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Flor Yeast: New Perspectives Beyond Wine Aging.

Legras J.L., Moreno-Garcia J., Zara S., Zara G., Garcia-Martinez T., Mauricio J.C., Mannazzu I., Coi A.L., Bou Zeidan M., Dequin S. et al.

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Apoptosis in snowflake yeast: novel trait, or side effect of toxic waste?

Pentz J.T., Taylor B.P., Ratcliff W.C.

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Revelation of molecular basis for chromium toxicity by phenotypes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene deletion mutants.

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Activation of the motor protein upon attachment: Anchors weigh in on cytoplasmic dynein regulation.

Ananthanarayanan V.

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Genome-Wide Mapping of Binding Sites Reveals Multiple Biological Functions of the Transcription Factor Cst6p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Structures of endothiapepsin-fragment complexes from crystallographic fragment screening using a novel, diverse and affordable 96-compound fragment library.

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Co-crystal structures of the protein kinase haspin with bisubstrate inhibitors.

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Crystal structures of Escherichia coli branching enzyme in complex with cyclodextrins.

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A generic protocol for protein crystal dehydration using the HC1b humidity controller.

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In vitro evidence in rainbow trout supporting glucosensing mediated by sweet taste receptor, LXR, and mitochondrial activity in Brockmann bodies, and sweet taste receptor in liver.

Otero-Rodino C., Velasco C., Alvarez-Otero R., Lopez-Patino M.A., Miguez J.M., Soengas J.L.

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Long-chain bases of sphingolipids are transported into cells via the acyl-CoA synthetases.

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Redox Modulation Matters: Emerging Functions for Glutaredoxins in Plant Development and Stress Responses.

Li S.

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The Enzyme-instructed assembly of the core of yeast prion Sup35 to form supramolecular hydrogels.

Yuan D., Shi J., Du X., Huang Y., Gao Y., Xu B.

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Yeast trehalases: Two enzymes, one catalytic mission.

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SUMOylation of Rad52-Rad59 synergistically change the outcome of mitotic recombination.

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The non-homologous end-joining pathway of S. cerevisiae works effectively in G1-phase cells, and religates cognate ends correctly and non-randomly.

Gao S., Honey S., Futcher B., Grollman A.P.

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Peroxins Pex30 and Pex29 Dynamically Associate with Reticulons to Regulate Peroxisome Biogenesis from the Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Mast F.D., Jamakhandi A., Saleem R.A., Dilworth D.J., Rogers R.S., Rachubinski R.A., Aitchison J.D.

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Resveratrol ameliorates renal injury in spontaneously hypertensive rats by inhibiting renal micro-inflammation.

Xue H., Li Y., Cao Y., Fan Y., Chen X., Huang X.Z.

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Rqc1 and Ltn1 prevent CAT-tail induced protein aggregation by efficient recruitment of Cdc48 on stalled 60S subunits.

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The dimeric architecture of checkpoint kinases Mec1ATR and Tel1ATM reveal a common structural organisation.

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How peroxisomes partition between cells. A story of yeast, mammals and filamentous fungi.

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Novel nervous and multi-system regenerative therapeutic strategies for diabetes mellitus with mTOR.

Maiese K.

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The long life of an endocytic patch that misses AP-2.

de Leon N., Valdivieso M.H.

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A. baumannii histone acetyl transferase Hpa2: Optimization of homology modelling, analysis of protein-protein interaction and virtual screening.

Singh Tomar J., Krishna Peddinti R.

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The metacaspase Mca1p restricts O-glycosylation during farnesol-induced apoptosis in Candida albicans.

Leger T., Garcia C., Camadro J.M.

Mol. Cell Proteomics 0:0-0(2016) · Mapped (7)

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