.7084                                     Q5AFI4     DFI1_CANAL    337  
DHH1; CAALFM_C107070CA; CaO19.13577; CaO19.6197                        Q5AAW3     DHH1_CANAL    549  
DIE2; ALG10; CAALFM_C305340WA; CaO19.6971                              Q59YV2     ALG10_CANAL   450  
DML1; CAALFM_C306600CA; CaO19.7449                                     Q5A2W2     DML1_CANAL    573  
DOT1; CAALFM_C306300WA; CaO19.7402                                     Q5A309     DOT1_CANAL   1343  
DPH1; CAALFM_C205840WA; CaO19.12674/12675; CaO19.5207/5208             Q59MG1     DPH1_CANAL    426  
DPH2; CAALFM_C400690CA; CaO19.11649; CaO19.1174; CaO19.4173            Q59SJ9     DPH21_CANAL   529  
DPH5; CAALFM_C503640WA; CaO19.6676                                     Q59NX9     DPH51_CANAL   299  
DQD1; DHQ99; CAALFM_C207260CA; CaO19.2283; CaO19.9823                  Q59Z17     3DHQ_CANAL    146 (3)
DRE2; CAALFM_CR02650CA; CaO19.10342; CaO19.2825                        Q5A218     DRE2_CANAL    409  
DRS1; CAALFM_CR10550WA; CaO19.7635                                     Q5ACK7     DRS1_CANAL    613  
DSE1; CAALFM_C208490WA; CaO19.11112; CaO19.3629                        Q59Y20     DSE1_CANAL    724  
DUG1; CAALFM_C504300CA; CaO19.11397; CaO19.3915                        Q5AKA5     DUG1_CANAL    485  
DUS3; CAALFM_C202420CA; CaO19.1565; CaO19.9138                         Q5ALL3     DUS3_CANAL    613  
DUT1; CAALFM_C101330CA; CaO19.10832; CaO19.3322                        P0CY19     DUT_CANAL     159  
EAF3; CAALFM_C208280WA; CaO19.2660                                     Q59K07     EAF3_CANAL    369  
EAF6; CAALFM_C108510WA; CaO19.396; CaO19.8026                          Q59QC2     EAF6_CANAL    211  
EAF7; CAALFM_CR04130CA; CaO19.497; CaO19.8127                          Q5A6Q7     EAF7_CANAL    445  
EAP1; PGA47; CAALFM_C209530WA; CaO19.1401; CaO19.8979                  G1UBC2     PGA47_CANAL   653  
ECE1; CAALFM_C403470CA; CaO19.10882; CaO19.3374                        Q07730     ECE1_CANAL    271  
ECM331; ECM33; PST1; CAALFM_C502460CA; CaO19.11730; CaO19.4255         Q5AGC4     ECM33_CANAL   413  
ECM42; ECM40; CAALFM_C702150CA; CaJ7.0250; CaO19.13853; CaO19.6500     Q5AH38     ARGJ_CANAL    439  
EDC1; CAALFM_C202190CA; CaO19.1535; CaO19.9110                         Q5ALP1     EDC1_CANAL    264  
EFG1; CAALFM_CR07890WA; CaO19.610; CaO19.8243                          Q59X67     EFG1_CANAL    550  
EFH1; PHD1; CAALFM_C206340WA; CaO19.12953; CaO19.5498                  Q59P39     EFH1_CANAL    720  
EFM7; NNT1; CAALFM_CR03760WA; CaO19.11853; CaO19.4375                  Q5A013     EFM7_CANAL    262  
EFR3; CAALFM_C109360CA; CaO19.12261; CaO19.4798                        Q5APG7     EFR3_CANAL    958  
EFT2; CAALFM_C203100WA; CaO19.13210; CaO19.5788                        Q5A0M4     EF2_CANAL     842  
EGD1; CAALFM_C111650WA; CaO19.1154; CaO19.8746                         Q59TU0     NACB_CANAL    157  
EGD2; CAALFM_C304140CA; CaO19.13280; CaO19.5858                        Q5ANP2     NACA_CANAL    178  
END3; CAALFM_C301400WA; CaO19.1711; CaO19.9278                         Q5AJ82     END3_CANAL    395  
ENG1; ACF3; DSE4; CAALFM_C103680WA; CaO19.10584; CaO19.3066            Q5AIR7     ENG1_CANAL   1145  
ENO1; CAALFM_C108500CA; CaO19.395; CaO19.8025                          P30575     ENO1_CANAL    440  
EPL1; CAALFM_CR00100CA; CaO19.7529                                     Q5AAG1     EPL1_CANAL    753  
ERB1; CAALFM_C104130WA; CaO19.1047; CaO19.8649                         Q59VP7     ERB1_CANAL    849  
ERF2; CAALFM_C103920CA; CaO19.11946; CaO19.4466                        Q59QL0     ERFB_CANAL    514  
ERF4; SHR5; CAALFM_C501170WA; CaO19.1955; CaO19.9510                   Q5A1U8     ERFD_CANAL    218  
ERG11; CYP51; ERG16; CAALFM_C500660CA; CaO19.922                       P10613     CP51_CANAL    528 (3)
ERG1; CAALFM_C108590CA; CaO19.406; CaO19.8036                          Q92206     ERG1_CANAL    496  
ERG25; CAALFM_CR02370WA; CaO19.11216; CaO19.3732                       O59933     MSMO_CANAL    308  
ERG6; CAALFM_C302150CA; CaO19.1631; CaO19.9199                         O74198     ERG6_CANAL    376  
ERG7; CAALFM_C202460WA; CaO19.1570                                     Q04782     ERG7_CANAL    728  
ERV25; CAALFM_C306250WA; CaO19.7409                                    Q5A302     TMEDA_CANAL   215  
ESA1; CAALFM_C300490WA; CaO19.12871; CaO19.5416                        Q5A7Q2     ESA1_CANAL    541  
ESF2; CAALFM_C502070CA; CaO19.10670; CaO19.3161                        Q59YL9     ESF2_CANAL    320  
EST3; CAALFM_C300430WA; CaO19.12878; CaO19.5423                        Q5A7P3     EST3_CANAL    210  
ETT1; CAALFM_C202930CA; CaO19.13234; CaO19.5812                        Q5A0J9     ETT1_CANAL    421  
EXG2; CAALFM_C102630CA; CaO19.10469; CaO19.2952                        Q5AIA1     EXG2_CANAL    479  
EXO70; CAALFM_C702050CA; CaJ7.0236; CaO19.13865; CaO19.6512            Q5AH25     EXO70_CANAL   667  
EXO84; CAALFM_C601280WA; CaO19.135; CaO19.7779                         Q59XM1     EXO84_CANAL   791  
FAL1; CAALFM_C105640CA; CaO19.10024; CaO19.2488                        Q5A9Z6     FAL1_CANAL    399  
FBA1; CAALFM_C401750CA; CaO19.12088; CaO19.4618                        Q9URB4     ALF_CANAL     359  
FES1; CAALFM_C600760WA; CaO19.11133; CaO19.3649                        Q59NN8     FES1_CANAL    284  
FEX1; CAALFM_C700270WA; CaO19.7095; orf19.7095                         Q5AFH3     FEX1_CANAL    390  
FGR15; CAS2; CAALFM_C200720CA; CaO19.2054; CaO19.9601                  Q5AD13     FGR15_CANAL   518  
FGR23; PGA40; CAALFM_C302300WA; CaO19.1616; CaO19.9183                 Q5AJV5     FGR23_CANAL  1114  
FGR27; CAALFM_C503680WA; CaO19.6680                                    Q59NX5     FGR27_CANAL   787  
FGR41; PGA35; CAALFM_C110400CA; CaO19.12376; CaO19.4910                Q5AP52     FGR41_CANAL   250  
FHL1; CAALFM_C206830CA; CaO19.2236; CaO19.9778                         Q59ZC8     FHL1_CANAL   1152  
FIP1; CAALFM_C502480WA; CaO19.11734; CaO19.4258                        Q5AGC1     FIP1_CANAL    326  
FIS1; CAALFM_C700120WA; CaJ7.0019; CaO19.7111                          Q5AFF7     FIS1_CANAL    154  
FKH2; FKH1; CAALFM_C300670CA; CaO19.12844; CaO19.5389                  Q5A7S7     FKH2_CANAL    687  
FLO8; CAALFM_C604350CA; CaO19.1093; CaO19.8695                         Q59QW5     FLO8_CANAL    792  
FMP52; CAALFM_C110280CA; CaO19.12363; CaO19.4898                       Q5AP65     FMP52_CANAL   229  
FPR3; CAALFM_C103790CA; CaO19.1030; CaO19.8632                         Q59VR3     FKBP3_CANAL   426  
FYV10; CAALFM_C305850WA; CaO19.7365                                    Q5A4G9     FYV10_CANAL   572  
FYV4; CAALFM_C101680CA; CaO19.10865; CaO19.3357                        Q5A8X7     FYV4_CANAL    170  
FYV7; CAALFM_C501480WA; CaO19.11619; CaO19.4143                        Q59NQ9     FYV7_CANAL    142  
GAM1; GCA1; CAALFM_C110290WA; CaO19.12365; CaO19.4899                  O74254     AMYG_CANAL    946  
GAP1; CAALFM_C502790CA                                                 Q5AG77     GAP1_CANAL    582  
GAP2; CAALFM_C305580CA                                                 A0A1D8PK89 GAP2_CANAL    588  
GAP4; CAALFM_C107120WA                                                 Q59WB3     GAP4_CANAL    607  
GAP5; CAALFM_C405430CA                                                 A0A1D8PMB1 GAP5_CANAL    618  
GAP6; CAALFM_C503500WA                                                 A0A1D8PNP3 GAP6_CANAL    568  
GAT1; CAALFM_C405880WA; CaO19.1275; CaO19.8862                         Q5A432     GAT1_CANAL    688  
GCD6; TIF225; CAALFM_C108600CA; CaO19.407; CaO19.8037                  P87163     EI2BE_CANAL   732  
GDA1; CAALFM_C306120CA; CaO19.7394                                     Q8TGH6     GDA1_CANAL    599  
GDE1; CAALFM_C504510WA                                                 A0A1D8PNZ7 GDE1_CANAL   1162  
GEM1; CAALFM_C100890WA; CaO19.13437; CaO19.6016                        Q5ABR2     GEM1_CANAL    716  
GEP3; FMP48; CAALFM_C307550CA; CaO19.14028; CaO19.6736                 Q5ADV5     GEP3_CANAL    629  
GET1; CAALFM_C200320WA; CaO19.2101; CaO19.9649                         Q5ACW6     GET1_CANAL    199  
GET2; CAALFM_C109750WA; CaO19.12302; CaO19.4839                        P0CB63     GET2_CANAL    298  
GET3; CAALFM_C102760WA; CaO19.10482; CaO19.2965                        P0CB54     GET3_CANAL    350  
GFA1; CAALFM_C302280CA; CaO19.1618                                     P53704     GFA1_CANAL    713 (3)
GIG1; CAALFM_C104310CA; CaO19.1066; CaO19.8668                         Q59VM7     GIG1_CANAL    254  
GIN4; CAALFM_C111400CA; CaO19.663; CaO19.8280                          Q59W62     GIN4_CANAL   1349  
GIT1; GIT99; CAALFM_C206590CA; orf19.34                                Q59Q30     GIT1_CANAL    519  
GIT2; CAALFM_C500890CA                                                 A0A1D8PN12 GIT2_CANAL    534  
GIT3; CAALFM_C500880CA                                                 Q5A1L6     GIT3_CANAL    535  
GIT4; CAALFM_C500870CA                                                 A0A1D8PN14 GIT4_CANAL    532  
GLX3; CAALFM_C302610CA; CaO19.251; CaO19.7882; orf19.251; orf19.7882   Q5AF03     HSP31_CANAL   236 (3)
GNT1; CAALFM_C205050CA; CaO19.11020; CaO19.3536                        Q59ZI3     GNT1_CANAL    462  
GON7; CAALFM_C102310CA; CaO19.11172; CaO19.3688                        Q59W04     GON7_CANAL    121  
GPI10; CAALFM_C505040WA; CaO19.11479; CaO19.3996                       Q5AK24     GPI10_CANAL   482  
GPI11; CAALFM_C402420CA; CaO19.10277; CaO19.2761                       Q5AFT2     GPI11_CANAL   265  
GPI14; CAALFM_C402100CA; CaO19.12050; CaO19.4581                       Q5AMR5     GPI14_CANAL   398  
GPI18; CAALFM_C104280CA; CaO19.1063; CaO19.8665                        Q59VN0     GPI18_CANAL   394  
GPI7; LAS21; CAALFM_C105070CA; CaO19.11547; CaO19.4064                 Q8TGB2     GPI7_CANAL    885  
GPM1; CAALFM_C203270WA; CaO19.8522; CaO19.903                          P82612     PMGY_CANAL    248  
GPX3; CAALFM_C107350CA; orf19.4436                                     Q59WD3     GPX3_CANAL    171  
GRC3; CAALFM_CR06450WA; CaO19.721; CaO19.8340                          Q59U11     GRC3_CANAL    686  
GRP2; GRE22; CAALFM_C502860CA; CaO19.11785; CaO19.4309                 P83775     GRP2_CANAL    341  
GTF1; CAALFM_C209310CA; CaO19.11573; CaO19.4092                        Q59X39     GATF_CANAL    165  
GUA1; CAALFM_C109490CA; CaO19.12276; CaO19.4813                        Q5APF2     GUAA_CANAL    530  
GUF1; CAALFM_C206200CA; CaO19.12938; CaO19.5483                        Q59P53     GUF1_CANAL    654  
GWT1; CAALFM_C205730CA; CaO19.14173; CaO19.6884                        Q873N2     GWT1_CANAL    485  
GZF3; DAL80; CAALFM_CR02850CA; CaO19.10361; CaO19.2842                 Q5A201     GZF3_CANAL    712  
HAL21; MET222; CAALFM_C600970CA; CaO19.7746; CaO19.99                  P0CY20     HAL21_CANAL   364  
HAL22; MET221; CAALFM_C601030WA; CaO19.105; CaO19.7752                 Q59XQ1     HAL22_CANAL   358  
HAM1; CAALFM_C503860WA; CaO19.1108; CaO19.8705                         Q59N80     ITPA_CANAL    202  
HAS1; CAALFM_C504750CA; CaO19.11444; CaO19.3962                        Q5AK59     HAS1_CANAL    565  
HAT1; CAALFM_C104670WA; CaO19.779; CaO19.8401                          Q59VF4     HAT1_CANAL    413  
HAT2; CAALFM_C604540CA; CaO19.2146; CaO19.9693                         Q59RH5     HAT2_CANAL    382  
HBR1; FAP7; CAALFM_C100340WA; CaO19.13495; CaO19.6074                  Q8TG40     KAD6_CANAL    248  
HCR1; CAALFM_CR10370WA; CaO19.7613                                     Q5ACM9     EIF3J_CANAL   285  
HDA1; CAALFM_CR02050CA; CaO19.10137; CaO19.2606                        Q5A960     HDA1_CANAL    833  
HEM1; CAALFM_CR02000CA; Ca49C4.15; CaO19.2601                          O94069     HEM1_CANAL    564  
HEM3; CAALFM_C210360CA; Ca38F10.02; CaO19.1742; CaO19.9309             O94048     HEM3_CANAL    340  
HER2; CAALFM_C504710WA; CaO19.11438; CaO19.3956                        Q5AK64     GATA_CANAL    450  
HGC1; CLN21; CLN3; CAALFM_C100780CA; CaO19.13449; CaO19.6028           Q5ABE2     HGC1_CANAL    785  
HGT1; HGT11; CAALFM_C101980WA; orf19.4527                              A0A1D8PCL1 HGT1_CANAL    545  
HHT21; HHT1; CAALFM_C104260WA; CaO19.1061; CaO19.8663                  Q59VN2     H31_CANAL     136  
HHT2; HHT22; CAALFM_CR06810WA; CaO19.1853; CaO19.9411                  Q59VN2     H31_CANAL     136  
HHT3; CAALFM_C307090WA; CaO19.14083; CaO19.6791                        Q5ADQ0     H33_CANAL     136  
HIP1; GAP3; CAALFM_C501800CA                                           A0A1D8PN88 GAP3_CANAL    599  
HIR1; CAALFM_C200330CA; CaO19.2099; CaO19.9647                         Q5ACW8     HIR1_CANAL    907  
HIR2; CAALFM_C502750CA; CaO19.11771; CaO19.4295                        Q5AGM0     HIR2_CANAL   1017  
HIR3; CAALFM_C307680WA; CaO19.14011; CaO19.6719                        Q5ADX2     HIR3_CANAL   1591  
HIS1; CAALFM_C505320CA; CaO19.11509; CaO19.4026                        P46586     HIS1_CANAL    298  
HMO1; CAALFM_CR05670CA; CaO19.13966; CaO19.6645                        Q59PR9     HMO1_CANAL    223  
HOG1; CAALFM_C203330CA; CaO19.8514; CaO19.895                          Q92207     HOG1_CANAL    377  
HQD2; CAALFM_C402230CA; CaO19.12036; CaO19.4567                        P86029     HQD2_CANAL    303  
HSE1; CAALFM_CR01210CA; CaO19.10743; CaO19.3233                        Q5A895     HSE1_CANAL    498  
HSL1; CAALFM_C502840CA; CaO19.11784; CaO19.4308                        Q5AG71     HSL1_CANAL   1462  
HSM3; CAALFM_C703450CA; CaJ7.0396; CaO19.1331; CaO19.8911              Q59PP0     HSM3_CANAL    472  
HSP21; CAALFM_C204010CA; CaO19.822; CaO19.8442                         Q5AHH4     HSP21_CANAL   189  
HSP60; CAALFM_CR06490CA; CaO19.717; CaO19.8336                         O74261     HSP60_CANAL   566  
HSP78; CAALFM_C203390CA; CaO19.8501; CaO19.882                         Q96UX5     HSP78_CANAL   812  
HSP90; CAALFM_C702030WA; CaJ7.0234; CaO19.13868; CaO19.6515            P46598     HSP90_CANAL   707  
HST1; SIR21; SIR22; CAALFM_C109050WA; CaO19.12225; CaO19.4761          Q5AQ47     HST1_CANAL    655  
HST2; CAALFM_CR01800CA; CaO19.10112; CaO19.2580                        Q5A985     HST2_CANAL    331  
HST3; CAALFM_C501340WA; CaO19.1934; CaO19.9490                         Q5A1W9     HST3_CANAL    487  
HST7; STE7; CAALFM_CR03900WA; CaO19.469; CaO19.8100                    Q5A6T5     STE7_CANAL    589  
HSV2; CAALFM_C405350WA; CaO19.1793; CaO19.9359                         Q59P11     HSV2_CANAL    595  
HSX11; CGT1; CAALFM_C402010CA; CaO19.12061; CaO19.4592                 Q5AMQ4     CEGT_CANAL    544  
HTA1; CAALFM_C303910WA; CaO19.14186; CaO19.6924                        Q59SU5     H2A1_CANAL    132  
HTA2; CAALFM_C104170CA; CaO19.1051; CaO19.8653                         Q59VP2     H2A2_CANAL    131  
HTB1; CAALFM_C303900CA; CaO19.14187; CaO19.6925                        P48989     H2B1_CANAL    130  
HTB2; CAALFM_C104180WA; CaO19.1052; CaO19.8654                         Q59VP1     H2B2_CANAL    130  
HTZ1; CAALFM_C303280CA; CaO19.327; CaO19.7959                          Q5AEE1     H2AZ_CANAL    133  
HUT1; CAALFM_C306980WA; CaO19.14095; CaO19.6803                        Q5ADN8     HUT1_CANAL    370  
HWP1; ECE2; CAALFM_C403570WA; CaO19.1321; CaO19.8901                   P46593     HWP1_CANAL    634  
HWP2; PGA8; CAALFM_C403510CA; CaO19.10888; CaO19.3380                  Q59PF9     HWP2_CANAL    908  
HXK1; NAG5; CAALFM_C604580WA; CaO19.2154; CaO19.9701                   Q59RW5     HXK1_CANAL    493  
HXK2; CAALFM_CR04510WA; CaO19.542; CaO19.8176                          P83776     HXKB_CANAL    484  
HYR1; GPX1; CAALFM_C113450WA; CaO19.12440; CaO19.4975                  Q5AL03     HYR1_CANAL    919  
HYR3; IFF2; CAALFM_C500730WA; CaO19.575; CaO19.8206                    Q59XA7     HYR3_CANAL   1249  
HYR4; HYR8; IFF7; CAALFM_CR00760CA; CaO19.10789; CaO19.3279            Q5A849     HYR4_CANAL   1225  
IFF11; CAALFM_C300600WA; CaO19.12854; CaO19.5399                       Q5A7R7     IFF11_CANAL   511  
IFF3; CAALFM_CR03630WA; CaO19.11839; CaO19.4361                        Q5A029     IFF3_CANAL    941  
IFF4; CAALFM_CR00610WA; CaO19.7472                                     Q5AAL9     IFF4_CANAL   1526  
IFF5; CAALFM_C406550CA; CaO19.10397; CaO19.2879                        Q5A1E0     IFF5_CANAL   1308  
IFF6; HYR10; CAALFM_C209130CA; CaO19.11553; CaO19.4072                 Q59XL0     IFF6_CANAL   1085  
IFF8; CAALFM_C500710WA; CaO19.570; CaO19.8201                          Q59XB0     IFF8_CANAL    714  
IFF9; CAALFM_CR03880WA; CaO19.465; CaO19.8096                          Q5A6U1     IFF9_CANAL    941  
IFH1; CAALFM_C502650CA; CaO19.11758; CaO19.4282                        Q5AG97     IFH1_CANAL    885  
IHD1; PGA36; CAALFM_C603850CA; CaO19.13183; CaO19.5760                 Q5A8I8     IHD1_CANAL    392  
IMH3; IMD3; CAALFM_C206390CA; CaO19.18; CaO19.7689                     Q59Q46     IMDH_CANAL    521  
IML1; CAALFM_C102610WA; CaO19.10466; CaO19.2949                        Q5AIA4     IML1_CANAL   1462  
IML2; CAALFM_C114210CA; CaO19.7229                                     Q59ZW2     IML2_CANAL    866  
INO1; CAALFM_CR10100CA; CaO19.7585                                     P42800     INO1_CANAL    520  
INO80; CAALFM_CR04720CA; CaO19.1734; CaO19.9302                        Q59KI4     INO80_CANAL  1387  
IPI1; CAALFM_CR03940WA; CaO19.379; CaO19.475; CaO19.8106               Q59JU3     IPI1_CANAL    366  
IPI3; CAALFM_C106760CA; CaO19.13614; CaO19.6234                        Q5AB15     IPI3_CANAL    505  
IPK1; CAALFM_C403330WA; CaO19.1439; CaO19.9013                         Q59KN8     IPK1_CANAL    361  
IPL1; CAALFM_C602320CA; CaO19.10978; CaO19.3474                        Q59S66     IPL1_CANAL    528  
IPP1; CAALFM_C208810CA; CaO19.11072; CaO19.3590                        P83777     IPYR_CANAL    288  
IQG1; CAALFM_C701840WA; CaO19.13889; CaO19.6536                        Q5AH02     IQG1_CANAL   1647  
IRC22-1; CAALFM_C209780CA; CaO19.1372; CaO19.8952                      Q59YF4     IR221_CANAL   239  
IRC22-2; CAALFM_C210010CA; CaO19.1782; CaO19.9348                      Q59XW9     IR222_CANAL   239  
IRC6; CAALFM_C404280CA; CaO19.1420; CaO19.8996                         Q59P96     IRC6_CANAL    275  
IRO1; CAALFM_C301360CA; CaO19.1715; CaO19.9283                         Q5AJ77     IRO1_CANAL    596  
IRS4; CAALFM_C303660WA; CaO19.14215; CaO19.6953                        Q59SR6     IRS4_CANAL    638  
ISN1; CAALFM_C101650WA; CaO19.10863; CaO19.3355                        Q5A8X9     ISN1_CANAL    460  
ISW2; CAALFM_C306310CA; CaO19.7401                                     Q5A310     ISW2_CANAL   1056  
ISY1; CAALFM_C703530CA; CaJ7.0403; CaO19.13977; CaO19.6685             Q59R35     ISY1_CANAL    266  
IWS1; CAALFM_C106590CA; CaO19.13630; CaO19.6252                        Q5AAR0     IWS1_CANAL    400  
JAB1; CSN5; RRI1; CAALFM_C403450CA; CaO19.10880; CaO19.3372            Q59PG6     CSN5_CANAL    609  
JHD1; CAALFM_CR00750CA; CaO19.10791; CaO19.3281                        Q5A847     JHD1_CANAL    478  
JIP5; CAALFM_C108870CA; CaO19.12208; CaO19.4746                        Q5AQ62     JIP5_CANAL    542  
JJJ3; DPH4; CAALFM_C201060CA; CaO19.2018; CaO19.9568                   Q5AD49     DPH4_CANAL    149  
KAE1; CAALFM_C404920WA; CaO19.11267; CaO19.3787                        Q5A6A4     KAE1_CANAL    372  
KAR5; CAALFM_C601010WA; CAALFM_C601020WA; CaO19.7750; orf19.103; orf19.104 Q59WU8     KAR5_CANAL    485  
KEX1; CAALFM_C700940WA; CaJ7.0112; CaO19.7020                          Q5AFP8     KEX1_CANAL    702  
KRE1; CAALFM_CR03790CA; CaO19.11855; CaO19.4377; orf19.4349.6          P0CY22     KRE1_CANAL    130  
KSR1; TSC10; CAALFM_CR07380CA; CaO19.13550; CaO19.6131                 Q59RQ2     TSC10_CANAL   310  
LAB5; LIS1; CAALFM_C402290WA; CaO19.10290; CaO19.2774                  P0CH67     LIPA_CANAL    386  
LCL2; CAALFM_CR05800CA; CaO19.13952; CaO19.6630                        Q59PT4     LCL2_CANAL    134  
LCL3; CAALFM_C113770CA; CaO19.12481; CaO19.5014                        Q5AKW3     LCL3_CANAL    235  
LEA1; CAALFM_C405750CA; CaO19.1260; CaO19.8845                         Q5A449     RU2A_CANAL    233  
LIA1; CAALFM_C207290WA; CaO19.2286; CaO19.9826                         Q59Z14     DOHH_CANAL    318  
LIG1; RLG1; TRL1; CAALFM_C702060WA; CaJ7.0238; CaO19.13864; CaO19.6511 P43075     TRNL_CANAL    832 (3)
LIG4; CDC9; CAALFM_C203030WA; CaO19.13220; CaO19.5798                  P52496     DNLI4_CANAL   928  
LIP10; CAALFM_C109590CA; CaO19.12285; CaO19.4822                       Q9P4E5     LIP10_CANAL   465  
LIP4; CAALFM_C604490WA; CaO19.2133                                     Q9P8W1     LIP4_CANAL    459  
LIP5; CAALFM_C702830CA; CaJ7.0322; CaO19.12646; CaO19.5179             Q9P8W0     LIP5_CANAL    463  
LIP6; CAALFM_C109600CA; CaO19.12286; CaO19.4823                        Q9P4E8     LIP6_CANAL    463  
LIP7; CAALFM_CR09220CA; CaO19.7320                                     Q9P4E7     LIP7_CANAL    426  
LIP8; CAALFM_C703300CA; CaO19.8925                                     Q9P8V9     LIP8_CANAL    460  
LIP9; CAALFM_C702880CA; CaO19.12639; CaO19.5172                        Q9P4E6     LIP9_CANAL    453  
LKH1; CAALFM_C110490WA; CaO19.8607; CaO19.992                          Q59NB8     LKHA4_CANAL   623  
LOC1; CAALFM_C302040CA; CaO19.1642; CaO19.9209                         Q5AJF1     LOC1_CANAL    206  
LOS1; CAALFM_C704200CA; CaJ7.0486; CaO19.7153                          Q5A0E2     XPOT_CANAL   1025  
LOT5; CAALFM_C103040WA; CaO19.10512; CaO19.2995                        Q5AI58     LOT5_CANAL    252  
LPE10; CAALFM_C602150CA; CaO19.10959; CaO19.3455                       Q59S85     LPE10_CANAL   453  
LYS4; CAALFM_C404410CA; CaO19.11327; CaO19.3846                        Q5A644     LYS4_CANAL    684  
MAC1; CAALFM_C700510WA; CaO19.7068                                     Q5AFK0     MAC1_CANAL    431  
MAD1; CAALFM_C112660WA; CaO19.13714; CaO19.6357                        Q59PD6     MAD1_CANAL    696  
MAD2; CAALFM_C104080WA; CaO19.1040; CaO19.8642                         Q59VQ3     MAD2_CANAL    214  
MAK5; CAALFM_C205090WA; CaO19.11024; CaO19.3540                        Q59ZH9     MAK5_CANAL    782  
MAP2; CAALFM_C604080WA; CaO19.1214; CaO19.8802                         Q59LF9     MAP2_CANAL    446  
MBF1; CAALFM_C101060WA; CaO19.10804; CaO19.3294                        Q5A940     MBF1_CANAL    151  
MCA1; CAALFM_C305190CA; CaO19.13416; CaO19.5995                        Q5ANA8     MCA1_CANAL    448  
MCD4; CAALFM_C112200WA; CaO19.12709; CaO19.5244                        Q5A3M6     MCD4_CANAL    971  
MCH1; CAALFM_C307850WA; CaO19.6180                                     Q59MJ2     MCH1_CANAL    436  
MCM1; CAALFM_C700890CA; CaO19.7025                                     Q5AFP3     MCM1_CANAL    262  
MCR1; CAALFM_C602040WA; CaO19.11001; CaO19.3507                        Q59M70     MCR1_CANAL    301  
MDE1; CAALFM_C502820CA; CaO19.11782; CaO19.4306                        Q5AG73     MTNB_CANAL    270  
MDH1; MDH2; CAALFM_CR00540CA; CaO19.7481                               P83778     MDHC_CANAL    337  
MDM10; CAALFM_C204800CA; CaO19.184; CaO19.7814                         Q59LL4     MDM10_CANAL   473  
MDM12; CAALFM_C701180WA; CaJ7.0134; CaO19.6900                         Q59S52     MDM12_CANAL   428  
MDM34; CAALFM_C106230CA; CaO19.1826; CaO19.9385                        Q59MC8     MDM34_CANAL   623  
MDR1; BEN; BMR1; CAALFM_C603170CA; CaO19.13047; CaO19.5604             Q5ABU7     MDR1_CANAL    564  
MDS3; CAALFM_C307320WA; CaO19.14052/14051; CaO19.6760/6759             Q5ADT1     MDS3_CANAL   1383  
MEC1; CAALFM_C504060CA; CaO19.1283; CaO19.8870                         Q59LR2     ATR_CANAL    2325  
MED11; CAALFM_C701290WA; CaJ7.0143; CaO19.6909                         Q59S43     MED11_CANAL   168  
MED14; RGR1; CAALFM_C503160WA; CaO19.11825; CaO19.4348                 Q5AG31     MED14_CANAL  1261  
MED4; CAALFM_C207500CA; CaO19.1878; CaO19.9434                         Q59U73     MED4_CANAL    323  
MED6; CAALFM_C306350WA; CaO19.7420                                     Q5A2Z1     MED6_CANAL    263  
MED7; CAALFM_C302440CA; CaO19.232; CaO19.7862                          Q5AEN6     MED7_CANAL    304  
MED8; CAALFM_C204530WA; CaO19.11973; CaO19.4497                        Q59TD3     MED8_CANAL    239  
MEF1; CAALFM_C113060CA; CaO19.12398; CaO19.4932                        Q5AL45     EFGM_CANAL    761  
MEF2; CAALFM_C107000WA; CaO19.13589; CaO19.6208                        Q5AAV3     RRF2M_CANAL   807  
MET3; CAALFM_C113870WA; CaO19.12492; CaO19.5025                        Q9Y872     MET3_CANAL    527  
MET6; CAALFM_CR01620CA; CaO19.10083; CaO19.2551                        P82610     METE_CANAL    767 (3)
MEU1; CAALFM_C303790WA; CaO19.14200; CaO19.6938                        Q59ST1     MTAP_CANAL    344  
MEX67; CAALFM_CR04050CA; CaO19.488; CaO19.8118                         P84149     MEX67_CANAL   617 (3)
MFG1; CAALFM_C208730WA; CaO19.11086; CaO19.3603                        Q59Y46     MFG1_CANAL    758  
MGM101; CAALFM_C102660CA; CaO19.10473; CaO19.2956                      Q5AI97     MG101_CANAL   275  
MGR1; CAALFM_C203460CA; CaO19.8493; CaO19.874                          Q5AHC2     MGR1_CANAL    368  
MGT1; CAALFM_C407010CA; CaO19.10620; CaO19.3108                        Q5A0Y8     MGMT_CANAL    175  
MHF1; CAALFM_C112840WA; CaO19.12380; CaO19.4914                        Q5AL63     CENPS_CANAL   117  
MHR1; CAALFM_C105270CA; CaO19.439; CaO19.8069                          Q5A2A2     MHR1_CANAL    239  
MIA40; TIM40; CAALFM_C102880CA; Ca49C10.16; CaO19.10494; CaO19.2977    O94030     MIA40_CANAL   252  
MIC60; FMP13; CAALFM_CR03530WA; CaO19.11874; CaO19.4396                Q5A044     MIC60_CANAL   567  
MKC1; CAALFM_CR00120CA; CaO19.7523                                     Q5AAG6     MKC1_CANAL    509  
MLT1; ABC1; BPT1; YCF1; CAALFM_C108210CA; CaO19.12566; CaO19.5100      Q5A762     MLT1_CANAL   1606  
MMM1; CAALFM_C400560CA; CaO19.11664; CaO19.4187                        Q59SI5     MMM1_CANAL    439  
MNL1; MSN2; CAALFM_CR07450CA; CaO19.13540; CaO19.6121                  Q59RR3     MNL1_CANAL    905  
MNN12; CAALFM_C110300WA; CaO19.12366; CaO19.4900                       Q5APQ8     MNN12_CANAL   828  
MNN13; CAALFM_C502570WA; CaO19.11746; CaO19.4270                       Q5AGA9     MNN13_CANAL   764  
MNN14; CAALFM_C305610WA; CaO19.6996                                    Q59YS7     MNN14_CANAL   685  
MNN15; CAALFM_C104900WA; CaO19.753; CaO19.8373                         Q59VL7     MNN15_CANAL   763  
MNN1; CAALFM_C502630CA; CaO19.11755; CaO19.4279                        Q5AGA0     MNN1_CANAL    800  
MNN21; CAALFM_CR05300CA; CaO19.1011; CaO19.8625                        Q59KJ7     MNN21_CANAL   660  
MNN22; MNN24; CAALFM_C404770CA; CaO19.11284; CaO19.3803                Q5A687     MNN22_CANAL   589  
MNN23; MNN3; CAALFM_C110070CA; CaO19.12338; CaO19.4874                 Q5AP90     MNN23_CANAL   606  
MNN24; MNN2; MNN22; CAALFM_C201300CA; CaO19.1995; CaO19.9547           Q5AD72     MNN24_CANAL   709  
MNN26; MNN7; CAALFM_C703600WA; CaO19.13984; CaO19.6692                 Q59R28     MNN26_CANAL   756  
MNN2; MNN25; MNN5; CAALFM_C110720CA; CaO19.2347; CaO19.9883            Q59WF4     MNN2_CANAL    597  
MNN9; CAALFM_C306020WA; CaO19.7383                                     P53697     MNN9_CANAL    368  
MNT1; KRE2; KTR1; CAALFM_C301810CA; CaO19.1665; CaO19.9234             Q00310     MNT1_CANAL    431  
MNT2; CAALFM_C301830CA; CaO19.1663; CaO19.9232                         P46592     MNT2_CANAL    461  
MNT3; CAALFM_CR05290WA; CaO19.8624                                     P87207     MNT3_CANAL    378  
MNT4; MNN16; CAALFM_CR04800WA; CaO19.13690; CaO19.6313                 Q59MZ9     MNT4_CANAL    719  
MOB2; CAALFM_C100620WA; CaO19.13465; CaO19.6044                        Q5ABC6     MOB2_CANAL    313  
MON1; CAALFM_CR03960CA; CaO19.8109                                     Q5A723     MON1_CANAL    565  
MP65; CMP65; SCW1; SCW10; CAALFM_C210030CA; CaO19.1779; CaO19.9345     Q59XX2     MP65_CANAL    378  
MPG1; SRB1; VIG9; CAALFM_C307950CA; CaO19.6190                         O93827     MPG1_CANAL    362  
MPH1; CAALFM_C406190CA; CaO19.10436; CaO19.2919                        Q5A1A0     MPH1_CANAL   1187  
MRD1; CAALFM_C302020WA; CaO19.1646; CaO19.9215                         Q5AJS6     MRD1_CANAL    841  
MRH4; CAALFM_C602380WA; CaO19.10985; CaO19.3481                        Q59S59     MRH4_CANAL    555  
MRI1; CAALFM_C201160WA; CaO19.2008; CaO19.9559                         Q5AD59     MTNA_CANAL    416  
MRPL4; CAALFM_CR07320CA; CaO19.13555; CaO19.6136                       Q59RP7     RM04_CANAL    309  
MRPL51; CAALFM_C111880WA; CaO19.12744; CaO19.5279                      Q5A3J1     RM51_CANAL    140  
MRPS9; CAALFM_C112340CA; CaO19.12695; CaO19.5230                       O94150     RT09_CANAL    336  
MRR1; HAP1; CAALFM_C305920WA; CaO19.7372                               Q5A4G2     MRR1_CANAL   1108  
MRR2; ZCF34; CAALFM_C307860CA; CaO19.6182                              Q59MJ1     MRR2_CANAL    710  
MRS2; CAALFM_CR01960CA; CaO19.10128; CaO19.2597                        Q5A970     MRS2_CANAL    468  
MSH3; CAALFM_C208680WA; CaO19.11091; CaO19.3608                        Q59Y41     MSH3_CANAL   1037  
MSI3; SSE1; CAALFM_C106100CA; CaO19.2435; CaO19.9971                   Q96VB9     HSP7F_CANAL   701  
MSS116; CAALFM_C108810CA; CaO19.12201; CaO19.4739                      Q5APM7     MS116_CANAL   668  
MSS11; CAALFM_CR04840CA; CaO19.13686; CaO19.6309                       Q59N20     MSS11_CANAL   638  
MTC6; CAALFM_C305020WA; CaO19.13392; CaO19.5971                        Q5AND1     MTC6_CANAL    614  
MTLA1; CAALFM_C501740CA; CaO19.3201                                    Q9UW23     MATA1_CANAL   210  
MTLA2; CAALFM_C501750CA; CaO19.3200                                    Q71U11     MATA2_CANAL   201  
MTLALPHA1; C5_01755C_B; CaO19.10712                                    Q9UW19     MTAL1_CANAL   193  
MTLALPHA2; C5_01785W_B; CaO19.10708                                    Q9UW22     MTAL2_CANAL   186  
MTS1; CFA1; CAALFM_C109680WA; CaO19.12294; CaO19.4831                  Q5APD4     C9MT_CANAL    513  
MUS81; CAALFM_C600540WA; CaO19.11682; CaO19.4206                       Q59NG5     MUS81_CANAL   614  
MVP1; CAALFM_C700790WA; CaJ7.0093; CaO19.7038; CaO19.7039              Q3MPQ4     MVP1_CANAL    744  
MYO5; CAALFM_C405100CA; CaO19.738; CaO19.8357                          Q59MQ0     MYO5_CANAL   1316  
MZM1; FMP16; CAALFM_C300340WA; CaO19.12888; CaO19.5433                 Q5A7N3     MZM1_CANAL    117  
NAD1; CM_00060W; CaalfMp03                                             Q9B8D6     NU1M_CANAL    317  
NAD2; CM_00310W; CaalfMp09                                             Q9B8D2     NU2M_CANAL    475  
NAD3; CM_00320W; CaalfMp10                                             Q9B8D1     NU3M_CANAL    129  
NAD4L; CM_00370W; CaalfMp12                                            Q9B8D0     NU4LM_CANAL    84  
NAD4; CM_00440W; CaalfMp14                                             Q9B8C8     NU4M_CANAL    464  
NAD5; CM_00380W; CaalfMp13                                             Q9B8C9     NU5M_CANAL    552  
NAD6; CM_00050W; CaalfMp02                                             Q9B8D7     NU6M_CANAL    146  
NAG1; CAALFM_C604590CA; CaO19.2156; CaO19.9703                         Q04802     NAG1_CANAL    248  
NAP1; CAALFM_CR00320CA; orf19.7501                                     Q5AAI8     NAP1_CANAL    435  
NAR1; CAALFM_C109010WA; CaO19.12221; CaO19.4757                        Q5APK7     NAR1_CANAL    607  
NBP35; CAALFM_C405170CA; CaO19.747                                     Q59MP1     NBP35_CANAL   331  
NCE102; CAALFM_C304910CA; CaO19.13381; CaO19.5960                      Q5ANE3     NCE2_CANAL    170  
NCE103; CAALFM_C301300CA; CaO19.1721; CaO19.9289                       Q5AJ71     CAN_CANAL     281  
NCS2; CTU2; CAALFM_CR03550WA; CaO19.11877; CaO19.4399                  Q59ZY9     CTU2_CANAL    452  
NCS6; CTU1; CAALFM_C401500WA; CaO19.12104; CaO19.4634                  Q5AML2     CTU1_CANAL    395  
NDC80; CAALFM_CR02680WA; CaO19.10345; CaO19.2827                       Q5A216     NDC80_CANAL   788  
NFS1; SPL1; CAALFM_C700390WA; CaJ7.0052; CaO19.7081                    P87185     NFS1_CANAL    488  
NHP6; NHP6A; CAALFM_C401700CA; CaO19.12093.3; CaO19.4623.3             Q9UVL1     NHP6_CANAL     92  
NIK1; COS1; HIK1; CAALFM_C702800WA; CaO19.12648; CaO19.5181            Q5A599     NIK1_CANAL   1081  
NIP1; CAALFM_C401490WA; CaO19.12105; CaO19.4635                        Q5AML1     EIF3C_CANAL   874  
NMD4; CAALFM_C202090WA; CaO19.1525; CaO19.9101                         Q5AM50     NMD4_CANAL    398  
NMT1; CAALFM_C401440WA; CaO19.12111; CaO19.4641                        P30418     NMT_CANAL     451 (3)
NOP12; CAALFM_C204120CA; CaO19.809; CaO19.8429                         Q5AHI7     NOP12_CANAL   455  
NOP16; CAALFM_C209660WA; CaO19.1388; CaO19.8966                        Q59YD8     NOP16_CANAL   218  
NOP58; CAALFM_C600370CA; CaO19.1199; CaO19.8790                        Q59S06     NOP58_CANAL   516  
NOP7; CAALFM_C209320CA; CaO19.11574; CaO19.4093                        Q59X38     PESC_CANAL    587  
NOP9; CAALFM_C104040CA; CaO19.11959; CaO19.4479                        Q59QH0     NOP9_CANAL    720  
NOT3; NOT31; CAALFM_C201130WA; CaO19.2012; CaO19.9563                  Q5AD56     NOT3_CANAL    752  
NPC2; CAALFM_CR01280CA; CaO19.10736; CaO19.3226                        Q5A8A2     NPC2_CANAL    192  
NPL4; CAALFM_C106110CA; CaO19.2434; CaO19.9970                         Q5AA50     NPL4_CANAL    598  
NPR3; RMD11; CAALFM_CR08680CA; CaO19.13802; CaO19.6444                 Q5A319     NPR3_CANAL    715  
NRG1; CAALFM_C704230WA; CaO19.7150                                     Q5A0E5     NRG1_CANAL    310  
NSA1; CAALFM_C207960CA; CaO19.2185; CaO19.9731                         Q5A2T0     NSA1_CANAL    406  
NSA2; CAALFM_C306380WA; CaO19.7424                                     Q5A2Y7     NSA2_CANAL    261  
NST1; CAALFM_C207740WA; CaO19.2208; CaO19.9753                         Q5A2K0     NST1_CANAL   1399  
NTE1; CAALFM_CR08300CA; CaO19.13754; CaO19.6396                        Q5A368     NTE1_CANAL   1386  
NUF2; CAALFM_C501280CA; CaO19.1941; CaO19.9496                         Q5A1Q5     NUF2_CANAL    485  
NUP; NUP32; CAALFM_C701560CA; CaO19.13923; CaO19.6570                  Q5AGW8     NUP_CANAL     406  
NUT2; MED10; CAALFM_C111980WA; CaO19.12733; CaO19.5268                 Q5A3K2     MED10_CANAL   170  
OBPALPHA; C5_01775C_B; CaO19.10709/10710                               Q9UW21     OBPAL_CANAL   429  
OBPA; CAALFM_C501770CA; CaO19.3198                                     Q9UW25     OBPA_CANAL    433  
OCA1; CAALFM_C210190CA; CaO19.1762; CaO19.9331                         Q59XY9     OCA1_CANAL    269  
OCA5; CAALFM_C307290WA; CaO19.14061; CaO19.6769                        Q5ADS3     OCA5_CANAL    716  
OCH1; CAALFM_C306090CA; CaO19.7391                                     Q5A4E3     OCH1_CANAL    385  
OCT1; CAALFM_C600340CA; CaO19.1195; CaO19.8786                         Q59RK9     PMIP_CANAL    783  
OXR1; CAALFM_C302540CA; CaO19.243; CaO19.7873                          Q5AEM5     OXR1_CANAL    345  
PAB1; CAALFM_C103370WA; CaO19.10555; CaO19.3037                        Q5AI15     PABP_CANAL    629  
PAC1; LIS1; CAALFM_C300530CA; CaO19.12865; CaO19.5410                  Q5A7Q6     LIS1_CANAL    486  
PAM16; TIM16; CAALFM_C114150CA; CaO19.7222                             Q59ZW9     TIM16_CANAL   121  
PAM17; CAALFM_C302500WA; CaO19.240; CaO19.7870                         Q5AEM8     PAM17_CANAL   185  
PAM18; TIM14; CAALFM_C400520WA; CaO19.11667; CaO19.4190                Q59SI2     TIM14_CANAL   157  
PAN1; CAALFM_C203380WA; CaO19.8505; CaO19.886                          Q5AHB1     PAN1_CANAL   1396  
PAN2; CAALFM_C109070WA; CaO19.12228; CaO19.4764                        Q5APK0     PAN2_CANAL   1190  
PAN3; CAALFM_C505170WA; CaO19.11493; CaO19.4010                        Q5AK10     PAN3_CANAL    697  
PAPALPHA; PAP1; C5_01745W_B; CaO19.10713                               O42617     PAP_CANAL     558  
PAPA; PAP99; CAALFM_C501780WA; CaO19.3197                              Q9UW26     PAPA_CANAL    555  
PBN1; CAALFM_C601370WA; CaO19.10951; CaO19.3447                        Q5A4J4     PBN1_CANAL    481  
PDC11; PDC1; CAALFM_C406570CA; CaO19.10395; CaO19.2877                 P83779     PDC1_CANAL    567  
PET112; CAALFM_C105610WA; CaO19.10030; CaO19.2494                      Q5A9Z1     GATB_CANAL    488  
PEX5; CAALFM_C400150CA; CaO19.13085; CaO19.5640                        O74711     PEX5_CANAL    592  
PFA3; CAALFM_C306990WA; CaO19.14094; CaO19.6802                        Q5ADN9     PFA3_CANAL    377  
PFA4; CAALFM_C701480WA; CaJ7.0163; CaO19.13934; CaO19.6581             Q5AGV7     PFA4_CANAL    446  
PFA5; CAALFM_C501440CA; CaO19.11611; CaO19.4134                        Q59NR8     PFA5_CANAL    405  
PFS2; CAALFM_C111090CA; CaO19.2307; CaO19.9843                         Q59WJ4     PFS2_CANAL    543  
PGA10; CRW2; RBT51; RBT8; CAALFM_C400450CA; CaO19.13119; CaO19.5674    Q59UP6     PGA10_CANAL   250  
PGA11; CAALFM_CR10330WA; CaO19.7609                                    Q5ACN3     PGA11_CANAL   124  
PGA12; PMU3; CAALFM_CR10210WA; CaO19.7597                              Q5ACP5     PGA12_CANAL   315  
PGA13; CAALFM_CR08510WA; CaO19.13778; CaO19.6420                       Q5A343     PGA13_CANAL   456  
PGA14; CAALFM_C500270WA; CaO19.8583; CaO19.968                         Q5A4X8     PGA14_CANAL   131  
PGA15; CAALFM_C406560WA; CaO19.10396; CaO19.2878                       Q5A1E1     PGA15_CANAL   165  
PGA16; CAALFM_C203720WA; CaO19.8468; CaO19.848                         Q5AHE8     PGA16_CANAL   107  
PGA17; CAALFM_C203350WA; CaO19.8512; CaO19.893                         Q5AHA4     PGA17_CANAL   557  
PGA18; CAALFM_C303050CA; CaO19.301; CaO19.7933                         Q5AEG7     PGA18_CANAL   753  
PGA19; CAALFM_C200910WA; CaO19.2033; CaO19.9581                        Q5AD34     PGA19_CANAL   229  
PGA1; KRE102; CAALFM_CR10480WA; CaO19.7625                             Q5ACL7     PGA1_CANAL    132  
PGA22; CAALFM_CR02290WA; CaO19.11223; CaO19.3738                       Q59V02     PGA22_CANAL   169  
PGA23; PGR23; SLP99; CAALFM_CR02280WA; CaO19.11225; CaO19.3740         Q59V01     PGA23_CANAL   282  
PGA25; CAALFM_C600070CA; CaO19.6336                                    Q59L86     PGA25_CANAL   872  
PGA26; CAALFM_C105760CA; CaO19.10012; CaO19.2475                       Q5AA09     PGA26_CANAL   131  
PGA27; CAALFM_C200800CA; CaO19.2044; CaO19.9592                        Q5AD23     PGA27_CANAL   485  
PGA28; CAALFM_C703110WA; CaO19.12609; CaO19.5144                       Q5A5K7     PGA28_CANAL   226  
PGA30; LDG6; CAALFM_C404070CA; CaO19.12763; CaO19.5303                 Q5A5U6     PGA30_CANAL   277  
PGA31; LDG5; CAALFM_C404080CA; CaO19.12761; CaO19.5302                 Q5A5U9     PGA31_CANAL   293  
PGA32; CAALFM_C307160WA; CaO19.14076; CaO19.6784                       Q5ADQ7     PGA32_CANAL   430  
PGA33; CAALFM_C203440WA; CaO19.8495; CaO19.876                         Q5AHC0     PGA33_CANAL   246  
PGA34; CAALFM_CR02750CA; CaO19.10351; CaO19.2833                       Q5A210     PGA34_CANAL   197  
PGA37; CAALFM_C504370CA; CaO19.11405; CaO19.3923                       Q5AK97     PGA37_CANAL   208  
PGA39; CAALFM_CR04900CA; CaO19.13679; CaO19.6302                       Q59N10     PGA39_CANAL   281  
PGA41; CAALFM_C406310CA; CaO19.10424; CaO19.2906                       Q5A1B3     PGA41_CANAL   296  
PGA42; CAALFM_C406300CA; CaO19.10425; CaO19.2907                       Q5A1B2     PGA42_CANAL   227  
PGA43; CAALFM_C406260WA; CaO19.10428; CaO19.2910                       Q5A1A9     PGA43_CANAL   236  
PGA44; CAALFM_C301370CA; CaO19.1714                                    Q5AJK6     PGA44_CANAL   307  
PGA45; CAALFM_C105960WA; CaO19.2451; CaO19.9987                        Q5AA33     PGA45_CANAL   463  
PGA46; CAALFM_C208430CA; CaO19.11120; CaO19.3638                       Q59Y11     PGA46_CANAL   340  
PGA48; SPI1; CAALFM_C600160WA; CaO19.6321                              Q59L96     PGA48_CANAL   108  
PGA49; CAALFM_C405920CA; CaO19.11882; CaO19.4404                       Q59QA5     PGA49_CANAL   734  
PGA4; GAS1; CAALFM_C505390CA; CaO19.11518; CaO19.4035                  Q5AJY5     PGA4_CANAL    451  
PGA50; CAALFM_C106260WA; CaO19.1824; CaO19.9383                        Q59MD0     PGA50_CANAL   309  
PGA52; CAALFM_C200100CA; CaO19.1911; CaO19.9467                        Q59L72     PGA52_CANAL   384  
PGA53; CAALFM_C401360WA; CaO19.12120; CaO19.4651                       Q5AMJ5     PGA53_CANAL   139  
PGA54; CAALFM_C403070WA; CaO19.10200; CaO19.2685                       Q5AFC2     PGA54_CANAL   342  
PGA55; CAALFM_C208980CA; CaO19.207; CaO19.7838                         Q59SG9     PGA55_CANAL  1404  
PGA57; CAALFM_C401000CA; CaO19.12158; CaO19.4689                       Q5AMF7     PGA57_CANAL   214  
PGA58; CAALFM_C503050CA; CaO19.11809; CaO19.4334                       Q5AG46     PGA58_CANAL   240  
PGA59; CAALFM_C402370CA; CaO19.10283; CaO19.2767                       Q5AF39     PGA59_CANAL   113  
PGA5; GAS12; CAALFM_C102360CA; CaO19.11177; CaO19.3693                 Q59VW6     PGA5_CANAL    641  
PGA60; CAALFM_C603060WA; CaO19.13035; CaO19.5588                       Q5ABW2     PGA60_CANAL   741  
PGA61; CAALFM_C603860CA; CaO19.13185; CaO19.5762                       Q5A8I6     PGA61_CANAL   223  
PGA62; FLO1; CAALFM_C402390WA; CaO19.10281; CaO19.2765                 Q5AF41     PGA62_CANAL   213  
PGA63; SEC31; CAALFM_C106930WA; CaO19.13598; CaO19.6217                Q5AAU3     SEC31_CANAL  1265  
PGA6; CCW12; CAALFM_C109080CA; CaO19.12229; CaO19.4765                 Q5APJ9     PGA6_CANAL    219  
PGA7; CRW3; RBT6; CAALFM_C400120WA; CaO19.13080; CaO19.5635            Q59UT5     PGA7_CANAL    219  
PGI1; CAALFM_CR06340CA; CaO19.11369; CaO19.3888                        P83780     G6PI_CANAL    550  
PGK1; CAALFM_C600750CA; CaO19.11135; CaO19.3651                        P46273     PGK_CANAL     417  
PHR1; CAALFM_C404530CA; CaO19.11310; CaO19.3829                        P43076     PHR1_CANAL    548  
PHR2; CAALFM_C100220WA; CaO19.13500; CaO19.6081                        O13318     PHR2_CANAL    544  
PIF1; CAALFM_CR07360WA; CaO19.13552; CaO19.6133                        Q59RQ0     PIF1_CANAL    906  
PIKALPHA; PIK1; C5_01765C_B; CaO19.10711                               Q9UW20     PIK1_CANAL    977  
PIKA; CAALFM_C501760CA; CaO19.3199                                     Q9UW24     PIK1A_CANAL   956  
PIM1; CAALFM_CR04340WA; CaO19.522                                      Q5A6N1     LONM_CANAL   1078  
PIR1; PIR2; CAALFM_C208870CA; CaO19.220; CaO19.7851                    Q59SF7     PIR1_CANAL    385  
PIR32; PIR3; CAALFM_C107620CA; CaO19.10299; CaO19.2783                 Q59PW0     PIR32_CANAL   422  
PKH2; PKH1; CAALFM_C112410CA; CaO19.12690; CaO19.5224; orf19.5224      Q5A3P6     PKH2_CANAL    947 (3)
PLB1; PLB; CAALFM_C601990WA; CaO19.689                                 Q9UWF6     PLB1_CANAL    605  
PMI1; MANA; CAALFM_C209640WA; CaO19.1390                               P34948     MPI_CANAL     441 (3)
PMM1; CAALFM_C102480WA; CaO19.10454; CaO19.2937                        P31353     PMM_CANAL     252 (3)
PMT1; CAALFM_C702890CA; CaJ7.0330; CaO19.12638; CaO19.5171             O74189     PMT1_CANAL    877  
PMT2; CAALFM_C306890WA; CaO19.14104; CaO19.6812                        Q5ADM9     PMT2_CANAL    769  
PMT4; CAALFM_C206100WA; CaO19.11590; CaO19.4109                        Q59X23     PMT4_CANAL    755  
PMT5; CAALFM_CR09770CA; CaO19.7549                                     Q5ACU3     PMT5_CANAL    725  
PMT6; PMT3; CAALFM_C404780WA; CaO19.11283; CaO19.3802                  Q5A688     PMT6_CANAL    832  
PNG1; CAALFM_C206490WA; CaO19.26; CaO19.7697                           Q59Q38     PNG1_CANAL    395  
PNO1; CAALFM_CR10410CA; CaO19.7618                                     Q5ACM4     PNO1_CANAL    276  
PNS1; CAALFM_C100310WA; CaO19.13498; CaO19.6077                        Q5AB93     PNS1_CANAL    518  
POA1; CAALFM_C501200WA; CaO19.1950; CaO19.9506                         Q5A1V3     POA1_CANAL    156  
POB3; CAALFM_C202380WA; CaO19.1560; CaO19.9133                         Q5ALL8     POB3_CANAL    538  
POR1; CAALFM_C104100CA; CaO19.1042; CaO19.8644                         P83781     VDAC_CANAL    282  
PPE1; CAALFM_C201520WA; CaO19.1459; CaO19.9034                         Q5ALW7     PPME1_CANAL   360  
PPG1; CAALFM_C405050CA; CaO19.11256; CaO19.3774                        Q5A6B6     PPG1_CANAL    416  
PPM1; CAALFM_CR08170CA; CaO19.13734; CaO19.6377                        Q5A387     LCMT1_CANAL   367  
PPM2; TYW4; CAALFM_C101150CA; CaO19.10813; CaO19.3303                  Q5A931     TYW4_CANAL    689  
PRA1; FBP1; CAALFM_C406980WA; CaO19.10623; CaO19.3111                  P87020     PRA1_CANAL    299  
PRK1; ARK1; CAALFM_CR02040WA; CaO19.10136; CaO19.2605                  Q5A961     PRK1_CANAL    690  
PRM10; CAALFM_C701940CA; CaJ7.0221; CaO19.13880; CaO19.6527            Q5AH11     PRM10_CANAL  1105  
PRM1; CAALFM_C111340WA; CaO19.669; CaO19.8286                          Q59W55     PRM1_CANAL    623  
PRP13; PRP12; PRP121; PRP122; YME2; CAALFM_CR03810WA; CaO19.11829; CaO19.11857; CaO19.4351; CaO19.4379 Q5A061     YME2_CANAL    867  
PRP28; CAALFM_C111300CA; CaO19.672; CaO19.8289                         Q59W52     PRP28_CANAL   581  
PRP45; CAALFM_C602440CA; CaO19.12959; CaO19.5513                       Q5AC37     PRP45_CANAL   286  
PRP46; CAALFM_C300500CA; CaO19.12868; CaO19.5413                       Q5A7Q3     PRP46_CANAL   389  
PRP5; CAALFM_C306720WA; CaO19.14123; CaO19.6831                        Q5ADL0     PRP5_CANAL    884  
PRT1; CAALFM_C701450CA; CaO19.13937; CaO19.6584                        Q5AGV4     EIF3B_CANAL   739  
PRY1; CAALFM_C107580CA; CaO19.10303; CaO19.2787                        Q59PV6     PRY1_CANAL    410  
PSD1; CAALFM_C100610WA; CaO19.13466; CaO19.6045; orf19.6045            Q5ABC5     PSD1_CANAL    590  
PSD2; CAALFM_C504680WA; CaO19.3954; orf19.3954                         Q5AK66     PSD2_CANAL   1070  
PSF1; CAALFM_C701300CA; CaJ7.0144; CaO19.6910                          Q59S42     PSF1_CANAL    236  
PSF2; CAALFM_C105030CA; CaO19.57; CaO19.7718                           Q59MA3     PSF2_CANAL    203  
PSF3; CAALFM_C700530CA; CaJ7.0068; CaO19.7065                          Q5AFK3     PSF3_CANAL    177  
PUS1; CAALFM_C602350CA; CaO19.10981; CaO19.3477                        Q59S63     PUS1_CANAL    612  
PUS5; CAALFM_C406950WA; CaO19.10626; CaO19.3114                        Q5A0Y2     PUS5_CANAL    248  
PXR1; CAALFM_C404520WA; CaO19.11312; CaO19.3831                        Q5A660     PXR1_CANAL    276  
PZF1; CAALFM_C204860WA; CaO19.4125; orf19.4125                         Q59KL6     TF3A_CANAL    412  
QCR2; CAALFM_C503350WA; CaO19.10167; CaO19.2644                        P83782     QCR2_CANAL    374  
QDR2; CAALFM_C305570WA; CaO19.6992                                     Q59YT1     QDR2_CANAL    504  
QDR3; CAALFM_C601290CA; CaO19.136; CaO19.7780                          Q59XM0     QDR3_CANAL    697  
QDR; CAALFM_CR04210CA; CaO19.508; CaO19.8138                           Q5A6P6     QDR1_CANAL    509  
RAD14; CAALFM_C702020WA; CaJ7.0232; CaO19.13870; CaO19.6517            P53709     RAD14_CANAL   396  
RAD18; CAALFM_C601770WA; Ca20C1.14c; CaO19.10910; CaO19.3407           Q5A4N5     RAD18_CANAL   378  
RAD27; FEN1; CAALFM_CR04560CA; CaO19.547; CaO19.8182                   Q5A6K8     FEN1_CANAL    372  
RAD5; CAALFM_C200350WA; CaO19.2097; CaO19.9644                         Q5ACX1     RAD5_CANAL   1084  
RAI1; CAALFM_C106800WA; CaO19.13610; CaO19.6230                        Q5AAT0     DXO_CANAL     391 (3)
RAS1; CAALFM_C210210CA; CaO19.1760; CaO19.9329                         Q59XU5     RAS1_CANAL    290  
RAT1; CAALFM_C401080WA; CaO19.12150; CaO19.4681                        Q5AMG5     XRN2_CANAL    968  
RBD2; CAALFM_C701950WA; CaJ7.0222; CaO19.13879; CaO19.6526             Q5AH12     RBD2_CANAL    284  
RBE1; PRY2; CAALFM_C114120CA; CaO19.7218                               Q59ZX3     RBE1_CANAL    271  
RBF1; CAALFM_C602840CA; CaO19.13004; CaO19.5558                        Q5ABZ2     RBF1_CANAL    534  
RBP1; RBP11; CaO19.11186; CaO19.3702                                   P28870     FKBP_CANAL    124 (3)
RBP2; RBP12; CAALFM_C702570CA; CaJ7.0299; CaO19.13810; CaO19.6452      P28870     FKBP_CANAL    124 (3)
RBR1; PGA20; CAALFM_CR04440CA; CaO19.535; CaO19.8168                   Q5A6M0     RBR1_CANAL    111  
RBR2; PGA21; CAALFM_CR04420CA; CaO19.532; CaO19.8165                   Q5A6M2     RBR2_CANAL    168  
RBR3; IFF1; CAALFM_C703290CA; CaO19.12589; CaO19.5124                  Q5A5M7     RBR3_CANAL   1562  
RBT1; RBT99; CAALFM_C403520CA; CaO19.1327; CaO19.8907                  Q59TP1     RBT1_CANAL    721  
RBT4; PRY4; CAALFM_C107030CA; CaO19.13583; CaO19.6202                  Q5AB48     RBT4_CANAL    358  
RBT5; CAALFM_C400130WA; CaO19.13081; CaO19.5636                        Q59UT4     RBT5_CANAL    241  
RCF1; AIM31; CAALFM_C503800WA; CaO19.1114; CaO19.8711                  Q59N74     RCF1_CANAL    155  
REX3; CAALFM_C113200CA; CaO19.12413; CaO19.4948                        Q5AL29     REXO3_CANAL   404  
REX4; CAALFM_C112440WA; CaO19.12687; CaO19.5220                        Q5A3Q0     REXO4_CANAL   285  
RFG1; ROX1; CAALFM_CR02640WA; CaO19.10341; CaO19.2823                  Q5A220     RFG1_CANAL    600  
RFT1; CAALFM_CR04280CA; CaO19.516; CaO19.8147                          Q5A6N8     RFT1_CANAL    561  
RFX1; CAALFM_CR06110CA; CaO19.11346; CaO19.3865                        Q59V88     RFX1_CANAL    851  
RFX2; CAALFM_C402030WA; CaO19.12059; CaO19.4590                        Q5AMQ6     RFX2_CANAL   1111  
RGI1; CAALFM_C208290CA; CaO19.1354; CaO19.2659; CaO19.8934             Q59KG2     RGI1_CANAL    201  
RHD1; BMT2; IFQ3; WRY7; CAALFM_C105000WA; CaO19.54; CaO19.7715         Q59MA6     BMT2_CANAL    654  
RHD3; LDG7; PGA29; CAALFM_C404050CA; CaO19.12765; CaO19.5305           Q5A5U4     RHD3_CANAL    204  
RHO1; CAALFM_CR02860WA; CaO19.10362; CaO19.2843                        O42825     RHO1_CANAL    198  
RIB3; CAALFM_C112360CA; CaO19.12693; CaO19.5228                        Q5A3V6     RIB3_CANAL    204 (3)
RIM101; HRM101; PRR2; CAALFM_C114340CA; CaO19.7247                     Q9UW14     PACC_CANAL    661  
RIM13; CAALFM_C505030CA; CaO19.11478; CaO19.3995                       Q5AK25     PALB_CANAL    717  
RIM20; ENX3; CAALFM_C109380WA; CaO19.12263; CaO19.4800                 Q9UW12     PALA_CANAL    785  
RIM21; CAALFM_C501950CA; CaO19.10686; CaO19.3176                       Q59YK4     PALH_CANAL    529  
RIM8; PRR1; CAALFM_C100150CA; CaO19.13510; CaO19.6091                  Q9UW13     PALF_CANAL    622  
RIM9; CAALFM_C600990WA; CaO19.101; CaO19.7748                          Q59WV0     PALI_CANAL    346  
RIX1; CAALFM_C405230CA; CaO19.14152; CaO19.6862                        Q59RA0     RIX1_CANAL    769  
RKI1; CAALFM_C301480CA; CaO19.1701; CaO19.9268                         Q5AJ92     RPIA_CANAL    240  
RMD9; CAALFM_C306700CA; CaO19.7459                                     Q5A2V2     RMD9_CANAL    613  
RNA14; CAALFM_C202150CA; CaO19.1531; CaO19.9106                        Q5AM44     RNA14_CANAL   791  
RNY1-A; CAALFM_C504400WA; CaO19.11408; CaO19.3926                      Q5AK94     RNY1A_CANAL   399  
RNY1-B; CAALFM_C504260WA; CaO19.11391; CaO19.3910                      Q5AKB1     RNY1B_CANAL   413  
ROT1; CAALFM_C100770CA; CaO19.13450; CaO19.6029                        Q5ABP8     ROT1_CANAL    260  
RPC82; RPC3; CAALFM_CR02890CA; CaO19.10366; CaO19.2847                 Q5A246     RPC3_CANAL    595  
RPG1A; TIF32; CAALFM_C112770WA; CaO19.13701; CaO19.6345                Q59PL9     EIF3A_CANAL   930  
RPL10A; RPL1; CAALFM_C602240CA; CaO19.10969; CaO19.3465                Q9UVJ4     RL10A_CANAL   217  
RPL13; CAALFM_C103020CA; Ca49C10.02; CaO19.10511; CaO19.2994           O59931     RL13_CANAL    202  
RPN4; CAALFM_C104330WA; CaO19.1069                                     Q59VM4     RPN4_CANAL    536  
RPP1A; CAALFM_C103010WA; Ca49C10.02c; CaO19.10509; CaO19.2992          Q9HFQ7     RLA1_CANAL    106  
RPS0; YST1; CAALFM_C305370CA; CaO19.6975                               O42817     RSSA_CANAL    261  
RPS1; PLC1; RP10; RPS10; CAALFM_C103090WA; CaO19.10520; CaO19.3002     P40910     RS3A_CANAL    256  
RPS22A; RPS22; CAALFM_C106460CA; CaO19.13644; CaO19.6265               Q96W54     RS22A_CANAL   130  
RPS22B; CAALFM_C103620CA; orf19.3061.1                                 P0CU35     RS22B_CANAL   130  
RRD1; YPA1; CAALFM_C307080WA; CaO19.14084; CaO19.6792                  Q5ADP9     PTPA1_CANAL   424  
RRD2; CAALFM_C303830WA; CaO19.14195; CaO19.6933                        Q59ST6     PTPA2_CANAL   358  
RRP36; CAALFM_CR07030CA; CaO19.2362; CaO19.9898                        Q59SN0     RRP36_CANAL   281  
RRP3; CAALFM_CR09740WA; CaO19.7546                                     Q5ACU6     RRP3_CANAL    534  
RRT14; CAALFM_C301430WA; CaO19.1708; CaO19.9275                        Q5AJ85     RRT14_CANAL   219  
RSA3; CAALFM_C104710CA; CaO19.773; CaO19.8395                          Q59VF9     RSA3_CANAL    195  
RSE1; SAP130; CAALFM_C300660WA; CaO19.12846; CaO19.5391                Q5A7S5     RSE1_CANAL   1219  
RSM10; CAALFM_C307390CA; CaO19.14044; CaO19.6752                       Q5ADT9     RT10_CANAL    234  
RSM25; CAALFM_C108920WA; CaO19.12213; CaO19.12214; CaO19.4751          Q5AQ57     RT25_CANAL    295  
RTC1; CAALFM_CR10510WA; CaO19.7629                                     Q5ACL4     RTC1_CANAL   1088  
RTT106; CAALFM_C600190WA; CaO19.1177; CaO19.8769                       Q59S27     RT106_CANAL   409  
RTT109; CAALFM_CR00410WA; CaO19.7491                                   Q5AAJ8     RT109_CANAL   359  
RVB1; CAALFM_C406800WA; CaO19.10641; CaO19.3129                        Q5A0W7     RUVB1_CANAL   458  
RVB2; CAALFM_C701810WA; CaJ7.0208; CaO19.13892; CaO19.6539             Q5AGZ9     RUVB2_CANAL   498  
RVS161; CAALFM_C700020CA; CaO19.7124; orf19.7124                       Q5AFE4     RV161_CANAL   264  
RVS162; CAALFM_C112730WA; CaO19.6349                                   Q59PE4     RV162_CANAL   335  
RVS167; CAALFM_C604040CA; CaO19.1220; CaO19.8807                       Q59LF3     RV167_CANAL   440  
SAH1; CAALFM_C504270CA; CaO19.11392; CaO19.3911                        P83783     SAHH_CANAL    450  
SAP10; YPS3; CAALFM_C404470WA; CaO19.11320; CaO19.3839                 Q5A651     CAR10_CANAL   453  
SAP1; PEP1; PEP10; PRA10; PRA3; CAALFM_C603490CA; CaO19.13137; CaO19.5714 P0CY27     CARP1_CANAL   391 (3)
SAP2; PEP11; PRA11; PRA2; CAALFM_CR07800WA; CaO19.11193; CaO19.3708    P0DJ06     CARP2_CANAL   398  
SAP3; CAALFM_C305230WA; CaO19.13422; CaO19.6001                        P0CY29     CARP3_CANAL   398 (3)
SAP4; CAALFM_C603500CA; CaO19.13139; CaO19.5716                        Q5A8N2     CARP4_CANAL   417  
SAP5; CAALFM_C603030WA; CaO19.13032; CaO19.5585                        P43094     CARP5_CANAL   418 (3)
SAP6; CAALFM_C602710CA; CaO19.12988; CaO19.5542                        Q5AC08     CARP6_CANAL   418  
SAP7; CAALFM_C104870WA; CaO19.756; CaO19.8376                          Q59VH7     CARP7_CANAL   588  
SAP8; CAALFM_C302510CA; CaO19.242; CaO19.7872                          Q5AEM6     CARP8_CANAL   405  
SAP9; YPS1; CAALFM_C303870CA; CaO19.14190; CaO19.6928                  Q59SU1     CARP9_CANAL   544  
SAR1; CAALFM_C602220WA; CaO19.10966; CaO19.3462                        Q59S78     SAR1_CANAL    190  
SCH9; CAALFM_C203940CA; CaO19.829; CaO19.8449                          Q5AHG6     SCH9_CANAL    787  
SDH7; CAALFM_C600090WA; CaO19.6328                                     Q59L89     SDHF3_CANAL   122  
SDS24; SDS23; CAALFM_C108370WA; Ca41C10.01c; CaO19.12584; CaO19.5118   Q5A744     SDS24_CANAL   628  
SEC11; CAALFM_CR00990WA; CaO19.10769; CaO19.3259                       Q5A869     SEC11_CANAL   166  
SEC13; CAALFM_C303170WA; CaO19.316; CaO19.7948                         Q5AEF2     SEC13_CANAL   298  
SEC14; CAALFM_C500480CA; CaO19.8556; CaO19.941                         P46250     SEC14_CANAL   301  
SEC23; SEC231; CAALFM_C405690WA; CaO19.1254; CaO19.8839                Q5A455     SEC23_CANAL   762  
SEC24; CAALFM_C108740CA; CaO19.12194; CaO19.4732                       Q5AQ76     SEC24_CANAL   928  
SEC2; CAALFM_C112970CA; CaO19.12394; CaO19.4928                        Q5AL49     SEC2_CANAL    751  
SEC4; CAALFM_CR01750CA; Ca49C4.03c; CaO19.10103; CaO19.2571            P0CY31     SEC4_CANAL    210  
SEC61; CAALFM_C307810CA; CaO19.6176                                    Q9P8E3     SC61A_CANAL   479  
SEC62; CAALFM_C103340CA; CaO19.10549; CaO19.3031                       Q5AI21     SEC62_CANAL   293  
SEC9; CAALFM_C601100WA; CaO19.117; CaO19.7764                          Q59XP0     SEC9_CANAL    530  
SEF1; CAALFM_CR02190CA; CaO19.11237; CaO19.3753                        Q59UY7     SEF1_CANAL    917  
SEP7; SHS1; CAALFM_C102230WA; CaO19.11164; CaO19.3680                  Q59VX8     SHS1_CANAL    670  
SES1; CAALFM_C302780WA; CaO19.7901                                     Q9HGT6     SYSC_CANAL    462 (3)
SET1; CAALFM_C100960CA; CaO19.13430; CaO19.6009                        Q5ABG1     SET1_CANAL   1040  
SET2; CAALFM_C210250CA; CaO19.1755; CaO19.9324                         Q59XV0     SET2_CANAL    844  
SET5; CAALFM_C500950CA; CaO19.1972; CaO19.9528                         Q5A1M3     SET5_CANAL    473  
SEY1; NAG6; CAALFM_C604570WA; CaO19.2151; CaO19.9698                   Q9C0L9     SEY1_CANAL    790 (3)
SFH5; CAALFM_C110270CA; CaO19.12362; CaO19.4897                        Q5AP66     SFH5_CANAL    320  
SFL1; CAALFM_CR05990CA; CaO19.454; CaO19.8085                          Q5A287     SFL1_CANAL    805  
SFL2; CAALFM_C504830WA; CaO19.11452; CaO19.3969                        Q5AK51     SFL2_CANAL    714  
SFU1; CAALFM_C110020WA; CaO19.12333; CaO19.4869                        Q5AP95     SFU1_CANAL    517  
SGF11; CAALFM_C305790CA; CaO19.7360                                    Q5A4H4     SGF11_CANAL   120  
SHE3; CAALFM_C603100WA; CaO19.13040; CaO19.5595                        Q5ABV6     SHE3_CANAL    519  
SHE9; CAALFM_C203050WA; CaO19.13218; CaO19.5796                        Q5A0L7     SHE9_CANAL    524  
SHM2; CAALFM_C603760CA; CaO19.13173; CaO19.5750                        O13426     GLYC_CANAL    470  
SHO1; SSU81; CAALFM_C109140CA; CaO19.12235; CaO19.4772                 Q5AQ36     SHO1_CANAL    388  
SIL1; CAALFM_CR08350WA; CaO19.13761; CaO19.6403                        Q5A360     SIL1_CANAL    414  
SIM1; SUN42; UTH1; CAALFM_C113940WA; CaO19.12499; CaO19.5032           Q5AKU5     UTH1_CANAL    372  
SIN4; MED16; CAALFM_C703320CA; CaJ7.0384; CaO19.1343; CaO19.8923       Q59PP6     MED16_CANAL  1053  
SIP5; CAALFM_C105910WA; CaO19.2458; CaO19.9995                         Q5AA26     SIP5_CANAL    514  
SIR2; SIR21; CAALFM_C201330CA; CaO19.1992; CaO19.9544                  O59923     SIR2_CANAL    519  
SIT4; CAALFM_C104380WA; CaO19.12667; CaO19.5200                        Q59KY8     SIT4_CANAL    314  
SKN7; CAALFM_C500240WA; CaO19.8586; CaO19.971                          Q5A4X5     SKN7_CANAL    559  
SKO1; CAALFM_C103770WA; CaO19.1032; CaO19.8634                         Q59VR1     SKO1_CANAL    578  
SLA1; CAALFM_C201640WA; CaO19.1474; CaO19.9049                         Q5ALV2     SLA1_CANAL   1257  
SLD1; CAALFM_C302680CA; CaO19.260                                      Q5AEK8     SLD1_CANAL    584  
SLD2; CAALFM_CR03340CA; CaO19.2389; CaO19.9925                         Q59UH5     SLD2_CANAL    354  
SLN1; CAALFM_CR01000CA; CaO19.10766; CaO19.3256                        Q5A872     SLN1_CANAL   1373  
SLT11; ECM2; CAALFM_C210810WA; CaO19.12824; CaO19.5364                 Q5A5N5     SLT11_CANAL   303  
SLU7; CAALFM_C306770WA; CaO19.14119; CaO19.6827                        Q5ADL4     SLU7_CANAL    350  
SLX4; CAALFM_C402590CA; CaO19.10255/10254; CaO19.2740                  Q5AFV3     SLX4_CANAL    776  
SMP3; CAALFM_C203070CA; CaO19.13214; CaO19.5792                        Q5A0L9     SMP3_CANAL    498  
SNF7; VPS32; CAALFM_C100650CA; CaO19.13461; CaO19.6040                 Q5ABD0     SNF7_CANAL    226  
SNU13; CAALFM_C304380CA; CaO19.13306; CaO19.5885                       Q5ANL6     SNU13_CANAL   126  
SNU71; CAALFM_C201820CA; CaO19.1491; CaO19.9068                        Q5AM84     SNU71_CANAL   614  
SNX3; CAALFM_C108340CA; Ca41C10.03; CaO19.12580; CaO19.5114            Q5A748     SNX3_CANAL    157  
SNX41; CAALFM_C201310WA; CaO19.1994; CaO19.9546                        Q5AD73     SNX41_CANAL   681  
SNX4; ATG24; CAALFM_C201350CA; CaO19.1990; CaO19.9541                  Q5AD77     SNX4_CANAL    630  
SOD4; PGA2; SOD32; CAALFM_C200660CA; CaO19.2062; CaO19.9609            Q5AD05     SOD4_CANAL    232  
SOD5; PGA3; SOD31; CAALFM_C200680CA; CaO19.2060; CaO19.9607            Q5AD07     SOD5_CANAL    228 (3)
SOD6; PGA9; SOD33; CAALFM_C200240CA; CaO19.2108; CaO19.9656            Q5ACV9     SOD6_CANAL    316  
SOH1; MED31; CAALFM_C404210CA; CaO19.1429; CaO19.9005                  Q59P87     MED31_CANAL   146  
SOU1; CAALFM_C406390WA; CaO19.10414; CaO19.2896                        P87219     SOU1_CANAL    281  
SOU2; CAALFM_C406380WA; CaO19.10415; CaO19.2897                        P87218     SOU2_CANAL    280  
SPB1; CAALFM_C604160CA; CaO19.76; CaO19.7727                           Q59KF3     SPB1_CANAL    845  
SPB4; SPB41; SPB42; CAALFM_C501600CA; CaO19.11631; CaO19.13677; CaO19.4154; CaO19.6298 Q59N29     SPB4_CANAL    631  
SPC19; CAALFM_C103980WA; CaO19.11953; CaO19.4473                       Q59QH6     SPC19_CANAL   175  
SPC24; CAALFM_C201730WA; CaO19.1484; CaO19.9059                        Q5ALU2     SPC24_CANAL   252  
SPC25; CAALFM_CR05840WA; CaO19.13949; CaO19.6628                       Q59PT6     SPC25_CANAL   239  
SPE1; ORD1; CAALFM_C100740CA; CaO19.13453; CaO19.6032                  P78599     DCOR_CANAL    473  
SPO72; ATG2; CAALFM_C206010WA; CaO19.11601; CaO19.4119                 Q59X11     ATG2_CANAL   1856  
SPT20; CAALFM_C105430WA; CaO19.422; CaO19.8052                         Q5A2B9     SPT20_CANAL   751  
SPT4; CAALFM_C504630WA; CaO19.11429; CaO19.3947                        Q5AK73     SPT4_CANAL    112  
SPT5; CAALFM_C201480WA; CaO19.1453; CaO19.9028                         Q5ALX3     SPT5_CANAL    956  
SPT6; CAALFM_C704300WA; CaJ7.0509; CaO19.7136                          Q3MNT0     SPT6_CANAL   1401  
SQS1; CAALFM_CR03230WA; CaO19.2400; CaO19.9936                         Q59UG4     SQS1_CANAL    705  
SRB4; MED17; CAALFM_C103530WA; CaO19.10573; CaO19.3055                 Q5AHZ7     MED17_CANAL   565  
SRB5; MED18; CAALFM_C209300WA; CaO19.11572; CaO19.4091                 Q59X40     MED18_CANAL   351  
SRB6; MED22; CAALFM_C101280CA; CaO19.10827; CaO19.3317                 Q5A917     MED22_CANAL   115  
SRB7; MED21; CAALFM_CR09760WA; CaO19.7548                              Q5ACU4     MED21_CANAL   178  
SRR1; CAALFM_CR05610CA; CaO19.13265; CaO19.5843                        Q59M56     SRR1_CANAL    282  
SSA1; HSP70; CAALFM_C113480WA; CaO19.12447; CaO19.4980                 P41797     HSP71_CANAL   656  
SSA2; SSA1; CAALFM_C104300CA; CaO19.1065; CaO19.8667                   P46587     HSP72_CANAL   645  
SSC1; CAALFM_C207380WA; CaO19.1896; CaO19.9452                         P83784     HSP77_CANAL   648  
SSD1; CAALFM_C504730CA; CaO19.11441; CaO19.3959                        Q5AK62     SSD1_CANAL   1274  
SSK1; CAALFM_C113930WA; CaO19.12498; CaO19.5031                        Q5AKU6     SSK1_CANAL    674  
SSN2; MED13; SRB9; CAALFM_C201470WA; CaO19.1451; CaO19.9026            Q5ALX5     SSN2_CANAL   1665  
SSN3; CDK8; CAALFM_C204260WA; CaO19.794; CaO19.8413                    Q5AHK2     SSN3_CANAL    608  
SSN8; CAALFM_C305740CA; CaO19.7355                                     Q5A4H9     SSN8_CANAL    434  
SSO2; CAALFM_C209740WA; CaO19.1376; CaO19.8956                         Q59YF0     SSO2_CANAL    295  
SSR1; CCW14; CAALFM_C700860WA; CaO19.7030                              Q5AFN8     CCW14_CANAL   234  
SSU1; SSU11; CAALFM_CR09170CA; CaO19.7313                              Q5A3Z6     SSU1_CANAL    481  
STP2; CAALFM_C113350WA; CaO19.12426; CaO19.4961                        Q5AL16     STP2_CANAL    584  
STP3; STP1; CAALFM_C304580CA; CaO19.13338; CaO19.5917                  Q5ANI6     STP3_CANAL    436  
STP4; CAALFM_C203220CA; CaO19.8527; CaO19.909                          Q5AH87     STP4_CANAL    376  
STS1; CAALFM_C109840CA; CaO19.12312; CaO19.4849                        Q5APB6     STS1_CANAL    327  
STU1; CAALFM_C107360WA; CaO19.11914; CaO19.4435                        Q59WD5     STU1_CANAL   1303  
SUC1; CAALFM_CR09210WA; CaO19.7319                                     P33181     SUC1_CANAL    501  
SUN41; SUN4; CAALFM_C600820WA; CaO19.11124; CaO19.3642                 Q59NP5     SUN41_CANAL   418  
SUR7; CAALFM_C601720CA; CaO19.10917; CaO19.3414                        Q5A4M8     SUR7_CANAL    270  
SUS1; CAALFM_C307050WA; CaO19.14087; CaO19.6795                        Q5ADP6     SUS1_CANAL    119  
SUV3; CAALFM_C204350CA; CaO19.11994; CaO19.4519                        Q59TB2     SUV3_CANAL    720  
SVF1; CAALFM_C100400WA; CaO19.13489; CaO19.6068                        Q5ABA2     SVF1_CANAL    382  
SWC4; CAALFM_CR00400CA; CaO19.7492                                     Q5AAJ7     SWC4_CANAL    635  
SWC5; CAALFM_C603950CA; CaO19.13194; CaO19.5772                        Q5A8H7     SWC5_CANAL    338  
SWE1; CAALFM_C110010CA; CaO19.12331; CaO19.4867                        Q5AP97     SWE1_CANAL   1178  
SWF1; CAALFM_CR00870CA; CaO19.10777; CaO19.3267                        Q5A861     SWF1_CANAL    353  
SWR1; CAALFM_C207560WA; CaO19.1871; CaO19.9427                         Q59U81     SWR1_CANAL   1641  
SYM1; CAALFM_C206430CA; CaO19.21; CaO19.7692                           Q59Q43     SYM1_CANAL    195  
TAF4; CAALFM_C207460WA; CaO19.1885; CaO19.9441                         Q59U67     TAF4_CANAL    363  
TAH18; CAALFM_C200840WA; CaO19.2040; CaO19.9588                        Q5AD27     NDOR1_CANAL   589  
TBF1; CAALFM_C204200WA; CaO19.801; CaO19.8420                          Q5AHJ5     TBF1_CANAL    886  
TBP1; TBP; CAALFM_C110660WA; CaO19.1837; CaO19.9395                    O43133     TBP_CANAL     238  
TDS4; BRF; BRF1; CAALFM_CR05650WA; CaO19.13970; CaO19.6649             P43072     TF3B_CANAL    553  
TEC1; CAALFM_C304530CA; CaO19.13329; CaO19.5908                        Q5ANJ4     TEC1_CANAL    743  
TEF1; CAALFM_C208370CA; CaO19.12585; CaO19.5119                        P0CY35     EF1A1_CANAL   458  
TEF2; CAALFM_C108380WA; CaO19.382; CaO19.8012                          Q59QD6     EF1A2_CANAL   458  
TEL1; CAALFM_C603010WA; CaO19.13026; CaO19.5580                        Q5ABX0     ATM_CANAL    2873  
TFB5; CAALFM_C107280CA; CaO19.11919.1; CaO19.4439.1                    P0C0X3     TFB5_CANAL     69  
TFP1; CAALFM_C301630WA; CaO19.9249                                     Q5AJB1     VATA_CANAL    617  
THI13; THI5; CAALFM_CR09290WA; CaO19.7324                              Q5A3Y5     THI5_CANAL    339  
THI4; CAALFM_C305130CA; CaO19.13407; CaO19.5986                        Q5ANB7     THI4_CANAL    354  
THR1; CAALFM_C500650CA; CaO19.923                                      Q92209     KHSE_CANAL    357  
TIF1; TIF; TIF41; CAALFM_C101350CA; CaO19.10834; CaO19.3324            P87206     IF4A_CANAL    397  
TIF34; CAALFM_C102790WA; CaO19.10484; CaO19.2967                       Q5AI86     EIF3I_CANAL   350  
TIF35; CAALFM_C114260CA; CaO19.7236                                    Q59ZV5     EIF3G_CANAL   279  
TIF45; EIF4E; CAALFM_CR10490WA; CaO19.7626                             Q9P975     IF4E_CANAL    209  
TIF6; CAALFM_CR07080WA; CaO19.1815; CaO19.9378                         Q59L13     IF6_CANAL     245  
TIM13; CAALFM_C402480CA; CaO19.10268; CaO19.2754                       Q5AF54     TIM13_CANAL   108  
TIM21; FMP17; CAALFM_C102350WA; CaO19.11175; CaO19.3691                Q59VW7     TIM21_CANAL   268  
TIM22; CAALFM_C208310WA; orf19.1352                                    A0A1D8PI78 TIM22_CANAL   184  
TIM50; CAALFM_C111220CA; CaO19.680; CaO19.8297                         Q59W44     TIM50_CANAL   469  
TIM54; CAALFM_C703120WA; CaJ7.0359; CaO19.12608; CaO19.5143            P48990     TIM54_CANAL   400  
TIM8; CAALFM_C307890WA; CaO19.6183                                     Q59MI8     TIM8_CANAL     88  
TIM9; CAALFM_C703630CA; CaJ7.0415; CaO19.13988; CaO19.6696             Q59R24     TIM9_CANAL     87  
TIP120; CAALFM_C307610WA; CaO19.14021; CaO19.6729                      Q5ADW3     CAND1_CANAL  1195  
TMA19; CAALFM_CR00860CA; CaO19.10778; CaO19.3268                       Q5A860     TCTP_CANAL    167  
TMP1; CDC21; TSA1; CAALFM_C205190WA; CaO19.11033; CaO19.3549           P12461     TYSY_CANAL    315  
TPC1; CAALFM_C206520CA; CaO19.28; CaO19.7699                           Q59Q36     TPC1_CANAL    301  
TPI1; CAALFM_C307440WA; CaO19.14037; CaO19.6745                        Q9P940     TPIS_CANAL    248  
TPS1; CAALFM_CR05720WA; CaO19.13961; CaO19.6640                        Q92410     TPS1_CANAL    478 (3)
TRM10; CAALFM_C206480WA; CaO19.25; CaO19.7696                          Q59Q39     TRM10_CANAL   323  
TRM5; CAALFM_C403730CA; CaO19.1305; CaO19.8885                         Q59TN1     TRM5_CANAL    449  
TRM61; CAALFM_CR08940WA; CaO19.7291                                    Q5A416     TRM61_CANAL   335  
TRM6; CAALFM_CR04160CA; CaO19.500; CaO19.8130                          Q5A6Q4     TRM6_CANAL    453  
TRM82; CAALFM_C702340CA; CaJ7.0274; CaO19.13831; CaO19.6477            Q5AH60     TRM82_CANAL   426  
TRM8; CAALFM_C404810CA; CaO19.11279; CaO19.3798                        Q5A692     TRMB_CANAL    325  
TRP1; CAALFM_C100120CA; CaO19.13515; CaO19.6096                        P43073     TRPF_CANAL    226  
TRY2; UAF21; CAALFM_C105090WA; CaO19.11544; CaO19.4062                 Q59LX5     TRY2_CANAL    371  
TRY3; CAALFM_C500980WA; CaO19.1971; CaO19.9527                         Q5A1M4     TRY3_CANAL    494  
TRY4; CAALFM_C305050WA; CaO19.13396; CaO19.5975                        Q5ANC8     TRY4_CANAL    286  
TRY5; CAALFM_C601500CA; CaO19.10938; CaO19.3434                        Q5A4K7     TRY5_CANAL    988  
TRY6; CAALFM_C306790WA; CaO19.14116; CaO19.6824                        Q5ADL8     TRY6_CANAL    467  
TSA1B; CAALFM_C306330WA; orf19.7398.1                                  P0CU34     TSA1B_CANAL   196  
TSA1; TSA1A; CAALFM_C306180CA; CaO19.7417                              Q9Y7F0     TSA1_CANAL    196  
TUP1; CHP1; CAALFM_C100060WA; CaO19.13528; CaO19.6109                  P0CY34     TUP1_CANAL    512  
TVP18; CAALFM_C109800CA; CaO19.12308; CaO19.4845                       Q5APC0     TVP18_CANAL   173  
TVP23; CAALFM_C109950CA; CaO19.12326                                   Q5APA2     TVP23_CANAL   267  
TYE7; CAALFM_C113140CA; CaO19.12407; CaO19.4941                        Q5AL36     TYE7_CANAL    269  
UBA4; CAALFM_C110930CA; CaO19.2324; CaO19.9860                         Q59WH7     UBA4_CANAL    438  
UBC2; RAD6; CAALFM_C703870WA; CaO19.7195                               O74201     UBC2_CANAL    179  
UGP1; CAALFM_CR04660CA; CaO19.1738; CaO19.9305                         Q59KI0     UGP1_CANAL    500  
UME6; CAALFM_C106280CA; CaO19.1822; CaO19.9381                         Q59MD2     UME6_CANAL    843  
UPC2; ECM22; CAALFM_C108460CA; CaO19.391; CaO19.8021                   Q59QC7     UPC2_CANAL    712  
URA3; CAALFM_C301350CA; CaO19.1716; CaO19.9284                         P13649     PYRF_CANAL    270  
URA9; URA1; CAALFM_C109720WA; CaO19.12299; CaO19.4836                  Q874I4     PYRD_CANAL    444  
URE2; CAALFM_C204710CA; CaO19.155; CaO19.7794                          Q96WL3     URE2_CANAL    344  
URM1; CAALFM_C111160CA; CaO19.1016; CaO19.2299; CaO19.9835             Q59WK2     URM1_CANAL    101  
UTP10; CAALFM_C114080WA; CaO19.7215                                    Q59ZX6     UTP10_CANAL  1818  
UTP25; CAALFM_CR06840WA; CaO19.1849; CaO19.9407                        Q59MU1     UTP25_CANAL   716  
UTR2; CSF4; CAALFM_C301730CA; CaO19.1671; CaO19.9240                   Q5AJC0     UTR2_CANAL    470  
UTR4; CAALFM_C201860CA; CaO19.1495; CaO19.9072                         Q5AM80     ENOPH_CANAL   265  
VAC8; CAALFM_C405150WA; CaO19.745; CaO19.8364                          Q59MN0     VAC8_CANAL    585  
VID21; EAF1; CAALFM_C407230CA; CaO19.10589/10590; CaO19.3077           Q5A119     EAF1_CANAL    686  
VMA2; CAALFM_CR05780WA; CaO19.13955; CaO19.6634                        Q59PT0     VATB_CANAL    512  
VMA8; CAALFM_C406400CA; CaO19.10413; CaO19.2895                        P87220     VATD_CANAL    267  
VPS27; CAALFM_C100750CA; CaO19.13452; CaO19.6031                       Q5ABD9     VPS27_CANAL   841  
VPS4; CAALFM_C503090WA; CaO19.11814; CaO19.4339                        Q5AG40     VPS4_CANAL    439  
VRG4; CAALFM_C107700CA; CaO19.1232; CaO19.8817                         Q5A477     GMT_CANAL     371  
VTS1; CAALFM_C102850WA; Ca49C10.19; CaO19.10490; CaO19.2973            Q5AI80     VTS1_CANAL    679  
WAR1; CAALFM_C103740WA; CaO19.1035; CaO19.8637                         Q59VQ8     WAR1_CANAL    947  
WOR1; EAP2; TOS9; CAALFM_C110150WA; CaO19.12348; CaO19.4884            Q5AP80     WOR1_CANAL    785 (3)
WOR2; CAALFM_C305170WA; CaO19.13413; CaO19.5992                        Q5ANB1     WOR2_CANAL    446  
WOR3; CAALFM_CR03890WA; CaO19.467; CaO19.8098                          Q5A6T8     WOR3_CANAL    641  
XOG1; EXG; EXG1; XOG; CAALFM_C102990CA; Ca49C10.05; CaO19.10507; CaO19.2990 P29717     EXG1_CANAL    438 (3)
YAE1; CAALFM_C700800CA; CaJ7.0095; CaO19.7037                          Q9P840     YAE1_CANAL    180  
YAF9; CAALFM_C703770CA; CaJ7.0432; CaO19.5501                          Q59LC9     AF9_CANAL     254  
YBL053; TOF1; CAALFM_C501460WA; CaO19.11613; CaO19.4136                Q59NW5     TOF1_CANAL   1263  
YBP1; CAALFM_C113960WA; CaO19.12501; CaO19.5034                        Q5AKU3     YBP1_CANAL    643  
YHB1; CAALFM_CR07790CA; CaO19.11192; CaO19.3707                        Q59MV9     FHP_CANAL     398  
YHC1; CAALFM_C206300WA; CaO19.12947; CaO19.5492                        Q59P44     RU1C_CANAL    150  
YNG2; NBN1; CAALFM_C203430WA; CaO19.8497; CaO19.878                    Q5AHB8     YNG2_CANAL    298  
YOS9; CAALFM_CR10020CA; CaO19.7578                                     Q5ACR4     OS9_CANAL     258  
YPD1; CAALFM_C107240WA; CaO19.11923; CaO19.4443                        Q59WC6     YPD1_CANAL    184  
YPI1; CAALFM_C114190CA; CaO19.7227                                     Q59ZW4     YPI1_CANAL    124  
YPI2; CAALFM_C114350WA; CaO19.7250                                     Q59ZU1     YPI2_CANAL    147  
YPT35; CAALFM_C502980CA; CaO19.11798; CaO19.4323                       Q5AG56     YPT35_CANAL   167  
YSH1; CAALFM_C206230WA; CaO19.12941; CaO19.5486                        Q59P50     YSH1_CANAL    870  
YTH1; CAALFM_C205690CA; CaO19.14170; CaO19.6881                        Q59T36     YTH1_CANAL    215  
YTM1; CAALFM_C109510WA; CaO19.12278; CaO19.4815                        Q5APF0     YTM1_CANAL    466  
YVC1; CAALFM_C207730WA; CaO19.2209; CaO19.9754                         Q5A2J7     YVC1_CANAL    675  
YWP1; FLO1; PGA24; TEP1; CAALFM_C208590WA; CaO19.11101; CaO19.3618     Q59Y31     YWP1_CANAL    533  
ZCF23; GSM1; CAALFM_C107170CA; CaO19.11930; CaO19.4450                 Q59WB9     GSM1_CANAL    566  
CAALFM_C102220CA; CaO19.11163; CaO19.3679                              Q59VX9     NNRE_CANAL    258  
CAALFM_C102740CA; CaO19.10480; CaO19.2963                              Q5AI90     SIR5_CANAL    306  
CAALFM_C103120WA; CaO19.10522; CaO19.3004                              Q5AI48     YFAS1_CANAL   410  
CAALFM_C107040CA; CaO19.13580; CaO19.6200                              Q5AB49     Y6200_CANAL   317  
CAALFM_C110810WA; CaO19.2336; CaO19.9872                               Q59WG5     Y2336_CANAL   202  
CAALFM_C201920CA; CaO19.1504; CaO19.9080                               Q5AM72     PLPL_CANAL    852  
CAALFM_C202840CA; CaO19.13243; CaO19.5821                              Q5A0J0     U507_CANAL   1189  
CAALFM_C305360CA; CaO19.6973; orf19.6973                               Q59YV0     LONP2_CANAL  1258  
CAALFM_C306160CA; orf19.7397.1                                         P0CU36     NSA2B_CANAL   261  
CAALFM_C400490WA; CaO19.13123; CaO19.5678                              A0A1D8PL26 DPH22_CANAL   529  
CAALFM_C406790WA; CaO19.10642; CaO19.3130                              Q5A0W6     GPN3_CANAL    273  
CAALFM_C502400WA; CaO19.11723; CaO19.4248                              Q5AGD1     APTH1_CANAL   231  
CAALFM_C503700CA                                                       P0CU37     DPH52_CANAL   299  
CAALFM_C504910WA; CaO19.11461; CaO19.3978                              Q5AK42     EFG1P_CANAL   237  
CAALFM_C602030CA; CaO19.11002; CaO19.3508                              Q59M69     NNRD_CANAL    377  
CAALFM_C604650WA; CaO19.2163; CaO19.9709                               Q59RF7     PFF1_CANAL    837  
CAALFM_C701270CA; CaJ7.0141; CaO19.6907                                Q59S45     CMR1_CANAL    602  
CAALFM_C703560WA; CaO19.13980; CaO19.6688                              Q59R32     Y6688_CANAL   326  
CAALFM_CR04920WA; CaO19.1804                                           Q59KC4     S2538_CANAL   362  
CAALFM_CR06070WA; CaO19.11340; CaO19.3859                              Q59V93     MKAR_CANAL    349  

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