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Download List cross-referenced databases (148)

Cross-referenced databases

The cross-references section of UniProtKB entries displays explicit and implicit links to databases such as nucleotide sequence databases, model organism databases and genomics and proteomics resources. A single entry can have cross-references to several dozen different databases and have several hundred individual links. The databases are categorized for easy user perusal and understanding of how the different databases relate to both UniProtKB and to each other:

Sequence databases
3D structure databases
Protein-protein interaction databases
Protein family/group databases
PTM databases
Polymorphism databases
2D gel databases
Proteomic databases
Protocols and materials databases
Genome annotation databases
Organism-specific databases
Phylogenomic databases
Enzyme and pathway databases
Gene expression databases
Family and domain databases

Additional information

The list of databases that are cross-referenced by UniProt entries is also available as a text file.