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MiniCORVET is a Vps8-containing early endosomal tether in Drosophila.

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Substrate Specificity and Mapping of Residues Critical for Transport in the High Affinity Glutathione Transporter, Hgt1p.

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The Epigenetic Pathways to Ribosomal DNA Silencing.

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Pre-40S ribosome biogenesis factor Tsr1 is an inactive structural mimic of translational GTPases.

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WDR76 Co-Localizes with Heterochromatin Related Proteins and Rapidly Responds to DNA Damage.

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Heme dynamics and trafficking factors revealed by genetically encoded fluorescent heme sensors.

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Posttranslational control of the scaffold for Fe-S cluster biogenesis as a compensatory regulatory mechanism.

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NCW2, a Gene Involved in the Tolerance to Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB), May Help in the Organisation of beta-1,3-Glucan Structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Wall.

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Gene- and Genome-Based Analysis of Significant Codon Patterns in Yeast, Rat and Mice Genomes with the CUT Codon Utilization Tool.

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The MICOS complex of human mitochondria.

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Characterization of Channelrhodopsin and Archaerhodopsin in Cholinergic Neurons of Cre-Lox Transgenic Mice.

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MAP Kinase Hog1 Regulates Metabolic Changes Induced by Hyperosmotic Stress.

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A Network of Paralogous Stress Response Transcription Factors in the Human Pathogen Candida glabrata.

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Functions of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ecm27p, a putative Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger, in calcium homeostasis, carbohydrate storage and cell cycle reentry from the quiescent phase.

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The asialoglycoprotein receptor suppresses the metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma via LASS2-mediated inhibition of V-ATPase activity.

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Consider the workhorse: Nonhomologous end-joining in budding yeast.

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Cell cycle regulated transcription: from yeast to cancer.

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Structure and function of the telomeric CST complex.

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Conservation of the oligomeric state of native VDAC1 in detergent micelles.

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The essential Neo1 from budding yeast plays a role in establishing aminophospholipid asymmetry of the plasma membrane.

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Mechanisms of mutagenesis: DNA replication in the presence of DNA damage.

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The many faces of histone H3K79 methylation.

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Rice UBC13, a candidate housekeeping gene, is required for K63-linked polyubiquitination and tolerance to DNA damage.

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Target of rapamycin signaling mediates vacuolar fragmentation.

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ATP6AP1 deficiency causes an immunodeficiency with hepatopathy, cognitive impairment and abnormal protein glycosylation.

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