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ATAC and Mediator coactivators form a stable complex and regulate a set of non-coding RNA genes.

Krebs A.R., Demmers J., Karmodiya K., Chang N.C., Chang A.C., Tora L.

The Ada-Two-A-containing (ATAC) histone acetyltransferase and Mediator coactivator complexes regulate independent and distinct steps during transcription initiation and elongation. Here, we report the identification of a new stable molecular assembly formed between the ATAC and Mediator complexes in mouse embryonic stem cells. Moreover, we identify leucine zipper motif-containing protein 1 as a subunit of this meta-coactivator complex (MECO). Finally, we demonstrate that the MECO regulates a subset of RNA polymerase II-transcribed non-coding RNA genes. Our findings establish that transcription coactivator complexes can form stable subcomplexes to facilitate their combined actions on specific target genes.

EMBO Rep. 11:541-547(2010) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]