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IFN-gamma differentially regulates subsets of Gr-1(+)CD11b(+) myeloid cells in chronic inflammation.

Zhan X., Fang Y., Hu S., Wu Y., Yang K., Liao C., Zhang Y., Huang X., Wu M.

Mol. Immunol. 66:451-462(2015) · Mapped (18)

Transforming growth factor beta-activated kinase 1 negatively regulates interleukin-1alpha-induced stromal-derived factor-1 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells.

Yang B., Li W., Zheng Q., Qin T., Wang K., Li J., Guo B., Yu Q., Wu Y., Gao Y. et al.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 463:130-136(2015) · Mapped (3)

Hepatocellular Shuttling and Recirculation of Sorafenib-Glucuronide Is Dependent on Abcc2, Abcc3, and Oatp1a/1b.

Vasilyeva A., Durmus S., Li L., Wagenaar E., Hu S., Gibson A.A., Panetta J.C., Mani S., Sparreboom A., Baker S.D. et al.

Cancer Res. 75:2729-2736(2015) · Mapped (9)

Upregulation of P2RX7 in Cx3cr1-Deficient Mononuclear Phagocytes Leads to Increased Interleukin-1beta Secretion and Photoreceptor Neurodegeneration.

Hu S.J., Calippe B., Lavalette S., Roubeix C., Montassar F., Housset M., Levy O., Delarasse C., Paques M., Sahel J.A. et al.

J. Neurosci. 35:6987-6996(2015) · Mapped (19)

Mitigation of acute kidney injury by cell-cycle inhibitors that suppress both CDK4/6 and OCT2 functions.

Pabla N., Gibson A.A., Buege M., Ong S.S., Li L., Hu S., Du G., Sprowl J.A., Vasilyeva A., Janke L.J. et al.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112:5231-5236(2015) · Mapped (2)

CDK2 Inhibition Causes Anaphase Catastrophe in Lung Cancer through the Centrosomal Protein CP110.

Hu S., Danilov A.V., Godek K., Orr B., Tafe L.J., Rodriguez-Canales J., Behrens C., Mino B., Moran C.A., Memoli V.A. et al.

Cancer Res. 75:2029-2038(2015) · Mapped (9)

Overexpression of cotton RAV1 gene in Arabidopsis confers transgenic plants high salinity and drought sensitivity.

Li X.J., Li M., Zhou Y., Hu S., Hu R., Chen Y., Li X.B.

PLoS ONE 10:e0118056-e0118056(2015) · UniProtKB (1)

TERT promoter mutations and TERT mRNA but not FGFR3 mutations are urinary biomarkers in Han Chinese patients with urothelial bladder cancer.

Wang K., Liu T., Liu C., Meng Y., Yuan X., Liu L., Ge N., Liu J., Wang C., Ren H. et al.

Oncologist 20:263-269(2015) · Mapped (14)

[NADPH oxidase-induced macrophage autophagy mediated by reactive oxygen species in Aspergillus fumigatus infection].

Hu S., Yang X., He J.

Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 31:190-193(2015) · Mapped (1)

Adrenergic signaling mediates mechanical hyperalgesia through activation of P2X3 receptors in primary sensory neurons of rats with chronic pancreatitis.

Wang S., Zhu H.Y., Jin Y., Zhou Y., Hu S., Liu T., Jiang X., Xu G.Y.

Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 308:G710-9(2015) · Mapped (3)

Molecular architecture of the ErbB2 extracellular domain homodimer.

Hu S., Sun Y., Meng Y., Wang X., Yang W., Fu W., Guo H., Qian W., Hou S., Li B. et al.

Oncotarget 6:1695-1706(2015) · Mapped (1)

Autophagy collaborates with ubiquitination to downregulate oncoprotein E2A/Pbx1 in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Yuan N., Song L., Lin W., Cao Y., Xu F., Liu S., Zhang A., Wang Z., Li X., Fang Y. et al.

Blood Cancer J 5:e274-e274(2015) · Mapped (5)

Apolipoprotein E promotes subretinal mononuclear phagocyte survival and chronic inflammation in age-related macular degeneration.

Levy O., Calippe B., Lavalette S., Hu S.J., Raoul W., Dominguez E., Housset M., Paques M., Sahel J.A., Bemelmans A.P. et al.

EMBO Mol Med 7:211-226(2015) · Mapped (16)

SOX2, a predictor of survival in gastric cancer, inhibits cell proliferation and metastasis by regulating PTEN.

Wang S., Tie J., Wang R., Hu F., Gao L., Wang W., Wang L., Li Z., Hu S., Tang S. et al.

Cancer Lett. 358:210-219(2015) · Mapped (14)

Novel H5 clade viruses with both alpha-2,3 and alpha-2,6 receptor binding properties may pose a pandemic threat.

Li Q., Wang X., Gu M., Zhu J., Hao X., Gao Z., Sun Z., Hu J., Hu S., Wang X. et al.

Vet. Res. 45:127-127(2014) · UniProtKB (10)

Loss of vinculin and membrane-bound beta-catenin promotes metastasis and predicts poor prognosis in colorectal cancer.

Li T., Guo H., Song Y., Zhao X., Shi Y., Lu Y., Hu S., Nie Y., Fan D., Wu K.

Mol. Cancer 13:263-263(2014) · Mapped (7)

FCGR2A rs1801274 polymorphism is associated with risk of childhood-onset idiopathic (immune) thrombocytopenic purpura: evidence from a meta-analysis.

Wang D., Hu S.L., Cheng X.L., Yang J.Y.

Thromb. Res. 134:1323-1327(2014) · Mapped (2)

Ancient DNA provides new insight into the maternal lineages and domestication of Chinese donkeys.

Han L., Zhu S., Ning C., Cai D., Wang K., Chen Q., Hu S., Yang J., Shao J., Zhu H. et al.

BMC Evol. Biol. 14:246-246(2014) · UniProtKB (2)

Retinoic acid receptor-beta gene reexpression and biological activity in SHI-1 cells after combined treatment with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine and all-trans retinoic acid.

Xiang L., Wang R., Wei J., Qiu G., Cen J., Hu S., Xie X., Chen Z., Gu W.

Acta Haematol. 133:279-286(2015) · Mapped (11)

An RCOR1 loss-associated gene expression signature identifies a prognostically significant DLBCL subgroup.

Chan F.C., Telenius A., Healy S., Ben-Neriah S., Mottok A., Lim R., Drake M., Hu S., Ding J., Ha G. et al.

Blood 125:959-966(2015) · Mapped (2)

Origin and expansion of the Yunnan Shoot Borer, Tomicus yunnanensis (coleoptera: scolytinae): a mixture of historical natural expansion and contemporary human-mediated relocation.

Lu J., Hu S.J., Ma X.Y., Chen J.M., Li Q.Q., Ye H.

PLoS ONE 9:e111940-e111940(2014) · UniProtKB (12)

Sevoflurane post-conditioning protects isolated rat hearts against ischemia-reperfusion injury via activation of the ERK1/2 pathway.

Xie H., Zhang J., Zhu J., Liu L.X., Rebecchi M., Hu S.M., Wang C.

Acta Pharmacol. Sin. 35:1504-1513(2014) · Mapped (1)

Zinc finger protein 382 is downregulated by promoter hypermethylation in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia patients.

Tao Y.F., Hu S.Y., Lu J., Cao L., Zhao W.L., Xiao P.F., Xu L.X., Li Z.H., Wang N.N., Du X.J. et al.

Int. J. Mol. Med. 34:1505-1515(2014) · Mapped (2)

Circulating betatrophin levels are increased in patients with type 2 diabetes and associated with insulin resistance.

Chen X., Lu P., He W., Zhang J., Liu L., Yang Y., Liu Z., Xie J., Shao S., Du T. et al.

J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 100:E96-E100(2015) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (5)

SOX10, a novel HMG-box-containing tumor suppressor, inhibits growth and metastasis of digestive cancers by suppressing the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway.

Tong X., Li L., Li X., Heng L., Zhong L., Su X., Rong R., Hu S., Liu W., Jia B. et al.

Oncotarget 5:10571-10583(2014) · Mapped (2)

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