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A form of selective tooth agenesis, a common anomaly characterized by the congenital absence of one or more teeth. Selective tooth agenesis without associated systemic disorders has sometimes been divided into 2 types: oligodontia, defined as agenesis of 6 or more permanent teeth, and hypodontia, defined as agenesis of less than 6 teeth. The number in both cases does not include absence of third molars (wisdom teeth). In STHAG4, the upper lateral incisors are absent or peg-shaped. Some STHAG4 patients manifest mild features of ectodermal dysplasia, including sparse hair, sparse eyebrows, short eyelashes, abnormalities of the nails, sweating anomalies and dry skin. STHAG4 inheritance is autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive.




Absence of lateral incisors
Agenesis of succedaneous teeth
Pegged or missing lateral incisors
Selective tooth agenesis 4
Tooth agenesis, selective, 4, with or without ectodermal dysplasia