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A high-resolution map of human evolutionary constraint using 29 mammals.

Lindblad-Toh K., Garber M., Zuk O., Lin M.F., Parker B.J., Washietl S., Kheradpour P., Ernst J., Jordan G., Mauceli E. et al.

Nature 478:476-482(2011) · UniProtKB (55,961)

Identification of functional elements and regulatory circuits by Drosophila modENCODE.

modENCODE Consortium
Roy S., Ernst J., Kharchenko P.V., Kheradpour P., Negre N., Eaton M.L., Landolin J.M., Bristow C.A., Ma L., Lin M.F. et al.

Science 330:1787-1797(2010) · Mapped (65)

Discovery of functional elements in 12 Drosophila genomes using evolutionary signatures.

Stark A., Lin M.F., Kheradpour P., Pedersen J.S., Parts L., Carlson J.W., Crosby M.A., Rasmussen M.D., Roy S., Deoras A.N. et al.

Nature 450:219-232(2007) · Mapped (92)

Evolutionary and biomedical insights from the rhesus macaque genome.

Gibbs R.A., Rogers J., Katze M.G., Bumgarner R., Weinstock G.M., Mardis E.R., Remington K.A., Strausberg R.L., Venter J.C., Wilson R.K. et al.

Science 316:222-234(2007) · UniProtKB (35,263)

A distal enhancer and an ultraconserved exon are derived from a novel retroposon.

Bejerano G., Lowe C.B., Ahituv N., King B., Siepel A., Salama S.R., Rubin E.M., Kent W.J., Haussler D.

Nature 441:87-90(2006) · Mapped (4)

Evolutionarily conserved elements in vertebrate, insect, worm, and yeast genomes.

Siepel A., Bejerano G., Pedersen J.S., Hinrichs A.S., Hou M., Rosenbloom K., Clawson H., Spieth J., Hillier L.W., Richards S. et al.

Genome Res. 15:1034-1050(2005) · Mapped (15)

Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution.

Hillier L.W., Miller W., Birney E., Warren W., Hardison R.C., Ponting C.P., Bork P., Burt D.W., Groenen M.A.M., Delany M.E. et al.

Nature 432:695-716(2004) · UniProtKB (15,507)

Environmentally induced foregut remodeling by PHA-4/FoxA and DAF-12/NHR.

Ao W., Gaudet J., Kent W.J., Muttumu S., Mango S.E.

Science 305:1743-1746(2004) · Mapped (8)

Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution.

Gibbs R.A., Weinstock G.M., Metzker M.L., Muzny D.M., Sodergren E.J., Scherer S., Scott G., Steffen D., Worley K.C., Burch P.E. et al.

Nature 428:493-521(2004) · UniProtKB (22,727) · Mapped (62)

Comparative analyses of multi-species sequences from targeted genomic regions.

Thomas J.W., Touchman J.W., Blakesley R.W., Bouffard G.G., Beckstrom-Sternberg S.M., Margulies E.H., Blanchette M., Siepel A.C., Thomas P.J., McDowell J.C. et al.

Nature 424:788-793(2003) · UniProtKB (95)

The DNA sequence of human chromosome 7.

Hillier L.W., Fulton R.S., Fulton L.A., Graves T.A., Pepin K.H., Wagner-McPherson C., Layman D., Maas J., Jaeger S., Walker R. et al.

Nature 424:157-164(2003) · UniProtKB (3,164)

Initial sequencing and comparative analysis of the mouse genome.

Waterston R.H., Lindblad-Toh K., Birney E., Rogers J., Abril J.F., Agarwal P., Agarwala R., Ainscough R., Alexandersson M., An P. et al.

Nature 420:520-562(2002) · UniProtKB (1)

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