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[Cloning and the determination of the nucleotide sequences in 2 genes of human leukocyte interferons].

Saveliev V.I., Zlochevsky M.L., Sorokin A.V., Naroditskaya V.A., Bolotin A.P., Demyanova N.G., Kozlov Y.I., Neznanov N.S., Gazaryan K.G., Monastyrskaya G.S., Sverdlov E.D.

Four different recombinant phages carrying interferon sequences were identified in the human gene bank on vector Charon 4A. A fragment of interferon A gene cloned previously through cDNA was used as a hybridization probe for analysis of the bank. The nucleotide sequence of DNA encoding the interferon genes was determined for 2 recombinant phages. One of these genes corresponded to the interferon A gene but one amino acid substitution (His 34-Arg). The second gene (I1) belonged to the family of the interferon C genes and differed from all the genes described earlier.

Antibiot. Med. Biotekhnol. 31:592-596(1986) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]