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UniProt release 2014_07 - Jul 9, 2014

Lark or owl? PER3 is the answer | Cross-references to CCDS and GeneReviews | UniParc cross-references with protein and gene names

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it did it its way
July 2014

Temperatures can get cold. And living organisms have to find ways of keeping themselves warm. Humans use clothes. Polar bears grow fur. Whales are lined with blubber. And many animals avoid the cold by migrating to warmer parts of the planet…


The mission of UniProt is to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information.

What we provide

UniProtKBProtein knowledgebase, consists of two sections:
  • Swiss-Prot, which is manually annotated and reviewed.
  • TrEMBL, which is automatically annotated and is not reviewed.
Includes complete and reference proteome sets.
UniRefSequence clusters, used to speed up sequence similarity searches.
UniParcSequence archive, used to keep track of sequences and their identifiers.
Supporting dataLiterature citations, taxonomy, keywords, subcellular locations, cross-referenced databases and more.

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