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Aurora B-dependent phosphorylation of Ataxin-10 promotes the interaction between Ataxin-10 and Plk1 in cytokinesis.

Tian J., Tian C., Ding Y., Li Z., Geng Q., Xiahou Z., Wang J., Hou W., Liao J., Dong M.Q. et al.

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Insight into cofactor recognition in arylamine N-acetyltransferase enzymes: structure of Mesorhizobium loti arylamine N-acetyltransferase in complex with coenzyme A.

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PCH-2 regulates Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan.

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In touch - the molecular basis of mechanosensory transduction.

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Identification of a c-Jun homolog from Litopenaeus vannamei as a downstream substrate of JNK in response to WSSV infection.

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Genome-wide identification of mitogen-activated protein kinase gene family in Gossypium raimondii and the function of their corresponding orthologs in tetraploid cultivated cotton.

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Identification of a plastid-localized bifunctional nerolidol/linalool synthase in relation to linalool biosynthesis in young grape berries.

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The short- and long-term effects of environmental conditions on anaerobic methane oxidation coupled to nitrite reduction.

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Overexpression of MAGE-A9 predicts unfavorable outcome in breast cancer.

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Characterization of fosA5, a new plasmid-mediated fosfomycin resistance gene in Escherichia coli.

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Simultaneous gene inactivation and promoter reporting in cyanobacteria.

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Stochastic gate dynamics regulate the catalytic activity of ubiquitination enzymes.

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Structure-Guided DOT1L Probe Optimization by Label-Free Ligand Displacement.

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Arabidopsis AT-hook protein TEK positively regulates the expression of arabinogalactan proteins in controlling nexine layer formation in the pollen wall.

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Biased multicomponent reactions to develop novel bromodomain inhibitors.

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Molecular cloning and expression analysis of the MTN gene during adventitious root development in IBA-induced tetraploid black locust.

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Molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of the SAMS gene during adventitious root development in IBA-induced tetraploid black locust.

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DYT1 directly regulates the expression of TDF1 for tapetum development and pollen wall formation in Arabidopsis.

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The RNA-binding protein RBPMS1 represses AP-1 signaling and regulates breast cancer cell proliferation and migration.

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Novel influenza A(H7N2) virus in chickens, Jilin province, China, 2014.

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Structural and mechanistic insights into NDM-1 catalyzed hydrolysis of cephalosporins.

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Functional and structural diversity in GH62 alpha-L-arabinofuranosidases from the thermophilic fungus Scytalidium thermophilum.

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Evidence for the cooccurrence of nitrite-dependent anaerobic ammonium and methane oxidation processes in a flooded paddy field.

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miR-199a-5p inhibits monocyte/macrophage differentiation by targeting the activin A type 1B receptor gene and finally reducing C/EBPalpha expression.

Lin H.S., Gong J.N., Su R., Chen M.T., Song L., Shen C., Wang F., Ma Y.N., Zhao H.L., Yu J. et al.

J. Leukoc. Biol. 96:1023-1035(2014) · Mapped (3)

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