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Arabidopsis CAMTA family proteins enhance V-PPase expression in pollen.

Mitsuda N., Isono T., Sato M.H.

The pollen-specific cis-acting region of the AVP1 gene is involved in the expression of the Arabidopsis V-PPase gene during pollen development. We isolate AtCAMTA5, which binds to the 38-bp pollen-specific cis-acting region, by one-hybrid screening using the cis-acting region as a probe. The green fluorescent protein-fused AtCAMTA5 is specifically localized to the nucleus in Arabidopsis suspension cultured cells. The promoter-beta-glucuronidase reporter experiment shows the expression not only of AtCAMTA5 but also of AtCAMTA1 in pollen. In particular, AtCAMTA1 is specifically expressed in pollen. Both the one-hybrid analysis in the reporter yeast and in vivo transient effector-reporter analysis in Arabidopsis suspension cultured cells revealed that AtCAMTA1 could regulate gene expression depending on the CGCG-box within the 38-bp pollen-specific cis-acting region. These results indicate that AtCAMTA1 as well as AtCAMTA5 possibly enhance AVP1 expression in pollen.

Plant Cell Physiol. 44:975-981(2003) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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