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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Brucella abortus strain 2308: entries and gene names
Name:        brua2.txt
Release:     2018_02 of 28-Feb-2018


The complete genome (3'278'309 base pairs) of Brucella abortus strain 2308
has been determined by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory and collaborators. See:

  [Pubmed: 16299333] [Article from publisher]
  Chain P.S., Comerci D.J., Tolmasky M.E., Larimer F.W., Malfatti S.A. et al.
  Infect. Immun. 73:8353-8361(2005).

Warning: not all B.abortus strain 2308 genome predicted proteins are yet
incorporated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

_______________________  ___________  __________ ______  _____________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot   AC         Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
_______________________  ___________  __________ ______  _____________________________
BAB1_0003                RECF_BRUA2   Q2YPM3        384  recF
BAB1_0023                AROA_BRUA2   Q2YPN6        450  aroA
BAB1_0024                KCY_BRUA2    Q2YPN5        219  cmk
BAB1_0029                RECR_BRUA2   Q2YPN0        201  recR
BAB1_0030                Y030_BRUA2   Q2YPM9        107  
BAB1_0035                KDSB_BRUA2   Q2YPQ5        251  kdsB
BAB1_0071                ASSY_BRUA2   Q2YPQ8        406  argG
BAB1_0074                RLMN_BRUA2   Q2YNV3        411  rlmN
BAB1_0077                PHS_BRUA2    Q2YNV0         97  
BAB1_0091                CCMA_BRUA2   Q2YNU0        215  ccmA
BAB1_0096                ILVD_BRUA2   Q2YNW9        611  ilvD
BAB1_0109                PNCB_BRUA2   Q2YNV6        434  pncB
BAB1_0143                GLND_BRUA2   Q2YNZ1        934  glnD
BAB1_0146                MUTS_BRUA2   Q2YNZ0        910  mutS
BAB1_0148                LSPA_BRUA2   Q2YNY8        160  lspA
BAB1_0152                IHFB_BRUA2   Q2YP18         94  ihfB; himD
BAB1_0172                RNPH_BRUA2   Q2YP33        238  rph
BAB1_0178                Y178_BRUA2   Q2YP29        126  
BAB1_0193                CYSD_BRUA2   Q2YP46        300  cysD
BAB1_0216                THIG_BRUA2   Q2YP58        256  thiG
BAB1_0280                YACG_BRUA2   Q2YPC3         57  yacG
BAB1_0281                Y281_BRUA2   Q2YPC2        208  
BAB1_0282                IF1_BRUA2    Q2YPC1         72  infA
BAB1_0284                Y284_BRUA2   Q2YPB9        160  
BAB1_0285                HISX_BRUA2   Q2YPB8        430  hisD
BAB1_0287                MURA_BRUA2   Q2YPB6        429  murA
BAB1_0297                URED1_BRUA2  Q2YPD8        280  ureD1; ureD-1
BAB1_0298                URE31_BRUA2  Q2YPD7        100  ureA1; ureA; ureA-1
BAB1_0299                URE21_BRUA2  Q2YPD6        101  ureB1
BAB1_0300                URE11_BRUA2  Q2YPD5        570  ureC1
BAB1_0301                UREE1_BRUA2  P0C145        171  ureE1
BAB1_0302                UREF1_BRUA2  Q2YPD3        228  ureF1
BAB1_0303                UREG1_BRUA2  Q2YPD2        208  ureG1
BAB1_0316                G6PI_BRUA2   Q2YPF3        549  pgi
BAB1_0332                OTC_BRUA2    Q2YPH2        312  arcB
BAB1_0334                APAG_BRUA2   Q2YPH0        130  apaG
BAB1_0341                PYRD_BRUA2   Q2YPG3        364  pyrD
BAB1_0348                MSCL_BRUA2   Q2YPJ2        138  mscL
BAB1_0359                PANC_BRUA2   Q2YPI2        293  panC
BAB1_0360                PANB_BRUA2   Q2YPI1        275  panB
BAB1_0366                Y366_BRUA2   Q2YPK6        342  
BAB1_0368                Y368_BRUA2   Q2YPK5        173  
BAB1_0405                DER_BRUA2    Q2YM98        483  der; engA
BAB1_0411                ATP6_BRUA2   Q2YM92        249  atpB
BAB1_0413                ATPF1_BRUA2  Q2YMC5        208  atpF1
BAB1_0414                ATPF2_BRUA2  Q2YMC4        159  atpF2
BAB1_0415                RNH2_BRUA2   Q2YMC3        220  rnhB
BAB1_0423                ISPE_BRUA2   Q2YMB5        299  ispE
BAB1_0425                NHAA_BRUA2   Q2YMB3        736  nhaA
BAB1_0431                SYGA_BRUA2   Q2YME4        308  glyQ
BAB1_0444                PDXH_BRUA2   Q2YMD1        208  pdxH
BAB1_0454                AROC_BRUA2   Q2YMF8        364  aroC
BAB1_0462                DXS_BRUA2    Q2YMF0        643  dxs
BAB1_0469                PSD_BRUA2    Q2YMI0        232  psd
BAB1_0474                RADA_BRUA2   Q2YMH5        467  radA
BAB1_0477                RL9_BRUA2    Q2YMH2        189  rplI
BAB1_0479                RS18_BRUA2   Q2YMH0         82  rpsR
BAB1_0480                RS6_BRUA2    Q2YMG9        148  rpsF
BAB1_0484                ACP_BRUA2    Q2YMG5         78  acpP
BAB1_0489                KGUA_BRUA2   Q2YMJ2        220  gmk
BAB1_0502                KHSE_BRUA2   Q2YMI4        326  thrB
BAB1_0503                RNH_BRUA2    Q2YMI3        154  rnhA
BAB1_0506                Y506_BRUA2   Q2YML2        200  
BAB1_0516                MTB1_BRUA2   Q2YMK2        377  ccrM; babI; babIM
BAB1_0531                ALLA_BRUA2   Q2YMM3        169  allA
BAB1_0570                XYLA_BRUA2   Q2YMQ2        435  xylA
BAB1_0576                BETB_BRUA2   Q2YMP8        487  betB
BAB1_0578                BETI_BRUA2   Q2YMS6        198  betI
BAB1_0632                CCME_BRUA2   Q2YMU7        165  ccmE; cycJ
BAB1_0635                DEGPL_BRUA2  Q2YMX6        513  htrA
BAB1_0659                OMP2A_BRUA2  Q2YMY8        321  omp2a
BAB1_0660                OMP2B_BRUA2  Q2YMY7        362  omp2b
BAB1_0667                SSRP_BRUA2   Q2YMY0        158  smpB
BAB1_0671                RPOZ_BRUA2   Q2YN12        133  rpoZ
BAB1_0672                RSH_BRUA2    Q2YN11        750  rsh
BAB1_0673                PYRE_BRUA2   Q2YN10        192  pyrE
BAB1_0679                ACPS_BRUA2   Q2YN04        134  acpS
BAB1_0681                RNC_BRUA2    Q2YN02        245  rnc
BAB1_0684                RECO_BRUA2   Q2YMZ9        247  recO
BAB1_0697                SYC_BRUA2    Q2YN22        506  cysS
BAB1_0704                RSMA_BRUA2   Q2YN15        276  rsmA; ksgA
BAB1_0715                NDK_BRUA2    Q2YN40        140  ndk
BAB1_0720                UVRC_BRUA2   Q2YN35        611  uvrC
BAB1_0731                PUR5_BRUA2   Q2YN59        359  purM
BAB1_0775                SYDND_BRUA2  Q2YNA7        595  aspS
BAB1_0778                BPT_BRUA2    Q2YNA4        249  bpt
BAB1_0787                GLYA_BRUA2   Q2YN95        438  glyA
BAB1_0788                NRDR_BRUA2   Q2YN94        158  nrdR
BAB1_0790                RISA_BRUA2   Q2YN92        202  ribE
BAB1_0791                RISB1_BRUA2  Q2YNC6        157  ribH1
BAB1_0792                NUSB_BRUA2   Q2YNC5        171  nusB
BAB1_0797                PLSX_BRUA2   Q2YNC0        346  plsX
BAB1_0798                FABH_BRUA2   Q2YNB9        323  fabH
BAB1_0799                IHFA_BRUA2   Q2YNB8        107  ihfA; himA
BAB1_0807                CTAA_BRUA2   Q2YNB0        358  ctaA
BAB1_0808                ARGC_BRUA2   Q2YNE1        310  argC
BAB1_0810                RS9_BRUA2    Q2YND9        158  rpsI
BAB1_0811                RL13_BRUA2   Q2YND8        154  rplM
BAB1_0823                NUOB_BRUA2   Q2YNC8        193  nuoB
BAB1_0824                NUOC_BRUA2   Q2YNC7        202  nuoC
BAB1_0825                NUOD_BRUA2   Q2YNG0        396  nuoD
BAB1_0829                NUOH_BRUA2   Q2YNF6        347  nuoH
BAB1_0830                NUOI_BRUA2   Q2YNF5        163  nuoI
BAB1_0832                NUOK_BRUA2   Q2YNF3        102  nuoK
BAB1_0842                SYP_BRUA2    Q2YNE3        442  proS
BAB1_0844                LOLD_BRUA2   Q2YNH6        227  lolD
BAB1_0851                RS4_BRUA2    Q2YNH2        205  rpsD
BAB1_0852                TTCA_BRUA2   Q2YNH1        293  ttcA
BAB1_0857                PURL_BRUA2   Q2YNG6        740  purL
BAB1_0860                PURQ_BRUA2   Q2YNG3        223  purQ
BAB1_0862                PUR7_BRUA2   Q2YNG1        254  purC
BAB1_0885                COBS_BRUA2   Q2YNK8        260  cobS
BAB1_0886                COBT_BRUA2   Q2YNK7        339  cobT
BAB1_0895                DGTL1_BRUA2  Q2YNK0        402  
BAB1_0896                SYR_BRUA2    Q2YNJ9        585  argS
BAB1_0904                SYS_BRUA2    Q2YNM6        427  serS
BAB1_0905                SURE_BRUA2   Q2YNM5        255  surE
BAB1_0909                YAJC_BRUA2   Q2YNM1        113  yajC
BAB1_0910                SECDF_BRUA2  Q2YNM0        758  secDF
BAB1_0913                TRMFO_BRUA2  Q2YNL7        466  trmFO; gid
BAB1_0917                TIG_BRUA2    Q2YNL3        471  tig
BAB1_0918                GATB_BRUA2   Q2YNL2        500  gatB
BAB1_0923                LFTR_BRUA2   Q2YNP4        204  aat
BAB1_0926                AROQ_BRUA2   Q2YNP1        157  aroQ; aroD
BAB1_0943                SYY_BRUA2    Q2YNR0        417  tyrS
BAB1_0944                ANMK_BRUA2   Q2YNQ9        373  anmK
BAB1_0972                MOBA_BRUA2   Q2YNR6        221  mobA
BAB1_0973                MOAA_BRUA2   Q2YNT7        344  moaA
BAB1_1017                NDVA_BRUA2   Q2YQ73        599  ndvA; cgt
BAB1_1034                SYE1_BRUA2   Q2YQ56        457  gltX1; gltX-1
BAB1_1059                CCKA_BRUA2   P0DOA0        945  cckA
BAB1_1066                XGPT_BRUA2   Q2YQ27        170  gpt
BAB1_1070                NQOR_BRUA2   Q2YQ23        199  
BAB1_1093                SYT_BRUA2    Q2YQ07        658  thrS
BAB1_1095                YIDD_BRUA2   Q2YQ05        123  
BAB1_1097                GCH1_BRUA2   Q2YQ03        213  folE
BAB1_1098                HIS3_BRUA2   Q2YQ02        119  hisI
BAB1_1116                QUEA_BRUA2   Q2YPY7        363  queA
BAB1_1118                PPI1_BRUA2   Q2YPY5        196  ppi
BAB1_1119                COAD_BRUA2   Q2YPY4        164  coaD
BAB1_1126                SSB_BRUA2    Q2YPX7        168  ssb
BAB1_1128                UVRA_BRUA2   Q2YPX5        974  uvrA
BAB1_1130                LON_BRUA2    Q2YPX3        812  lon
BAB1_1131                CLPX_BRUA2   Q2YPX2        424  clpX
BAB1_1132                CLPP_BRUA2   Q2YPX1        209  clpP
BAB1_1134                HFQ_BRUA2    Q2YPW9         78  hfq
BAB1_1143                ISPDF_BRUA2  Q2YPW1        390  ispDF
BAB1_1147                LIPA_BRUA2   Q2YPV8        322  lipA
BAB1_1155                ENO_BRUA2    Q2YPV0        425  eno
BAB1_1156                KDSA_BRUA2   Q2YPU9        277  kdsA
BAB1_1157                PYRG_BRUA2   Q2YPU8        542  pyrG
BAB1_1163                TRPD_BRUA2   Q2YRR5        339  trpD
BAB1_1164                TRPC_BRUA2   Q2YRR4        268  trpC
BAB1_1165                MOAC_BRUA2   Q2YRR3        165  moaC
BAB1_1167                LEXA_BRUA2   Q2YRR1        240  lexA
BAB1_1169                SYE2_BRUA2   Q2YRQ9        473  gltX2
BAB1_1173                LPXA_BRUA2   Q2YRQ5        278  lpxA
BAB1_1174                FABZ_BRUA2   Q2YRQ4        157  fabZ
BAB1_1175                LPXD_BRUA2   Q2YRQ3        351  lpxD
BAB1_1179                CDSA_BRUA2   Q2YRP9        270  cdsA
BAB1_1181                RRF_BRUA2    Q2YRP7        186  frr
BAB1_1183                EFTS_BRUA2   Q2YRP5        305  tsf
BAB1_1184                RS2_BRUA2    Q2YRJ1        256  rpsB
BAB1_1206                QUEF_BRUA2   Q2YRW5        155  queF
BAB1_1217                MURI_BRUA2   Q2YRV4        277  murI
BAB1_1223                SYA_BRUA2    Q2YRU8        885  alaS
BAB1_1224                RECA_BRUA2   Q2YRU7        361  recA
BAB1_1230                RL17_BRUA2   Q2YRU1        142  rplQ
BAB1_1231                RPOA_BRUA2   Q2YRU0        337  rpoA
BAB1_1232                RS11_BRUA2   Q2YRT9        129  rpsK
BAB1_1233                RS13_BRUA2   Q2YRT8        122  rpsM
BAB1_1234                KAD_BRUA2    Q2YRT7        194  adk
BAB1_1236                RL15_BRUA2   Q2YRT5        156  rplO
BAB1_1237                RL30_BRUA2   Q2YRT4         65  rpmD
BAB1_1238                RS5_BRUA2    Q2YRT3        186  rpsE
BAB1_1239                RL18_BRUA2   Q2YRT2        120  rplR
BAB1_1240                RL6_BRUA2    Q2YRB0        177  rplF
BAB1_1241                RS8_BRUA2    Q2YRA9        132  rpsH
BAB1_1242                RS14_BRUA2   Q2YRA8        101  rpsN
BAB1_1243                RL5_BRUA2    Q2YRA7        185  rplE
BAB1_1244                RL24_BRUA2   Q2YRA6        103  rplX
BAB1_1245                RL14_BRUA2   Q2YRA5        122  rplN
BAB1_1246                RS17_BRUA2   Q2YRA4         80  rpsQ
BAB1_1247                RL29_BRUA2   Q2YRA3         66  rpmC
BAB1_1248                RL16_BRUA2   P0C0Z4        137  rplP
BAB1_1249                RS3_BRUA2    Q2YRA1        236  rpsC
BAB1_1250                RL22_BRUA2   Q2YRA0        129  rplV
BAB1_1251                RS19_BRUA2   Q2YM07         92  rpsS
BAB1_1252                RL2_BRUA2    Q2YM06        277  rplB
BAB1_1253                RL23_BRUA2   Q2YM05         97  rplW
BAB1_1254                RL4_BRUA2    Q2YM04        206  rplD
BAB1_1255                RL3_BRUA2    Q2YM03        237  rplC
BAB1_1256                RS10_BRUA2   Q2YM02        102  rpsJ
BAB1_1257                EFTU_BRUA2   Q2YM08        391  tuf1
BAB1_1258                EFG_BRUA2    Q2YM00        694  fusA
BAB1_1259                RS7_BRUA2    Q2YLZ9        156  rpsG
BAB1_1260                RS12_BRUA2   Q2YLZ8        123  rpsL
BAB1_1263                RPOC_BRUA2   Q2YM16       1400  rpoC
BAB1_1264                RPOB_BRUA2   Q2YM15       1377  rpoB
BAB1_1265                RL7_BRUA2    Q2YM14        124  rplL
BAB1_1266                RL10_BRUA2   Q2YM13        172  rplJ
BAB1_1267                RL1_BRUA2    Q2YM12        233  rplA
BAB1_1268                RL11_BRUA2   Q2YM11        142  rplK
BAB1_1271                EFTU_BRUA2   Q2YM08        391  tuf2
BAB1_1299                SFSA_BRUA2   Q2YRG1        238  sfsA
BAB1_1301                Y1301_BRUA2  Q2YRF9        249  
BAB1_1318                CBID_BRUA2   Q2YQL5        368  cbiD
BAB1_1331                COBQ_BRUA2   Q2YQK2        483  cobQ
BAB1_1376                URE32_BRUA2  Q2YQE0        100  ureA2
BAB1_1377                URE22_BRUA2  Q2YQD9        159  ureB2
BAB1_1378                URE12_BRUA2  Q2YQD8        573  ureC2
BAB1_1380                UREF2_BRUA2  Q2YQD7        243  ureF2
BAB1_1381                UREG2_BRUA2  Q2YQD6        212  ureG2
BAB1_1382                URED2_BRUA2  Q2YQD5        304  ureD2; ureD-2
BAB1_1388                Y1388_BRUA2  Q2YQP3        239  
BAB1_1399                ILVC_BRUA2   Q2YQN2        339  ilvC
BAB1_1402                KUP_BRUA2    Q2YQM9        651  kup
BAB1_1404                PDXJ_BRUA2   Q2YQM7        246  pdxJ
BAB1_1409                MIAA_BRUA2   Q2YS31        310  miaA
BAB1_1418                TYSY_BRUA2   Q2YS22        264  thyA
BAB1_1430                Y1430_BRUA2  Q2YPT3        169  
BAB1_1436                PRMA_BRUA2   Q2YPS7        285  prmA
BAB1_1439                DNLJ_BRUA2   Q2YLZ6        719  ligA
BAB1_1443                LPXC_BRUA2   Q2YLZ2        286  lpxC
BAB1_1448                MURB_BRUA2   Q2YLY7        322  murB
BAB1_1449                MURC_BRUA2   Q2YLY6        471  murC
BAB1_1450                MURG_BRUA2   Q2YLY5        379  murG
BAB1_1452                MURD_BRUA2   Q2YM69        467  murD
BAB1_1453                MRAY_BRUA2   Q2YM68        360  mraY
BAB1_1458                RSMH_BRUA2   Q2YM63        346  rsmH; mraW
BAB1_1496                Y1496_BRUA2  Q2YM28        152  
BAB1_1502                CARA_BRUA2   Q2YM22        407  carA
BAB1_1523                GREA_BRUA2   Q2YRN8        157  greA
BAB1_1544                LGT_BRUA2    Q2YLY3        281  lgt
BAB1_1551                RL25_BRUA2   Q2YLX6        207  rplY; ctc
BAB1_1552                PTH_BRUA2    Q2YLX5        250  pth
BAB1_1556                APT_BRUA2    Q2YM57        181  apt
BAB1_1566                HEM6_BRUA2   Q2YS10        303  hemF
BAB1_1607                MNMA_BRUA2   Q2YQB2        398  mnmA; trmU
BAB1_1613                CHPT_BRUA2   Q2YQA5        209  chpT
BAB1_1614                CTRA_BRUA2   Q2YQA4        232  ctrA
BAB1_1621                PDHS_BRUA2   Q2YRB4       1035  pdhS
BAB1_1663                MASZ_BRUA2   Q2YRK5        728  glcB
BAB1_1668                FUR_BRUA2    Q2YRK0        141  fur
BAB1_1670                Y1670_BRUA2  Q2YRJ8         54  
BAB1_1683/BAB1_1684      MACB_BRUA2   Q2YRG7        646  macB
BAB1_1687                DUT_BRUA2    Q2YRG4        157  dut
BAB1_1695                PURA_BRUA2   Q2YQI5        429  purA
BAB1_1702                GLMM_BRUA2   Q2YQH8        451  glmM
BAB1_1704                TILS_BRUA2   Q2YQH6        448  tilS
BAB1_1709                TOLB_BRUA2   Q2YRD7        443  tolB
BAB1_1714                RUVB_BRUA2   Q2YRD2        346  ruvB
BAB1_1715                RUVA_BRUA2   Q2YRD1        205  ruvA
BAB1_1716                RUVC_BRUA2   Q2YRD0        173  ruvC
BAB1_1722                EFP_BRUA2    Q2YRC4        186  efp
BAB1_1728                RL31_BRUA2   Q2YRF3         73  rpmE
BAB1_1729                Y1729_BRUA2  Q2YRF2        248  
BAB1_1759                RL36_BRUA2   Q2YRY7         41  rpmJ
BAB1_1765                Y1765_BRUA2  Q2YLX2         86  
BAB1_1770                THIB_BRUA2   Q2YLW8        334  thiB
BAB1_1771                THIP_BRUA2   Q2YLW7        543  thiP
BAB1_1772                THIQ_BRUA2   Q2YLW6        241  thiQ
BAB1_1785                RL32_BRUA2   Q2YLD3         59  rpmF
BAB1_1788                ISPG_BRUA2   Q2YLG4        420  ispG
BAB1_1792                LIVB2_BRUA2  Q2YLG0        371  
BAB1_1794                LIVB1_BRUA2  Q2YLF8        371  
BAB1_1800                4HYPE_BRUA2  Q2YLF3        333  prpA
BAB1_1806                ATPE_BRUA2   Q2YLE7        135  atpC
BAB1_1807                ATPB_BRUA2   Q2YLE6        521  atpD
BAB1_1808                ATPG_BRUA2   Q2YLI6        292  atpG
BAB1_1809                ATPA_BRUA2   Q2YLI5        509  atpA
BAB1_1810                ATPD_BRUA2   Q2YLI4        186  atpH
BAB1_1813                TAL_BRUA2    Q2YLI1        217  tal
BAB1_1815                SYL_BRUA2    Q2YLH9        877  leuS
BAB1_1819                ACSA_BRUA2   Q2YLH5        651  acsA
BAB1_1821                HTPX_BRUA2   Q2YLH3        325  htpX
BAB1_1824                PUR9_BRUA2   Q2YLH0        538  purH
BAB1_1832                RS16_BRUA2   Q2YLK6        134  rpsP
BAB1_1844                RPPH_BRUA2   Q2YLJ4        178  rppH; nudH
BAB1_1848                RLMH_BRUA2   Q2YLJ0        169  rlmH
BAB1_1850                NADD_BRUA2   Q2YLI8        194  nadD
BAB1_1851                PROA_BRUA2   Q2YLI7        421  proA
BAB1_1852                PROB_BRUA2   Q2YLM3        378  proB
BAB1_1853                OBG_BRUA2    Q2YLM2        341  obg
BAB1_1857                RL27_BRUA2   Q2YLL8         89  rpmA
BAB1_1858                RL21_BRUA2   Q2YLL7        142  rplU
BAB1_1872                RF1_BRUA2    Q2YLN8        359  prfA
BAB1_1875                UBIG_BRUA2   Q2YLN5        248  ubiG
BAB1_1887                HEM3_BRUA2   Q2YLM5        314  hemC
BAB1_1888                TSAD_BRUA2   Q2YLM4        359  tsaD; gcp
BAB1_1889                GPDA_BRUA2   Q2YLR3        326  gpsA
BAB1_1905                LEUC_BRUA2   Q2YLP7        469  leuC
BAB1_1906                RL19_BRUA2   Q2YLP6        145  rplS
BAB1_1914                TRMD_BRUA2   Q2YLT1        244  trmD
BAB1_1915                RIMM_BRUA2   Q2YLT0        189  rimM
BAB1_1923                ODO1_BRUA2   Q2YLS2       1004  sucA; odhA
BAB1_1927                MDH_BRUA2    Q2YLR9        320  mdh
BAB1_1930                OMP19_BRUA2  Q2YLR6        177  omp19
BAB1_1932                DAPF_BRUA2   Q2YLR4        303  dapF
BAB1_1935                YCIB_BRUA2   Q2YLU9        220  
BAB1_1936                GLO2_BRUA2   Q2YLU8        257  gloB
BAB1_1946                SECA_BRUA2   Q2YLU0        906  secA
BAB1_1973                QUEC_BRUA2   Q2YR96        232  queC
BAB1_1980                Y1980_BRUA2  Q2YR89        161  
BAB1_1982                ARLY_BRUA2   Q2YR87        466  argH
BAB1_1988                HIS8_BRUA2   Q2YR81        365  hisC
BAB1_2001                AQPZ_BRUA2   Q2YR68        228  aqpZ; aqpX
BAB1_2016                RL28_BRUA2   Q2YR56         97  rpmB
BAB1_2029                AROB_BRUA2   Q2YR43        378  aroB
BAB1_2030                AROK_BRUA2   Q2YR42        200  aroK
BAB1_2032                XERD_BRUA2   Q2YR40        309  xerD
BAB1_2061                RSMG_BRUA2   Q2YR13        213  rsmG
BAB1_2062                MNMG_BRUA2   Q2YR12        636  mnmG; gidA
BAB1_2063                MNME_BRUA2   Q2YR11        442  mnmE; trmE
BAB1_2067                DCUP_BRUA2   Q2YR07        341  hemE
BAB1_2068                PDRP_BRUA2   Q2YR06        279  
BAB1_2069                Y2069_BRUA2  Q2YR05        199  
BAB1_2070                AROE_BRUA2   Q2YR04        289  aroE
BAB1_2071                COAE_BRUA2   Q2YR03        200  coaE
BAB1_2073                SECB_BRUA2   P0C126        163  secB
BAB1_2080                HSLU_BRUA2   Q2YQZ4        434  hslU
BAB1_2081                HSLV_BRUA2   Q2YQZ3        184  hslV
BAB1_2082                HIS7_BRUA2   Q2YQZ2        202  hisB
BAB1_2084                HIS5_BRUA2   Q2YQZ0        216  hisH
BAB1_2085                HIS4_BRUA2   Q2YQY9        243  hisA
BAB1_2086                HIS6_BRUA2   Q2YQY8        261  hisF
BAB1_2087                HIS2_BRUA2   Q2YQY7        107  hisE
BAB1_2088                COAA_BRUA2   Q2YQY6        322  coaA
BAB1_2099                SAHH_BRUA2   Q2YQX8        466  ahcY
BAB1_2109                ACCD_BRUA2   Q2YQW8        301  accD
BAB1_2110                TRPA_BRUA2   Q2YQW7        279  trpA
BAB1_2112                TRPB_BRUA2   Q2YQW5        406  trpB
BAB1_2113                TRPF_BRUA2   Q2YQW4        222  trpF
BAB1_2123                RL35_BRUA2   Q2YQV8         66  rpmI
BAB1_2124                RL20_BRUA2   Q2YQV7        134  rplT
BAB1_2126                SYFA_BRUA2   Q2YQV5        369  pheS
BAB1_2127                SYFB_BRUA2   Q2YQV4        804  pheT
BAB1_2130                DNAJ_BRUA2   Q2YQV1        377  dnaJ
BAB1_2132                PYRF_BRUA2   Q2YQU9        238  pyrF
BAB1_2144                PSTB_BRUA2   Q2YQT8        273  pstB
BAB1_2154                MIAB_BRUA2   Q2YQS8        467  miaB
BAB1_2156                YBEY_BRUA2   Q2YQS6        168  ybeY
BAB1_2161                TRMB_BRUA2   Q2YQS1        233  trmB
BAB1_2162                RIMP_BRUA2   Q2YQS0        219  rimP
BAB1_2165                IF2_BRUA2    Q2YQR7        959  infB
BAB1_2166                RBFA_BRUA2   Q2YQR6        150  rbfA
BAB1_2167                TRUB_BRUA2   Q2YQR5        324  truB
BAB1_2168                RS15_BRUA2   P0C0Z6         89  rpsO
BAB1_2169                PNP_BRUA2    Q2YQR3        714  pnp
BAB1_2174                FABA_BRUA2   Q2YQQ8        172  fabA
BAB1_2184                FPG_BRUA2    Q2YQP8        293  mutM; fpg
BAB1_2186                RS20_BRUA2   Q2YQP6         88  rpsT
BAB2_0023                LIVB4_BRUA2  Q2YL86        416  
BAB2_0039                MGTC_BRUA2   Q2YIG0        238  mgtC
BAB2_0042                CPDR_BRUA2   Q2YIF7        120  cpdR
BAB2_0057                YP57_BRUA2   Q2YJ83        172  
BAB2_0058                VIRBB_BRUA2  Q2YJ82        362  virB11
BAB2_0059                VIRBA_BRUA2  Q2YJ81        388  virB10
BAB2_0060                VIRB9_BRUA2  Q2YJ79        289  virB9
BAB2_0061                VIRB8_BRUA2  Q2YJ78        239  virB8
BAB2_0062                VIRB7_BRUA2  Q2YJ77         57  virB7
BAB2_0063                VIRB6_BRUA2  Q2YJ76        347  virB6
BAB2_0064                VIRB5_BRUA2  Q2YJ75        238  virB5
BAB2_0065                VIRB4_BRUA2  Q2YIT8        831  virB4
BAB2_0066                VIRB3_BRUA2  Q2YIT7        116  virB3
BAB2_0067                VIRB2_BRUA2  Q2YIT6        105  virB2
BAB2_0068                VIRB1_BRUA2  Q2YIT5        238  virB1
BAB2_0075                HEMH_BRUA2   Q2YIS9        352  hemH
BAB2_0085                Y2585_BRUA2  Q2YIN9        316  
BAB2_0089                MODC_BRUA2   Q2YIN5        359  modC
BAB2_0118                VJBR_BRUA2   Q2YJ50        259  vjbR
BAB2_0150                FLIE_BRUA2   Q2YJ71        111  fliE
BAB2_0156                FLGH_BRUA2   Q2YJ67        238  flgH
BAB2_0181                SYH_BRUA2    Q2YIH9        502  hisS
BAB2_0182                HISZ_BRUA2   Q2YIH8        378  hisZ
BAB2_0183                HIS1_BRUA2   Q2YIJ9        231  hisG
BAB2_0184                GLUP_BRUA2   Q2YIJ8        412  gluP
BAB2_0189                CH60_BRUA2   Q2YIJ3        546  groL; groEL
BAB2_0190                CH10_BRUA2   Q2YIJ2         98  groS; groES
BAB2_0194                SYI_BRUA2    P0C124        972  ileS
BAB2_0210                LPXK_BRUA2   Q2YIH4        341  lpxK
BAB2_0212                MUTL_BRUA2   Q2YIH2        623  mutL
BAB2_0242                MSRQ_BRUA2   Q2YIK1        220  msrQ
BAB2_0269                RS21_BRUA2   Q2YIW0         75  rpsU
BAB2_0274                METN_BRUA2   Q2YIV5        369  metN
BAB2_0287                DAP_BRUA2    Q2YLB4        518  dap
BAB2_0303                HUTU_BRUA2   Q2YIL8        557  hutU
BAB2_0305                HUTH_BRUA2   Q2YIL6        511  hutH
BAB2_0306                HUTI_BRUA2   Q2YIL5        405  hutI
BAB2_0311                DADA_BRUA2   Q2YIL0        416  dadA
BAB2_0312                ALR_BRUA2    Q2YIU9        396  alr
BAB2_0314                Y314_BRUA2   Q2YIU6        284  
BAB2_0325                Y2825_BRUA2  Q2YJ11        242  
BAB2_0345                Y2845_BRUA2  Q2YL59         64  
BAB2_0346                LEU3_BRUA2   Q2YL58        370  leuB
BAB2_0353                LEUD_BRUA2   Q2YL51        201  leuD
BAB2_0364                F16PA_BRUA2  Q2YIQ9        340  fbp
BAB2_0367                ERYH_BRUA2   Q2YIQ6        256  eryH; tpiA-2
BAB2_0372                ERYA_BRUA2   Q2YIQ1        520  eryA
BAB2_0432                NIKR_BRUA2   Q2YJ35        132  
BAB2_0437                NIKD_BRUA2   Q2YL70        262  nikD
BAB2_0438                NIKE_BRUA2   Q2YL69        266  nikE
BAB2_0457                FOLD_BRUA2   Q2YL33        299  folD
BAB2_0475                EX7L_BRUA2   Q2YL15        511  xseA
BAB2_0490                Y2990_BRUA2  Q2YL00        289  
BAB2_0491                Y2991_BRUA2  Q2YKZ9        411  
BAB2_0493                Y2993_BRUA2  Q2YKZ7        350  
BAB2_0505                14KL_BRUA2   Q2YKY9        147  
BAB2_0514                GCSH_BRUA2   Q2YKY0        125  gcvH
BAB2_0515                GCSP_BRUA2   Q2YKX9        932  gcvP
BAB2_0521                FBPC_BRUA2   Q2YKX3        353  fbpC
BAB2_0532                AHPD_BRUA2   Q2YKW2        175  ahpD
BAB2_0545                RISB2_BRUA2  Q2YKV1        158  ribH2; ribH-2
BAB2_0554                RLME_BRUA2   Q2YKU4        240  rlmE; ftsJ; rrmJ
BAB2_0582                UGPC_BRUA2   Q2YKR8        351  ugpC
BAB2_0583                UGPE_BRUA2   Q2YKR7        282  ugpE
BAB2_0584                UGPA_BRUA2   Q2YKR6        293  ugpA
BAB2_0585                UGPB_BRUA2   Q2YKR5        433  ugpB
BAB2_0587                ADEC_BRUA2   Q2YKR3        581  ade
BAB2_0593                LIVB6_BRUA2  Q2YKQ9        390  
BAB2_0628                DIVK_BRUA2   Q2YKN1        123  divK
BAB2_0631                RL33_BRUA2   Q2YKM8         55  rpmG
BAB2_0639                PLSY_BRUA2   Q2YKM0        201  plsY
BAB2_0641                PYRB_BRUA2   Q2YKL8        322  pyrB
BAB2_0643                YQGF_BRUA2   Q2YKL6        162  
BAB2_0644                Y3144_BRUA2  Q2YKL5        237  
BAB2_0645                GATC_BRUA2   Q2YKL4         95  gatC
BAB2_0646                GATA_BRUA2   Q2YKL3        493  gatA
BAB2_0651                LIPB_BRUA2   Q2YKK8        267  lipB
BAB2_0652                LOVHK_BRUA2  Q2YKK7        489  
BAB2_0657                GLMU_BRUA2   Q2YKK2        454  glmU
BAB2_0664                Y3164_BRUA2  Q2YKJ5        615  
BAB2_0673                PBP_BRUA2    Q2YKI6        350  
BAB2_0674                RIMO_BRUA2   Q2YKI5        437  rimO
BAB2_0726                CYDX_BRUA2   Q2YKD6         51  cydX; ybgT
BAB2_0744                BIOB_BRUA2   Q2YKB8        328  bioB
BAB2_0746                BIOD_BRUA2   Q2YKB6        212  bioD
BAB2_0751                METAA_BRUA2  Q2YKB2        306  metAA
BAB2_0809                NANM_BRUA2   Q2YK69        388  nanM
BAB2_0812                Y3312_BRUA2  Q2YK66        527  
BAB2_0815                Y3315_BRUA2  Q2YK65        302  
BAB2_0817                Y3317_BRUA2  Q2YK63        338  
BAB2_0818                Y3318_BRUA2  Q2YK62        317  
BAB2_0822                LIVB7_BRUA2  Q2YK58        399  
BAB2_0830                LIVB8_BRUA2  Q2YK50        403  
BAB2_0836                PHK_BRUA2    Q2YK44        789  
BAB2_0840                Y840_BRUA2   Q2YK40        182  
BAB2_0842                GUAA_BRUA2   Q2YK38        520  guaA
BAB2_0862                HDEA_BRUA2   Q2YK18        114  hdeA
BAB2_0863                GLSA_BRUA2   Q2YK17        317  glsA
BAB2_0882                MINE_BRUA2   Q2YK00         90  minE
BAB2_0890                NRDI_BRUA2   Q2YJZ2        135  nrdI
BAB2_0952                NORD_BRUA2   Q2YJT9        633  norD
BAB2_0984                RL34_BRUA2   Q2YJR4         44  rpmH
BAB2_0987                ENGB_BRUA2   Q2YJR1        241  engB
BAB2_0988                ARGB_BRUA2   Q2YJR0        296  argB
BAB2_0991                DAPD_BRUA2   Q2YJQ7        284  dapD
BAB2_0993                DAPE_BRUA2   Q2YJQ6        395  dapE
BAB2_0995                TRUA_BRUA2   Q2YJQ4        251  truA
BAB2_0996                FMT_BRUA2    Q2YJQ3        306  fmt
BAB2_1001                LEPA_BRUA2   Q2YJP8        602  lepA
BAB2_1003                UPPP_BRUA2   Q2YJP6        268  uppP
BAB2_1009                MGSA_BRUA2   Q2YJP0        125  mgsA
BAB2_1010                GLK_BRUA2    Q2YJN9        343  glk
BAB2_1012                DAPB_BRUA2   Q2YJN7        268  dapB
BAB2_1013                GPMA_BRUA2   Q2YJN6        206  gpmA
BAB2_1026                UBIE_BRUA2   Q2YJM4        269  ubiE
BAB2_1029                MSRA_BRUA2   Q2YJM1        218  msrA
BAB2_1049                Y1049_BRUA2  Q2YJK2        514  
BAB2_1050                Y1050_BRUA2  Q2YJK1        314  
BAB2_1051                Y1051_BRUA2  Q2YJK0        296  
BAB2_1052                Y1052_BRUA2  Q2YJJ9        332  
BAB2_1053                Y1053_BRUA2  Q2YJJ8        334  
BAB2_1079                ZNUA_BRUA2   Q2YJH5        334  znuA
BAB2_1080                ZNUC_BRUA2   Q2YJH4        298  znuC
BAB2_1094                FLBT_BRUA2   Q2YJG3        152  flbT
BAB2_1099                FTCR_BRUA2   Q2YJF8        227  ftcR
BAB2_1110                XYLG_BRUA2   Q2YJE7        511  xylG
BAB2_1146                Y3646_BRUA2  Q2YJB6        319  
BAB2_1147                Y3647_BRUA2  Q2YJB5        260  
BAB2_1148                Y3648_BRUA2  Q2YJB4        250  
BAB2_1150                BHUA_BRUA2   Q2YJB2        661  bhuA
BAB2_1153                LIVB5_BRUA2  Q2YJA9        406  

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