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No Significant Increase in the Delta4- and Delta7-Dafachronic Acid Concentration in the Long-Lived glp-1 Mutant and in Dauer Formation-Defective Mutants.

Li T.M., Liu W., Lu S., Zhang Y.P., Jia L.M., Chen J., Li X., Lei X., Dong M.Q.

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CSR-1 and P granules suppress sperm-specific transcription in the C. elegans germline.

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Riboflavin transporter-2 (rft-2) of Caenorhabditis elegans: Adaptive and developmental regulation.

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Highly efficient microfluidic sorting device for synchronizing developmental stages of C. elegans based on deflecting electrotaxis.

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A gene-expression-based neural code for food abundance that modulates lifespan.

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A nuclear role for the respiratory enzyme CLK-1 in regulating mitochondrial stress responses and longevity.

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Impact of a Complex Food Microbiota on Energy Metabolism in the Model Organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

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rBTI extends Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan by mimicking calorie restriction.

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MED GATA factors promote robust development of the C. elegans endoderm.

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Widespread Proteome Remodeling and Aggregation in Aging C. elegans.

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Discovery of ML358, a selective small molecule inhibitor of the SKN-1 pathway involved in drug detoxification and resistance in nematodes.

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Lack of pairing during meiosis triggers multigenerational transgene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans.

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Analysis of lifespan-promoting effect of garlic extract by an integrated metabolo-proteomics approach.

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C. elegans Anillin proteins regulate intercellular bridge stability and germline syncytial organization.

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Dietary restriction decreases coenzyme Q and ubiquinol potentially via changes in gene expression in the model organism C. elegans.

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An instructive role for C. elegans E-cadherin in translating cell contact cues into cortical polarity.

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A Synthetic Lethal Screen Identifies a Role for Lin-44/Wnt in C. elegans Embryogenesis.

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Heat shock factor 1 prevents the reduction in thrashing due to heat shock in Caenorhabditis elegans.

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An RNA polymerase III subunit determines sites of retrotransposon integration.

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Sperm-inherited organelle clearance in C. elegans relies on LC3-dependent autophagosome targeting to the pericentrosomal area.

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Auxin-binding pocket of ABP1 is crucial for its gain-of-function cellular and developmental roles.

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Separase Cleaves the N-Tail of the CENP-A Related Protein CPAR-1 at the Meiosis I Metaphase-Anaphase Transition in C. elegans.

Monen J., Hattersley N., Muroyama A., Stevens D., Oegema K., Desai A.

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Solution structure of the RNA-binding cold shock domain of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii NAB1 protein and insights into RNA recognition.

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TRIP13 is a protein-remodeling AAA+ ATPase that catalyzes MAD2 conformation switching.

Ye Q., Rosenberg S.C., Moeller A., Speir J.A., Su T.Y., Corbett K.D.

Elife 4:0-0(2015) · Mapped (1)

Synaptojanin cooperates in vivo with endophilin through an unexpected mechanism.

Dong Y., Gou Y., Li Y., Liu Y., Bai J.

Elife 4:0-0(2015) · Mapped (8)

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