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Welcome to the new UniProt website! We hope you enjoy the new design. If you’re not quite ready yet, you can still go back to the old site.

The mission of UniProt is to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information.


  • K like Koagulation | Change of the cross-reference ArrayExpress to ExpressionAtlas
    UniProt release 2014_10

  • Small is beautiful (and useful) | Evidences in the UniProtKB flat file format
    UniProt release 2014_09

  • Ubiquitin caught at its own game | New human variant types available on the FTP site
    UniProt release 2014_08

  • Lark or owl? PER3 is the answer | Cross-references to CCDS and GeneReviews | UniParc cross-references with protein and gene names | FTP ...
    UniProt release 2014_07

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Nature's imagination seems endless, and so is Man's. For as long as humans have existed, they have twisted Nature to meet their own needs. Wood has been used to keep them warm. Whale oil has been used to make light. Water has been harnessed to make electricity. And when the era of bio-engineering developed, it was not long before scientists found ways to tinker with an organism's genome for the benefits of mankind…