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Elongation factor NusG interacts with termination factor rho to regulate termination and antitermination of transcription.

Li J., Mason S.W., Greenblatt J.

NusG is a transcriptional elongation factor in Escherichia coli that aids transcriptional antitermination by the phage lambda N protein. By using NusG affinity chromatography, we found that NusG binds directly and selectively to termination factor rho. NusG was shown previously to be needed for termination by rho in vivo, and we show here that NusG increases the efficiency of termination by rho at promoter-proximal sites in vitro. The rho026 mutation makes termination by rho less dependent on NusG. It also makes antitermination by N at rho-dependent terminators and the binding of rho to NusG temperature sensitive. Therefore, the interaction of NusG with rho is important both for rho-dependent termination and for antitermination by N at rho-dependent terminators.

Genes Dev. 7:161-172(1993) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]