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A new factor related to TATA-binding protein has highly restricted expression patterns in Drosophila.

Crowley T.E., Hoey T., Liu J.-K., Jan Y.N., Jan L.Y., Tjian R.

The TATA-binding protein TBP is necessary for the transcription of eukaryotic genes. Multi-protein complexes formed by TBP and different TBP-associated factors are involved in the initiation of transcription by polymerases I and II, and probably III as well. During the formation of an active initiation complex, TBP makes specific contacts with other proteins, for example TFIIB and RNA polymerase II (refs 2-4). Here we describe the cloning and characterization of a Drosophila gene product with considerable sequence similarity to TBP and a highly restricted expression pattern in the embryo. This TBP-related factor is a DNA-binding protein but is not likely to be a basal transcription factor. Our results suggest that TBP-related factor is a sequence-specific transcription factor that shares the DNA-binding properties of TBP.

Nature 361:557-561(1993) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]