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E2~Ub conjugates regulate the kinase activity of Shigella effector OspG during pathogenesis.

Pruneda J.N., Smith F.D., Daurie A., Swaney D.L., Villen J., Scott J.D., Stadnyk A.W., Le Trong I., Stenkamp R.E., Klevit R.E. et al.

EMBO J. 33:437-449(2014) · Mapped (3)

Follistatin-like 3 (FSTL3) mediated silencing of transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) signaling is essential for testicular aging and regulating testis size.

Oldknow K.J., Seebacher J., Goswami T., Villen J., Pitsillides A.A., O'Shaughnessy P.J., Gygi S.P., Schneyer A.L., Mukherjee A.

Endocrinology 154:1310-1320(2013) · Mapped (3)

Affinity-based probes based on type II kinase inhibitors.

Ranjitkar P., Perera B.G., Swaney D.L., Swaney D.L., Hari S.B., Larson E.T., Krishnamurty R., Merritt E.A., Villen J., Maly D.J.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134:19017-19025(2012) · Mapped (1)

Systematic functional prioritization of protein posttranslational modifications.

Beltrao P., Albanese V., Kenner L.R., Swaney D.L., Burlingame A., Villen J., Lim W.A., Fraser J.S., Frydman J., Krogan N.J.

Cell 150:413-425(2012) · Mapped (5)

Chemical genetic screen for AMPKalpha2 substrates uncovers a network of proteins involved in mitosis.

Banko M.R., Allen J.J., Schaffer B.E., Wilker E.W., Tsou P., White J.L., Villen J., Wang B., Kim S.R., Sakamoto K. et al.

Mol. Cell 44:878-892(2011) · Mapped (5)

Angiogenin-induced tRNA fragments inhibit translation initiation.

Ivanov P., Emara M.M., Villen J., Gygi S.P., Anderson P.

Mol. Cell 43:613-623(2011) · UniProtKB (1)

Phosphoproteomic analysis identifies Grb10 as an mTORC1 substrate that negatively regulates insulin signaling.

Yu Y., Yoon S.O., Poulogiannis G., Yang Q., Ma X.M., Villen J., Kubica N., Hoffman G.R., Cantley L.C., Gygi S.P. et al.

Science 332:1322-1326(2011) · Mapped (3)

Tra1 has specific regulatory roles, rather than global functions, within the SAGA co-activator complex.

Helmlinger D., Marguerat S., Villen J., Swaney D.L., Gygi S.P., Bahler J., Winston F.

EMBO J. 30:2843-2852(2011) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (12)

Hypomorphic Notch 3 alleles link Notch signaling to ischemic cerebral small-vessel disease.

Arboleda-Velasquez J.F., Manent J., Lee J.H., Tikka S., Ospina C., Vanderburg C.R., Frosch M.P., Rodriguez-Falcon M., Villen J., Gygi S. et al.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 108:E128-35(2011) · Mapped (1)

Survey of activated FLT3 signaling in leukemia.

Gu T.L., Nardone J., Wang Y., Loriaux M., Villen J., Beausoleil S., Tucker M., Kornhauser J., Ren J., MacNeill J. et al.

PLoS ONE 6:e19169-e19169(2011) · Mapped (2)

The gammaTuRC revisited: a comparative analysis of interphase and mitotic human gammaTuRC redefines the set of core components and identifies the novel subunit GCP8.

Teixido-Travesa N., Villen J., Lacasa C., Bertran M.T., Archinti M., Gygi S.P., Caelles C., Roig J., Luders J.

Mol. Biol. Cell 21:3963-3972(2010) · Mapped (1)

Global analysis of Cdk1 substrate phosphorylation sites provides insights into evolution.

Holt L.J., Tuch B.B., Villen J., Johnson A.D., Gygi S.P., Morgan D.O.

Science 325:1682-1686(2009) · UniProtKB (1,738)

Regulation of neuronal cell death by MST1-FOXO1 signaling.

Yuan Z., Lehtinen M.K., Merlo P., Villen J., Gygi S., Bonni A.

J. Biol. Chem. 284:11285-11292(2009) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (9)

The S. pombe SAGA complex controls the switch from proliferation to sexual differentiation through the opposing roles of its subunits Gcn5 and Spt8.

Helmlinger D., Marguerat S., Villen J., Gygi S.P., Bahler J., Winston F.

Genes Dev. 22:3184-3195(2008) · UniProtKB (3) · Mapped (3)

Unphosphorylated SR-like protein Npl3 stimulates RNA polymerase II elongation.

Dermody J.L., Dreyfuss J.M., Villen J., Ogundipe B., Gygi S.P., Park P.J., Ponticelli A.S., Moore C.L., Buratowski S., Bucheli M.E.

PLoS ONE 3:e3273-e3273(2008) · Mapped (4)

A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation.

Dephoure N., Zhou C., Villen J., Beausoleil S.A., Bakalarski C.E., Elledge S.J., Gygi S.P.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105:10762-10767(2008) · UniProtKB (3,426)

Fission yeast SWI/SNF and RSC complexes show compositional and functional differences from budding yeast.

Monahan B.J., Villen J., Marguerat S., Baehler J., Gygi S.P., Winston F.

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 15:873-880(2008) · UniProtKB (19) · Mapped (8)

The septins function in G1 pathways that influence the pattern of cell growth in budding yeast.

Egelhofer T.A., Villen J., McCusker D., Gygi S.P., Kellogg D.R.

PLoS ONE 3:e2022-e2022(2008) · Mapped (15)

Phosphoproteome analysis of Drosophila melanogaster embryos.

Zhai B., Villen J., Beausoleil S.A., Mintseris J., Gygi S.P.

J. Proteome Res. 7:1675-1682(2008) · UniProtKB (676) · Mapped (8)

Phosphoproteome analysis of fission yeast.

Wilson-Grady J.T., Villen J., Gygi S.P.

J. Proteome Res. 7:1088-1097(2008) · UniProtKB (962) · Mapped (146)

Signaling networks assembled by oncogenic EGFR and c-Met.

Guo A., Villen J., Kornhauser J., Lee K.A., Stokes M.P., Rikova K., Possemato A., Nardone J., Innocenti G., Wetzel R. et al.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105:692-697(2008) · Mapped (42)

Global survey of phosphotyrosine signaling identifies oncogenic kinases in lung cancer.

Rikova K., Guo A., Zeng Q., Possemato A., Yu J., Haack H., Nardone J., Lee K., Reeves C., Li Y. et al.

Cell 131:1190-1203(2007) · UniProtKB (4)

An AMPK-FOXO pathway mediates longevity induced by a novel method of dietary restriction in C. elegans.

Greer E.L., Dowlatshahi D., Banko M.R., Villen J., Hoang K., Blanchard D., Gygi S.P., Brunet A.

Curr. Biol. 17:1646-1656(2007) · Mapped (4)

S. pombe LSD1 homologs regulate heterochromatin propagation and euchromatic gene transcription.

Lan F., Zaratiegui M., Villen J., Vaughn M.W., Verdel A., Huarte M., Shi Y., Gygi S.P., Moazed D., Martienssen R.A. et al.

Mol. Cell 26:89-101(2007) · UniProtKB (4)

Large-scale phosphorylation analysis of alpha-factor-arrested Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Li X., Gerber S.A., Rudner A.D., Beausoleil S.A., Haas W., Villen J., Elias J.E., Gygi S.P.

J. Proteome Res. 6:1190-1197(2007) · UniProtKB (966)

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