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Metallothionein genes from the flowering plant Mimulus guttatus.

de Miranda J.R., Thomas M.A., Thurman D.A., Tomsett A.B.

In response to excess metal, higher plants produce metal-binding peptides [( gamma EC]nG) whose biosynthesis is believed to be mediated by enzymes involved in glutathione (gamma ECG) metabolism. In contrast, animals synthesize metallothioneins, gene-encoded low molecular weight cysteine-rich metal-binding proteins. In an investigation of copper-regulated genes in the copper-tolerant flowering plant Mimulus guttatus, we have isolated a series of cDNA clones identifying two genes which encode a protein with class I metallothionein domains. This represents the first description of a metallothionein gene in a flowering plant.

FEBS Lett. 260:277-280(1990) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]