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Tyrosine kinase receptor with extensive homology to EGF receptor shares chromosomal location with neu oncogene.

Coussens L., Yang-Feng T.L., Liao Y.C., Chen E., Gray A., McGrath J., Seeburg P.H., Libermann T.A., Schlessinger J., Francke U., Levinson A., Ullrich A., et al.

A novel potential cell surface receptor of the tyrosine kinase gene family has been identified and characterized by molecular cloning. Its primary sequence is very similar to that of the human epidermal growth factor receptor and the v-erbB oncogene product; the chromosomal location of the gene for this protein is coincident with the neu oncogene, which suggests that the two genes may be identical.

Science 230:1132-1139(1985) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]