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Adenoviruses associated with acute respiratory diseases reported in Beijing from 2011 to 2013.

Chen M., Zhu Z., Huang F., Liu D., Zhang T., Ying D., Wu J., Xu W.

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Complete genome sequence and methylome analysis of bacillus strain x1.

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Isolation and expression of grass carp toll-like receptor 5a (CiTLR5a) and 5b (CiTLR5b) gene involved in the response to flagellin stimulation and grass carp reovirus infection.

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Rice stripe tenuivirus nonstructural protein 3 hijacks the 26S proteasome of the small brown planthopper via direct interaction with regulatory particle non-ATPase subunit 3.

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The heparan sulfate-modifying enzyme glucuronyl C5-epimerase HSE-5 controls Caenorhabditis elegans Q neuroblast polarization during migration.

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Evolutionary analysis of rubella viruses in mainland China during 2010-2012: endemic circulation of genotype 1E and introductions of genotype 2B.

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Abnormal accumulation of desmin in gastrocnemius myofibers of patients with peripheral artery disease: associations with altered myofiber morphology and density, mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired limb function.

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Fgf-signaling-dependent Sox9a and Atoh1a regulate otic neural development in zebrafish.

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Activated regulatory T-cells attenuate myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury through a CD39-dependent mechanism.

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Chronic alcohol consumption enhances iNKT cell maturation and activation.

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Allopolyploidization is not so simple: evidence from the origin of the tribe Cyprinini (Teleostei: Cypriniformes).

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Discovery of potent iminoheterocycle BACE1 inhibitors.

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Crystal structure of Legionella pneumophila dephospho-CoA kinase reveals a non-canonical conformation of P-loop.

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MiR-199a-3p promotes gastric cancer progression by targeting ZHX1.

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Genome-wide association of mediator and RNA polymerase II in wild-type and mediator mutant yeast.

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IL-35 mitigates murine acute graft-versus-host disease with retention of graft-versus-leukemia effects.

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Outbreak of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis caused by human adenovirus type 56, China, 2012.

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Hypoxic trophoblast HMGB1 induces endothelial cell hyperpermeability via the TRL-4/caveolin-1 pathway.

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Incidence and molecular basis of CD36 deficiency in Shanghai population.

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Genomic sequencing and analysis of Sucra jujuba nucleopolyhedrovirus.

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Differentially timed extracellular signals synchronize pacemaker neuron clocks.

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Differential temporal expression profiles of heat shock protein genes in Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae) under ultraviolet A radiation stress.

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KRAS and DAXX/ATRX gene mutations are correlated with the clinicopathological features, advanced diseases, and poor prognosis in Chinese patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

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Global microRNA expression is essential for murine mast cell development in vivo.

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Exome sequencing identifies SLC17A9 pathogenic gene in two Chinese pedigrees with disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis.

Cui H., Li L., Wang W., Shen J., Yue Z., Zheng X., Zuo X., Liang B., Gao M., Fan X. et al.

J. Med. Genet. 51:699-704(2014) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (3)

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