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Cep78 is a new centriolar protein involved in Plk4-induced centriole overduplication.

Brunk K., Zhu M., Baerenz F., Kratz A.S., Haselmann-Weiss U., Antony C., Hoffmann I.

Centrioles are core components of centrosomes, the major microtubule-organizing centers of animal cells, and act as basal bodies for cilia formation. Control of centriole number is therefore crucial for genome stability and embryogenesis. Centriole duplication requires the serine/threonine protein kinase Plk4. Here, we identify Cep78 as a human centrosomal protein and a new interaction partner of Plk4. Cep78 is mainly a centriolar protein that localizes to the centriolar wall. Furthermore, we find that Plk4 binds to Cep78 through its N-terminal domain but that Cep78 is not an in vitro Plk4 substrate. Cep78 colocalizes with Plk4 at centrioles and is required for Plk4-induced centriole overduplication. Interestingly, upon depletion of Cep78, newly synthesized Plk4 is not localized to centrosomes. Our results suggest that the interaction between Cep78 and the N-terminal catalytic domain of Plk4 is a new and important element in the centrosome overduplication process.

J. Cell Sci. 129:2713-2718(2016) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]