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The endoribonuclease activity essential for the nonstructural protein 11 of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus to inhibit NLRP3 inflammasome-Mediated IL-1beta induction.

Wang C., Shi X., Zhang X., Wang A., Wang L., Chen J., Deng R., Zhang G.

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Architecture of the mammalian mechanosensitive Piezo1 channel.

Ge J., Li W., Zhao Q., Li N., Chen M., Zhi P., Li R., Gao N., Xiao B., Yang M.

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Phase transition of spindle-associated protein regulate spindle apparatus assembly.

Jiang H., Wang S., Huang Y., He X., Cui H., Zhu X., Zheng Y.

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Heimler syndrome is caused by hypomorphic mutations in the peroxisome-biogenesis genes PEX1 and PEX6.

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A novel AMT gene mutation in a newborn with nonketotic hyperglycinemia and early myoclonic encephalopathy.

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Streptococcus pneumoniae NanC: Structural Insights into the Specificity and Mechanism of a Sialidase that Produces a Sialidase Inhibitor.

Owen C.D., Lukacik P., Potter J.A., Sleator O., Taylor G.L., Walsh M.A.

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Large-scale transcriptional profiling of lignified tissues in Tectona grandis.

Galeano E., Vasconcelos T.S., Vidal M., Mejia-Guerra M.K., Carrer H.

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Characterization of the Bacterioferritin/Bacterioferritin Associated Ferredoxin Protein-Protein Interaction in Solution and Determination of Binding Energy Hot Spots.

Wang Y., Yao H., Cheng Y., Lovell S., Battaile K.P., Midaugh C.R., Rivera M.

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Structure of a prokaryotic fumarate transporter reveals the architecture of the SLC26 family.

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Sequencing, biochemical characterization, crystal structure and molecular dynamics of Cellobiohydrolase Cel7A from Geotrichum candidum 3C.

Borisova A.S., Eneyskaya E.V., Bobrov K.S., Jana S., Logachev A., Polev D.E., Lapidus A.L., Ibatullin F.M., Saleem U., Sandgren M. et al.

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Resolution of structure of PIP5K1A reveals molecular mechanism for its regulation by dimerization and dishevelled.

Hu J., Yuan Q., Kang X., Qin Y., Li L., Ha Y., Wu D.

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The REC domain mediated dimerization is critical for FleQ from Pseudomonas aeruginosa to function as a c-di-GMP receptor and flagella gene regulator.

Su T., Liu S., Wang K., Chi K., Zhu D., Wei T., Huang Y., Guo L., Hu W., Xu S. et al.

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An isomorphous replacement method for efficient de novo phasing for serial femtosecond crystallography.

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Longitudinal Detection and Persistence of Minority Drug-Resistant Populations and Their Effect on Salvage Therapy.

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Broadly Neutralizing Antibody 8ANC195 Recognizes Closed and Open States of HIV-1 Env.

Scharf L., Wang H., Gao H., Chen S., McDowall A.W., Bjorkman P.J.

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Adaptive immune defects in a patient with leukocyte adhesion deficiency type III with a novel mutation in FERMT3.

Suratannon N., Yeetong P., Srichomthong C., Amarinthnukrowh P., Chatchatee P., Sosothikul D., van Hagen P.M., van der Burg M., Wentink M., Driessen G.J. et al.

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Rational Control of Polyketide Extender Units by Structure-Based Engineering of a Crotonyl-CoA Carboxylase/Reductase in Antimycin Biosynthesis.

Zhang L., Mori T., Zheng Q., Awakawa T., Yan Y., Liu W., Abe I.

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Complementation of Yeast Genes with Human Genes as an Experimental Platform for Functional Testing of Human Genetic Variants.

Hamza A., Tammpere E., Kofoed M., Keong C., Chiang J., Giaever G., Nislow C., Hieter P.

Genetics 0:0-0(2015) · Mapped (58)

Producing glucose-6-phosphate from cellulosic biomass: structural insights into levoglucosan bioconversion.

Bacik J.P., Klesmith J.R., Whitehead T.A., Jarboe L.R., Unkefer C.J., Mark B.L., Michalczyk R.

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Activity-independent discovery of secondary metabolites using chemical elicitation and cheminformatic inference.

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The role of Bni5 in the regulation of septin higher-order structure formation.

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The Stationary-Phase Cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Display Dynamic Actin Filaments Required for Processes Extending Chronological Life Span.

Vasicova P., Lejskova R., Malcova I., Hasek J.

Mol. Cell. Biol. 35:3892-3908(2015) · Mapped (6)

An Overview of Tyrosine Site-specific Recombination: From an Flp Perspective.

Jayaram M., Ma C.H., Kachroo A.H., Rowley P.A., Guga P., Fan H.F., Voziyanov Y.

Microbiol Spectr 3:0-0(2015) · Mapped (1)

Structural and functional analysis of a low-temperature-active alkaline esterase from South China Sea marine sediment microbial metagenomic library.

Hu Y., Liu Y., Li J., Feng Y., Lu N., Zhu B., Xue S.

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Bacteriophages of wastewater foaming-associated filamentous Gordonia reduce host levels in raw activated sludge.

Liu M., Gill J.J., Young R., Summer E.J.

Sci Rep 5:13754-13754(2015) · UniProtKB (356)

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