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      Literature citations Results

      Structural basis for protein-RNA recognition in telomerase.

      Huang J., Brown A.F., Wu J., Xue J., Bley C.J., Rand D.P., Wu L., Zhang R., Chen J.J., Lei M.

      Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 21:507-512(2014) · UniProtKB (1)

      Molecular cloning, organization, expression and 3D structural analysis of the MHC class Ia gene in the whitespotted bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum).

      Shen T., Lei M., Wang J., He X., Li X., Li J.

      Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol. 157:111-118(2014) · UniProtKB (2)

      Nuclear FKBPs, Fpr3 and Fpr4 affect genome-wide genes transcription.

      Park S.K., Xiao H., Lei M.

      Mol. Genet. Genomics 289:125-136(2014) · Mapped (2)

      Arabidopsis EDM2 promotes IBM1 distal polyadenylation and regulates genome DNA methylation patterns.

      Lei M., La H., Lu K., Wang P., Miki D., Ren Z., Duan C.G., Wang X., Tang K., Zeng L. et al.

      Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111:527-532(2014) · Mapped (4)

      Prevalence and genetic characterization of Cryptosporidium in yaks in Qinghai Province of China.

      Mi R., Wang X., Li C., Huang Y., Zhou P., Li Z., Lei M., Cai J., Chen Z.

      PLoS ONE 8:e74985-e74985(2013) · UniProtKB (5)

      SLX4 assembles a telomere maintenance toolkit by bridging multiple endonucleases with telomeres.

      Wan B., Yin J., Horvath K., Sarkar J., Chen Y., Wu J., Wan K., Lu J., Gu P., Yu E.Y. et al.

      Cell Rep 4:861-869(2013) · Mapped (2)

      RNA-binding protein regulates plant DNA methylation by controlling mRNA processing at the intronic heterochromatin-containing gene IBM1.

      Wang X., Duan C.G., Tang K., Wang B., Zhang H., Lei M., Lu K., Mangrauthia S.K., Wang P., Zhu G. et al.

      Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110:15467-15472(2013) · Mapped (1)

      The mitochondrial genome of Paramphistomum cervi (Digenea), the first representative for the family Paramphistomidae.

      Yan H.B., Wang X.Y., Lou Z.Z., Li L., Blair D., Yin H., Cai J.Z., Dai X.L., Lei M.T., Zhu X.Q. et al.

      PLoS ONE 8:e71300-e71300(2013) · UniProtKB (12)

      ETV4 promotes metastasis in response to activation of PI3-kinase and Ras signaling in a mouse model of advanced prostate cancer.

      Aytes A., Mitrofanova A., Kinkade C.W., Lefebvre C., Lei M., Phelan V., LeKaye H.C., Koutcher J.A., Cardiff R.D., Califano A. et al.

      Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110:E3506-15(2013) · Mapped (20)

      ALDH2 rs671 Polymorphism and coronary heart disease risk among Asian populations: a meta-analysis and meta-regression.

      Wang Q., Zhou S., Wang L., Lei M., Wang Y., Miao C., Jin Y.

      DNA Cell Biol. 32:393-399(2013) · Mapped (3)

      Single strand DNA binding proteins 1 and 2 protect newly replicated telomeres.

      Gu P., Deng W., Lei M., Chang S.

      Cell Res. 23:705-719(2013) · Mapped (5)

      Activation of sarX by Rbf is required for biofilm formation and icaADBC expression in Staphylococcus aureus.

      Cue D., Lei M.G., Lee C.Y.

      J. Bacteriol. 195:1515-1524(2013) · Mapped (1)

      A popular engagement at the ends.

      Lue N.F., Yu E.Y., Lei M.

      Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 20:10-12(2013) · Mapped (5)

      Structure-based design of high-affinity macrocyclic peptidomimetics to block the menin-mixed lineage leukemia 1 (MLL1) protein-protein interaction.

      Zhou H., Liu L., Huang J., Bernard D., Karatas H., Navarro A., Lei M., Wang S.

      J. Med. Chem. 56:1113-1123(2013) · Mapped (1)

      High-affinity, small-molecule peptidomimetic inhibitors of MLL1/WDR5 protein-protein interaction.

      Karatas H., Townsend E.C., Cao F., Chen Y., Bernard D., Liu L., Lei M., Dou Y., Wang S.

      J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135:669-682(2013) · Mapped (1)

      Conduction slowing contributes to spontaneous ventricular arrhythmias in intrinsically active murine RyR2-P2328S hearts.

      Zhang Y., Wu J., Jeevaratnam K., King J.H., Guzadhur L., Ren X., Grace A.A., Lei M., Huang C.L., Fraser J.A.

      J. Cardiovasc. Electrophysiol. 24:210-218(2013) · Mapped (4)

      Recombination activating gene-2 regulates CpG-mediated interferon-alpha production in mouse bone marrow-derived plasmacytoid dendritic cells.

      Luo X.M., Lei M.Y.

      PLoS ONE 7:e47952-e47952(2012) · Mapped (8)

      The MBD4 Glu346Lys polymorphism is associated with the risk of cervical cancer in a Chinese population.

      Xiong X.D., Luo X.P., Liu X., Jing X., Zeng L.Q., Lei M., Hong X.S., Chen Y.

      Int. J. Gynecol. Cancer 22:1552-1556(2012) · Mapped (1)

      Menin as a hub controlling mixed lineage leukemia.

      Thiel A.T., Huang J., Lei M., Hua X.

      Bioessays 34:771-780(2012) · Mapped (7)

      Alternative splicing of the porcine glycogen synthase kinase 3beta (GSK-3beta) gene with differential expression patterns and regulatory functions.

      Wang L., Zuo B., Xu D., Ren Z., Zhang H., Li X., Lei M., Xiong Y.

      PLoS ONE 7:e40250-e40250(2012) · UniProtKB (6)

      Gsdma3 is a new factor needed for TNF-alpha-mediated apoptosis signal pathway in mouse skin keratinocytes.

      Lei M., Bai X., Yang T., Lai X., Qiu W., Yang L., Lian X.

      Histochem. Cell Biol. 138:385-396(2012) · Mapped (9)

      Structural insight into the regulation of MOF in the male-specific lethal complex and the non-specific lethal complex.

      Huang J., Wan B., Wu L., Yang Y., Dou Y., Lei M.

      Cell Res. 22:1078-1081(2012) · UniProtKB (4)

      The age-dependence of atrial arrhythmogenicity in Scn5a+/- murine hearts reflects alterations in action potential propagation and recovery.

      Guzadhur L., Jiang W., Pearcey S.M., Jeevaratnam K., Duehmke R.M., Grace A.A., Lei M., Huang C.L.

      Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Physiol. 39:518-527(2012) · Mapped (16)

      Yin Yang 1 plays an essential role in breast cancer and negatively regulates p27.

      Wan M., Huang W., Kute T.E., Miller L.D., Zhang Q., Hatcher H., Wang J., Stovall D.B., Russell G.B., Cao P.D. et al.

      Am. J. Pathol. 180:2120-2133(2012) · Mapped (1)

      The same pocket in menin binds both MLL and JUND but has opposite effects on transcription.

      Huang J., Gurung B., Wan B., Matkar S., Veniaminova N.A., Wan K., Merchant J.L., Hua X., Lei M.

      Nature 482:542-546(2012) · Mapped (20)

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