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Identification of a new P450 expressed in human lung: complete cDNA sequence, cDNA-directed expression, and chromosome mapping.

Nhamburo P.T., Gonzalez F.J., McBride O.W., Gelboin H.V., Kimura S.

A cDNA coding for a P450 expressed in human lung was isolated from a lambda gt11 library constructed from human lung mRNA using a cDNA probe to rat P450 IVA1. The cDNA-deduced amino acid sequence of this P450, designated IVB1, consisted of 511 amino acids and had a calculated molecular weight of 59,558. The IVB1 amino acid sequence bore 51%, 53%, and 52% similarities to rat IVA1, IVA2, and rabbit P450p-2, respectively. Comparison of the primary amino acid sequence of human IVB1 with rat IVA and rabbit p-2 P450 sequences revealed a region of absolute sequence identity of 17 amino acids between residues 304 and 320. However, the functional significance of this conserved sequence is unknown. Human IVB1 also appears to be related to P450 isozyme 5 that has been extensively characterized in rabbits. The IVB1 cDNA was inserted into a vaccinia virus expression vector and the enzyme expressed in human cell lines. The expressed enzyme had an absorption spectrum with a lambda max at 450 nm when reduced and complexed with carbon monoxide, typical of other cytochrome P450s. Unlike rabbit P450 isozyme 5, however, human IVB1 was unable to activate the promutagen 2-aminofluorene. Human lung microsomal P450s were also unable to metabolize this compound despite the presence of IVB1 mRNA in three out of four human lungs analyzed. In contrast to its expression in lung, IVB1 mRNA was undetectable in livers from 14 individuals, including those from which the lungs were derived. IVB1-related mRNA was also expressed in rat lung and was undetectable in untreated rat liver.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

Biochemistry 28:8060-8066(1989) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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