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p140Cap protein suppresses tumour cell properties, regulating Csk and Src kinase activity.

Di Stefano P., Damiano L., Cabodi S., Aramu S., Tordella L., Praduroux A., Piva R., Cavallo F., Forni G., Silengo L., Tarone G., Turco E., Defilippi P.

We recently identified p140Cap as a novel adaptor protein, expressed in epithelial-rich tissues and phosphorylated upon cell matrix adhesion and growth factor treatment. Here, we characterise p140Cap as a novel Src-binding protein, which regulates Src activation via C-terminal Src kinase (Csk). p140Cap silencing increases cell spreading, migration rate and Src kinase activity. Accordingly, increased expression of p140Cap activates Csk, leading to inhibition of Src and downstream signalling as well as of cell motility and invasion. Moreover, cell proliferation and "in vivo" breast cancer cell growth are strongly impaired by high levels of p140Cap, providing the first evidence that p140Cap is a novel negative regulator of tumour growth.

EMBO J. 26:2843-2855(2007) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]